Can Dogs Eat Ravioli

Can Dogs Eat Ravioli?

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
correct answerThe Short Answer is:

Don’t worry if you drop a bit of canned ravioli on the floor and your dog licks it up in an instant. It is as safe as canned foods can be, and none of the potentially dangerous ingredients will be insufficient amounts to pose a risk. If your dog is a picky eater, you can add a bit of ravioli to his regular diet in a pinch.

The purpose of this article is to explain the “Can Dogs Eat Ravioli?“.

It is so natural to offer your pet a bit of whatever you’re having for dinner. However most pet owners are well aware most human foods are not good for dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Ravioli

Obviously not all of them which leads us to the question of ravioli.

Is it possible for a dog to eat ravioli? Pasta is pasta so this should be okay should not it?

Its not the pasta itself that you should be worried about when it comes to ravioli but the other ingredients you’ll find in a can.

The purpose of this article is to examine exactly what goes into a can of ravioli with different fillings.

What are the ingredients in a can of beef ravioli?

There is no doubt that beef ravioli is the most popular type on the market. An open can of ravioli provides you with a quick and tasty meal that fills the stomach quickly.

Your dog would love it too since it contains meat but it isnot exactly healthy for your pet. Look at the main ingredients of Chef Boyardee Beef Ravioli one of the most popular pasta brands. 


Because plain pasta is just wheat water and sometimes eggs it is safe for dogs. If you make pasta yourself it is just wheat water and eggs. Take a look at any famous ravioli brand and you’ll see that its made with enriched wheat flour.

Theoretically this type of flour should be fantastic since it is enriched with various vitamins. The enriched type of flour is made by removing the bran and germ from the wheat plant.

Although they are rich in fiber protein and other nutrients your body needs since they have a shorter shelf-life the food industry prefers to discard them and use only the endosperm which is less nutritious. In order to disguise that they add a few vitamins and market it as a healthy food.

Since most of the calories come from the pasta part lets just mention that a 246g can of ravioli has 220 calories.


Because dogs eat meat exclusively beef should not pose a problem since they’re supposed to eat only that. Indeed many dog foods contain beef.

Lean beef chicken and turkey are considered the healthiest meat choices for dogs. However on the label it does not mention lean beef and frankly at that price you cannot expect that its prime beef ground for the ravioli fillings.

Nevertheless it probably contains enough proteins to be suitable for dogs.

Tomato puree

In addition to being a good source of vitamins ripe tomatoes are perfectly fine for dogs. As an occasional treat tomatoes should be fed in moderation.

Dogs can get tomatine poisoning only when they consume the green parts of the tomato plant which contain a harmful substance called solanine in large quantities.

Cracker meal

Many types of food contain cracker meal as an ingredient which is used instead of breadcrumbs. On the label of the ravioli you’ll find that its made with enriched wheat flour and bleached flour which do not sound appetizing at all. There is no way you are aware that you have consumed tons of bleached flour without knowing it.

Bleached flour is a highly-processed form of flour made from the plants less nutritious endosperm. Flour is bleached with various chemicals in order to speed up the aging process give it a soft texture and enhance its baking properties.

Manufacturers claim that bleached flour has the same nutritional value as unbleached flour. In theory it should not be dangerous to humans or dogs if you can get over the bleaching part.

Are any of the ingredients toxic to dogs?

As we’re talking about a commercial product you should not even ask this question since you already know the answer. The product does contain some ingredients that are quite dangerous for dogs.


That ravioli has a lot of salt which should not come as a surprise. One human-sized serving of 246 grams contains 750 mg of salt according to the label. It comprises 31% of a persons daily recommended salt intake.

Take a look at your dog to understand what this means for him. What is his weight? Those amounts of salt would be dangerous to a German Shepherd never mind a toy Chihuahua or a mid-sized dog.

Basically you should not give your pet a whole can of ravioli if you do not want to poison him.

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Sweeteners like this are very popular. They are also very cheap and dangerous for dogs. There is no sugar worse than fructose which has the highest fructose content of all.

The liver is more sensitive to fructose than to glucose and sucrose. If consumed in large quantities it may damage the liver.

In fairness HFCS is listed as one of the few ingredients in less than 2% of ravioli cans. Although it would not kill your dog it would not make him healthy either

Textured Vegetable Protein

Soy is the main component of this mysterious-sounding ingredient. In addition to being a meat substitute it is also said to be high in fiber and protein. As a matter of fact soy is found in much pet food so your dog should not be at risk of toxic effects.

However its highly likely that the soy used in these products is genetically-modified which might pose serious health risks to you and your beloved pet.

Dehydrated Onion

Youhave probably heard that onion and garlic can be poisonous to pets and they often are. The onion must be consumed in large quantities however for your dog to be at risk.

The maximum amount of onion or garlic that a 30lb dog could consume before experiencing harmful effects is 2.5 oz (70g). Fortunately you would not find nearly as much onion in a can of ravioli so that should not be your main concern.

Can dogs eat other types of ravioli?

In terms of cheese ravioli its not better than the beef version.

Although cheese ravioli contains less salt than beef ravioli its sodium content is still extremely high for a dog. The calcium and other minerals in cheese make it a good treat for an occasional treat. Cheese ravioli also contains all of the doubtful ingredients mentioned above minus the beef of course.

You should not bother with the cheese and mushroom ravioli variety either. All mushrooms that are edible for humans are safe for dogs according to experts.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding spinach and whether its safe for dogs so spinach ravioli isnot such a great idea. In one sense spinach is a good source of iron antioxidants and vitamins A B and C. At the same time it contains oxalic acid which can damage dogs’ kidneys. To be in real danger the dog would have to eat an enormous amount of spinach.

Is it OK to feed your dog pasta?

You can let your dogs play Lady and the Tramp with a bowl of spaghetti made from whole-wheat pasta which is in no way harmful to dogs. However only serve it once in a while.

The problem with feeding your pet pasta is that it will lead to weight gain. Unless your dog is prone to obesity you should not feed him pasta of any kind.

If you love pasta as much as your dog does you should not share your meal with him every day as it is too calorie-dense and lacks the protein he needs.

What is the best dog-friendly pasta dish?

Do you want your dogs diet to be a little more varied? You can prepare some delicious pasta for him. I suggest something with plenty of meat and a small amount of pasta maybe even spaghetti if you want to recreate that famous movie scene.

Its easy to make a delicious chicken and spaghetti dish. It can be prepared in large quantities divided into smaller portions and stored in the freezer for occasional treats.

Based on boiled chicken and you can add whatever vegetables you like its almost like a soup. It is however not for the faint of heart.

So can dogs eat ravioli?

Donot worry if you drop a bit of canned ravioli on the floor and your dog licks it up in an instant. It is as safe as canned foods can be and none of the potentially dangerous ingredients will be insufficient amounts to pose a risk. If your dog is a picky eater you can add a bit of ravioli to his regular diet in a pinch.

The exception should be this rather than the rule. Any canned food including ravioli has too many salt and highly-processed ingredients for your dog.

Another option is to make your own ravioli although this is a bit more difficult and requires some skills. However if you make your own pasta and add some real meat it would make an excellent treat for your pet.

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