Can Dogs Eat Quinoa

Can Dogs Eat Quinoa?

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
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Cooked quinoa is fine for dogs in small amounts, but not raw. You may already know that dogs cannot tolerate gluten at all, and quinoa is one of those completely gluten-free foods. Quinoa contains a lot of amino acids, which are essential for maintaining a dog’s health. The fruit is full of vitamins, minerals, protein, calcium, and even antioxidants.

In this article you will know the answer to the query “Can Dogs Eat Quinoa?“.

For its gluten-free advantages Quinoa has been raging in popularity. Rather than eating rice many people opt to eat quinoa. Can dogs eat quinoa as part of their diet? Our goal today is to explore this topic in more detail and determine whether you can add quinoa to your dogs food or if it can be fed on its own.

Can Dogs Eat Quinoa

Can Dogs Eat Quinoa

Cooked quinoa is fine for dogs in small amounts but not raw. You may already know that dogs cannot tolerate gluten at all and quinoa is one of those completely gluten-free foods.

Quinoa contains a lot of amino acids which are essential for maintaining a dogs health. The fruit is full of vitamins minerals protein calcium and even antioxidants.

You may have even noticed some brands of dog food companies are actually including quinoa in their food. I do not know what else to say about this being a superfood if that does not tell you so.

If this is your dogs first time-consuming quinoa you will need to watch out for allergies. As a result your dog will probably not be able to enjoy this food anymore if he develops an allergy to it.

Can Dogs Eat Quinoa Raw?

Quinoa is safe for dogs to eat raw but it is not recommended. Quinoa is basically a seed with a bitter-tasting outer covering. During cooking the shell actually comes off and becomes soft and not bitter.

Quinoa can change the taste of dog food if it is left raw by some companies. Quinoa will be milder and more tolerable for your dog if you cook it.

Benefits of Your Dog Eating Quinoa

You can provide your dog with the following benefits if you include quinoa in their food:

  • Gluten is not present in Quinoa so it is healthier for dogs.
  • In addition to high fiber content Quinoa also has no trans fat.
  • The fruit contains all the essential vitamins such as vitamin B as well as other antioxidants.
  • In addition to its antioxidant properties quinoa has healing properties such as reducing free radicals which cause cancer.
  • Your dogs heart will be healthier if it consumes Quinoa which boosts its cardiovascular system.
  • It can also reduce inflammation inside your dog. If your dog suffers from arthritis or severe joint pain this can be helpful.
  • It contains very few calories and some protein.

How to Make Quinoa for Your Dog

Dogs will not be interested in the quinoa you have prepared for yourself. You probably cooked the quinoa with oils and spices that would not be good for your dogs digestion.

To remove any dirt from the quinoa you must thoroughly rinse it before cooking. Just like rice you will want to boil the quinoa with one part quinoa and two parts liquid.

In addition to water you can use broth such as chicken or beef to cook the quinoa. A special broth made for dogs can also be used but it will add to the cost of your dish.

When you notice that all the water or broth has evaporated from the quinoa you can fluff it with a fork and remove it from the hot container. You can serve it to your dog when it is cool enough to handle.

You can give it to your dog at room temperature or at a slightly colder temperature or mix it with your dogs food. To stretch it over a few meals you can mix it with some of your dogs dry or wet food.

To get more ideas you can search for specific quinoa dog food recipes.

 Not all dogs will be able to eat and enjoy quinoa; some dogs just have sensitivities to certain foods. You can watch out for a few things to see if your dog may be allergic to quinoa.


When you notice your dog acting strangely or itching like crazy it might be an allergic reaction to the quinoa. Do not give your dog quinoa anymore and check for rashes. Your veterinarian can be contacted if the rash gets worse.


Your dog vomits back up its food after eating quinoa for the first time. Remove the food and clean it up. You should not give your dog any more medicine until your veterinarian determines the exact cause of the vomiting.


A dogs drooling can be another indication that they are allergic to quinoa. Whenever you notice your dog drooling excessively you should stop giving it food.

Appetite loss

Is your dog not looking forward to its next meal? Does quinoa seem to be new food to them? A dog that suddenly loses its appetite might also be a sign that something is wrong. To find out what the problem is you will want to contact your dogs vet right away.

It is not a guarantee that your dog will end up with some of these symptoms after eating quinoa. This is not what I am saying. In case your dog does have an allergy to it I just want you to be aware of the severity of it.

How Much Quinoa Should You Feed Your Dog?

If you are feeding your dog quinoa you should start slow. Test how your dog will handle a small amount of the additive added to its food by starting small. Quinoa should always be mixed with other ingredients such as dry dog food or even chicken.

If you are unsure of the exact amount you can ask your veterinarian for help. They will be able to guide you in the right direction.


As a result we answered the question that yes dogs can eat quinoa. Give your dog a small amount at first to familiarize them with the taste. Quinoa can be mixed with regular dry dog food or you can make your own dog food! Prepare some plain quinoa for your dog to try!

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