Can Dogs Eat Prunes

Can Dogs Eat Prunes?

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
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Prunes should not be eaten by dogs. Prunes are not toxic to dogs, however, they’re high in fiber and sugar, both of which can upset your dog’s digestion. In addition to the pits, prunes contain traces of cyanide that can be harmful to dogs, as well as a choking hazard.

In this article you will know the answer to the query “Can Dogs Eat Prunes?“.

Prunes are dried plums and many enjoy their sweet flavor and chewy texture. Prunes keep in the pantry longer than fresh juicy plums. Dehydrated Plums are used to make Prunes because they last longer. Yesterday my dogs wanted some Prunes as well as I did. Is it okay for my dog to eat Prunes? Let me give you a quick answer. 

Can Dogs Eat Prunes

Can dogs eat Prunes?

Prunes should not be eaten by dogs. Prunes are not toxic to dogs however they’re high in fiber and sugar both of which can upset your dogs digestion. In addition to the pits prunes contain traces of cyanide that can be harmful to dogs as well as a choking hazard.   

Here we’ll discuss whether Prunes are safe for dogs to eat whether Prunes are good to eat for dogs whether dogs can eat Prunes for constipation and much more! Start reading!

Can dogs have Prunes?

Prunes should not be given to dogs. Prunes are dried fruit that is very sweet. Prunes are like candies to your canine friends when you give them Prunes.

We recommend dog owners avoid feeding their pup Prunes because the fruit is packed with sugar and fiber which can cause upset stomachs in dogs which is what we want to avoid.

We need to dig deeper to find out if Prunes are dangerous for our pets or not. Additionally we’ll talk about the different types of Prunes and whether they’re safe for dogs to eat.

Are Prunes bad for dogs?

Because Prunes are essentially dried plums they are bad for dogs. It is important to be aware of a few things regarding dried plums or prunes. In addition to their high sugar and fiber content they may still contain pits. I’ll explain this in further detail next.

Can dogs eat Prunes safely?

When it comes to the question Are Prunes safe for your dog there is no answer. Prunes should never be eaten by dogs. Prunes have a high sugar content and a high fiber content which will shock and upset your furry friends digestive system. We’ll address each one separately.

Prunes are full of sugar which is harmful to dogs

For starters if your dog has diabetes or is prediabetic avoid feeding him Prunes. Your dogs condition will only be aggravated by sugar-packed Prunes. 

Prunes give dogs a sugar rush which spikes blood sugar levels and lowers their energy levels. K9 friends probably should not run around your house like zombies. 

Even though a slice or one Prune should be okay if your pooch accidentally eats it ingesting more than that can lead to dental issues (cavities and tooth decay) weight gain heart disease metabolic changes upset stomach and even pancreatitis.

Prunes are high in fiber which can cause discomfort in dogs

Dogs need fiber to maintain a healthy gut balance. Your dog will have a healthy colon and regular bowel movements with just the right amount of fiber intake.  

A dogs health can actually be adversely affected by eating more than one Prune at a time. This is because too much fiber can negatively affect a dogs health. 

You can expect your K9 friends to experience the following symptoms after eating two or three Prunes: 

  • Loss of appetite. 
  • Vomiting. 
  • Diarrhea.
  • Bloating.
  • Cramps.

In the event that your pooch ate a few Prunes and has these symptoms you should contact your veterinarian immediately. Keeping your dog comfortable can be as simple as asking your vet for a few tips. 

Next lets discuss some Prunes with pits.

Prunes may still have pits intact which are dangerous to dogs

While most dried plums or prunes have the pits removed it is possible that some will still have the pits when you buy them. Below are some reasons why dogs should not eat prunes with pits.

The pits contain small amounts of cyanide

Cyanide is naturally present in plum pits making them poisonous to dogs. As long as the Prunes still have seeds in them your dogs may chew or crush them releasing the toxic compound and causing cyanide poisoning in them. 

When dogs eat Prunes that contain broken pits they are also at risk of cyanide poisoning. 

Dogs that have been poisoned with cyanide show the following symptoms: 

  • Difficulty breathing.
  • Bright red gums.
  • Fast or rapid breathing. 
  • Salivation. 
  • Convulsions.
  • Paralysis. 

The symptoms of cyanide poisoning need to be treated immediately. If you suspect your dog has cyanide poisoning we strongly recommend that you call your vet as soon as you arrive at the veterinary hospital. Vets and staff will have the supplies ready for immediate treatment this way.

You can also find cyanide in papaya seeds. It is crucial to prepare the papaya properly before giving it to your pooch.

The pits could cause a choking hazard

Cyanide poisoning is not the only hazard associated with the pit. Choking can also occur. The item can get stuck in the throat of your dog and prevent him from breathing properly. Prunes have some pits that are broken into pieces so they may have sharp edges. If swallowed broken pit pieces with sharp edges can cause internal bleeding and injury. 

In the event that your pooch swallows the pit the pit can get stuck in the dogs intestines and cause obstruction.

These types of obstructions must also be treated immediately. Surgery may be necessary to remove the pit in some cases.

So are Prunes safe for dogs to eat?

We can see that Prunes are not suitable for dogs to eat. Pet owners should not feed Prunes to their dogs. Prunes cause more health problems than benefit dogs.  

There is no such thing as a typical dog. There is a possibility that one dog may have a terrible reaction while the other dog may be okay.

Are Prunes good for dogs?

Although Prunes are not toxic to dogs they are not good for them. Prunes contain high amounts of sugar and fiber and together they can upset a dogs stomach. Additionally some Prunes may still contain pits that are harmful to dogs.

Can dogs eat dried Prunes?

It is not recommended that dogs eat dried Prunes. Although dried Prunes are not poisonous to dogs they are harmful to them. Due to their high sugar content dried Prunes are not considered healthy treats for our canine companions. 

Providing your dog sneaks a bite or two of the dried Prunes they should be fine however owners may not purposefully feed their furry family members dried Prunes. 

Taking your pets to eat dried Prunes regularly or allowing them to consume dried Prunes regularly may cause weight gain due to the high sugar content putting them at risk of health issues such as diabetes and heart disease.

Can dogs eat Pitted Prunes?

Prunes with pits should not be eaten by dogs. Although pitted Prunes should not contain the pit there is always the possibility that the pits may be broken. In dogs the edges of broken pits can cause cyanide poisoning or internal bleeding.

In spite of the absence of pits pitted Prunes still contain high levels of sugar and fiber making them unsuitable for canines.

Can dogs drink Prune juice?

Prune juice should not be consumed by dogs. However even though prune juice does not contain the high amount of fiber that causes upset stomachs in dogs it still contains too much sugar which is harmful to them. 

As we discussed above dogs can suffer a host of health problems if they consume too much sugar from prune juice.

Fruit juices should generally be avoided by dogs. In addition to the health benefits your dog will receive from them they contain a lot of sugar and consuming too much sugar is harmful to your dogs health.

Can dogs have Prune juice?

Prune juice should not be given to dogs. The juice of prunes contains way too much sugar which is not suitable for doggy consumption. For your dogs hydration stick with cool freshwater rather than prune juice.

Is Prune juice good for dogs?

The juice from prunes is not good for dogs. Your dogs health is negatively affected by the excessive sugar in this product. You should keep prune juice away from your canine companions.

Can dogs eat Prunes for constipation?

Prunes should not be eaten by dogs for constipation. Prunes contain a high fiber content so many people consume this sweet dried fruit to relieve constipation. 

Is prune juice safe for my dog to drink if he is constipated? Absolutely not. If your dog has constipation you should not feed them prunes. 

Dogs with constipation can also be treated with pumpkin puree. The product contains just the right amount of fiber to help dogs with constipation problems without containing too much sugar. 

You can always count on your veterinarian for help. Its highly recommended that you consult your vet about natural ways to help your pooch with constipation.

So can dogs eat Prunes?

Prunes contain a high amount of fiber and sugar so its best to keep this sweet dried Plum fruit away from your pets. Prunes can cause upset stomachs gastrointestinal problems diabetes metabolic changes dental problems and even pancreatitis in your dogs. 

Be prepared to contact your veterinarian if you notice your canine friends experiencing any of the symptoms we listed above after consuming a slice or one Prune.

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