Can Dogs Eat Pringles

Can Dogs Eat Pringles?

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
correct answerThe Short Answer is:

You shouldn't give Pringles to your dogs because it contains too much sodium and other additives that can severely harm their health.

In this article you will know the answer to the query “Can Dogs Eat Pringles?“.

According to the US Census Bureau 4.4 million people will consume eight or more Pringles bags in 2020. Yes you read it correctly.

Can Dogs Eat Pringles

Its no wonder that pinwheels are among the USs most popular go-to snacks.

The chips are typically packaged in standard bags or cylindrical tubes which stack your Pringles perfectly into shape.

Stats from Nutritionix indicate that Pringles are among the top 3 most eaten snacks in the US!

Among the many flavors available to you on Pringles you may recognize the flavors BBQ cheddar cheese cheddar cheese and sour cream sour cream and onion and the original flavor.

As important as knowing what you feed your pets is knowing what you feed yourself.

The article also explains if dogs should eat Pringles and if there are potentially safer alternatives that may be available to dogs. 

How many different flavors of Pringles are there?

I will say it again Pringles are an excellent snack any time of the year whether its their latest wavy crisps or their new sweet and tangy BBQ flavor.

There are many flavors such as the original BBQ cheddar cheese sour cream and onion but these are just a few!

Despite their long history Pringles continues to offer a variety of tasty flavors 21 of them in the U.S. This includes ranch Wendys spicy chicken (who knew! ) buffalo ranch pizza salt and vinegar and screamin’ dill pickle along with many others.

What are the ingredients in Pringles?

Each Pringle flavor contains a variety of ingredients which may vary from one flavor to another like thumbprints (and paw prints if there ever was such a thing).

You may want to take note of a few of the primary and common ingredients found in all Pringles regardless of their flavors.

These include: 

  • The potato (obviously) must be dried
  • The oil from vegetables (corn cottonseed soybean and/or sunflower)
  • Yellow corn flour that has been determined
  • The cornstarch 
  • The flour of rice 
  • Glucose maltodextrin
  • Diglycerides and monoglycerides 
  • Salted 
  • Starch from wheat

Pringles flavors are created by combining these ingredients. Consider them the foundation. I believe this is an important aspect of human nutrition as well as that of our tail-wagging companions.

Can Dogs Eat Pringles?

No matter how much we would like to put the idea that sharing is caring into practice this isnot the case for dogs.

It is unfortunately not safe to give dogs Pringles as treats despite the fact that the snacks are tasty and crisp.

Pringles will not cause much harm to other peoples health so you should keep them for yourself.

In Pringles the onion or garlic as well as the high sodium content are two of the most dangerous ingredients.

Even if you occasionally serve them plain air-popped popcorn it is best to stick to their regular dog treats for their overall well-being and safety. 

Can Dogs Have Original Pringles? Can Dogs Eat Original Pringles?

Much like sodium fat is an essential building block for your dogs diet. Pringles are incredibly high in fat though and you should avoid giving these to your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Cheddar Cheese Pringles?

No you should avoid feeding your dog cheddar cheese Pringles.

Can Dogs Eat Barbecue (BBQ) Pringles?

Your dog may play with the empty can but the actual Pringle they should avoid.

Are Pringles toxic to dogs? Are Pringles bad for dogs?

Even though sodium is an essential compound for maintaining nerve and muscle cell health the high levels found in Pringles are simply unacceptable for dogs. 

How many of the Pringles ingredients do you remember?

Heres where you might want to take notes. In moderate quantities several main ingredients are generally safe such as potatoes vegetable oil and maltodextrin. In terms of amounts sodium high levels of it is the most alarming ingredient. 

The amount of sodium (or salt) that dogs can consume and tolerate is much less than what humans can.

We have to worry about our beloved dogs consuming too much sodium.

Dogs may become dehydrated (as cells release water to balance the excess salt levels) vomit and have diarrhea as a result of this. 

Furthermore some of these flavors while enticing to humans are harmful to dogs.

The same is true for onion- or garlic-flavored Pringles as onions and garlic are toxic to dogs regardless of their form. 

Can Dogs Eat Sour Cream and Onion Pringles? What are the Signs of Onion or Garlic Toxicity?

As an ingredient in sour cream and onion pizza and cheddar cheese Pringles onions provide a decent punch of flavor. Can dogs eat pizza pringles? Are they safe for dogs?

The opposite is true. Even in powdered form (typically used in chips) onions cause inflammation in the GI tract and can cause oxidative hemolysis.

Oxidative hemolysis reduces oxygen transport around the body due to burst red blood cells.

In the event that too many red blood cells burst a dog is deprived of oxygen and may die. Pringles come in 18 flavors that contain either onion or garlic.

We have the following: Grilled chicken Scorchin’ Chilli and Lime Scorchin’ BBQ Scorchin’ cheddar Wavy Applewood smoked cheddar Wavy Pineapple habanero Wavy MOA burger. 

Knowing and having a keen eye to notice signs of onion or garlic toxicity can very well save your pets life.

Can Pringles Kill Dogs?

Consider the case where your dog eats only a little bit (say one to two pieces) of onion-flavored chips. That might not have a significant impact.

If you do not feed them regularly it might not even be noticeable since onions and garlic are used in small quantities for a single Pringle.

On the other hand if your dog eats a whole packet of chips containing onion or garlic it can potentially be intoxicating.

Thus the following are some common symptoms to keep an eye out for: 

  • Breath that smells bad 
  • Irritation of the mouth (from drooling) 
  • Having a hard time swallowing (oh no!) 
  • There is diarrhea
  • Discoloration of the urine that is reddish in color 
  • Plus much more 

It is important to take your furry friend as soon as possible if they exhibit any of the following symptoms after consuming onions in relatively high quantities. Take them to the local vet to prompt treatment. 

Is there a safe flavor of Pringles to feed your dog?

Unless you want to be singled out by your tail-wagging buddies sharing Pringles (regardless of what flavor it may be) with your friends isnot allowed.

They have an unacceptable sodium level and contain dangerous flavors such as onions and garlic. 

Even though they would not get drunk if you give them a piece or two we recommend that you give them dog treats instead.

Theres an old saying: “Better safe than sorry.” That applies here.

Though it may be difficult to watch those sweet and googly eyes pleading for a bite for their sake please summon up the strength to refuse. 

Is there any nutrition in Pringles?

A Pringle should not be considered a main dish for breakfast lunch or dinner. They should be considered as snacks not as a main course.

Nutrition may vary from flavor to flavor but for every 15 pieces (or about 30 grams) there are 150 calories 16 grams of carbs 2.5 grams of saturated fat between 130 mg and 180 mg of sodium and no added sugars. 

It is possible that Pringles contain a variety of minerals as a result of their ingredients.

Each serving contains about 110 milligrams of potassium and about milligrams of calcium.

Here you can find nutritional information based on your chosen flavor.

Are tortilla chips any safer?

While Tostitos may have less sodium than Pringles their sodium levels are still intolerable for our dogs.

The only time you should give your dog tortilla chips is if it is an absolute necessity (not more). Garlic and onions present in guacamole (or tortilla chips’ soulmate if you will) make them so you can only ever feed one or two raw tortilla chips at a time. In addition to being toxic to dogs garlic and onions are also hazardous to your household if they get in contact with them. 

Is popcorn a good alternative?

Popcorn is a great snack to keep you company whether you’re on a movie date or just hanging out on a Sunday afternoon.

Seeing as how its safer than tortilla chips or Pringles do you think its a better alternative for dogs? Thank you for asking! 

Depending on the flavor this can vary.

Please allow me to explain.

Your furry friends will not lose any health by eating popcorn kernels.

For healthy body functions it contains a variety of minerals including magnesium manganese phosphorus and zinc.

Furthermore popcorn kernels may also contain a fair bit of fiber and vitamin content.

Because of this we recommend serving this occasional treat as plain air-popped popcorn. 

When flavors like butter or salt are added this is when it becomes dangerous to feed your dog.

It is possible to have gastrointestinal problems and to become obese due to the fat contents of butter and oils in these snacks even though they taste twice as good as plain ones. 

Moreover kernels can leave your furry pal with choking hazards as they can get stuck in his or her teeth.

In other words please ensure that all the whole and partially popped kernels are kept away from your dogs serving bowl to ensure their safety. 

Note: Please seek professional advice from your local veterinarian if you are uncertain whether popcorn is suitable for your dogs health. In the case of dogs with underlying health conditions it is particularly important to seek professional advice. 

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