Can Dogs Eat Pork Butt Bones

Can Dogs Eat Pork Butt Bones?

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
correct answerThe Short Answer is:

Raw pork butt bones are safe for dogs, but only if they are served raw. Bones that have been cooked shouldn’t be given to dogs, but smoked bones should be allowed. Make sure your dog is safe (and entertained) by giving him a large weight-bearing bone.

In this article you will know the answer to the query “Can Dogs Eat Pork Butt Bones?“.

A bone is worth anything to a dog.

Can Dogs Eat Pork Butt Bones

Any kind of bone will do.

If you’re a responsible pet owner you’re probably wondering which bones are safe for your pet. For example can dogs eat pork butt bones?

Whats the problem?

The pork butt bone is one of the safest treats you can give your dog. Even so there are some things you need to consider – like the risk of splinters and the drama that could result from your dog gnawing on an unexpected treat and losing a tooth. 

We will explore what pork butt bones are and how they should be served raw or cooked in this article.

What are pork butt bones?

When it comes to pork butt bones you might be a bit confused if you are not a butcher by trade or if you havenot studied pig anatomy.

Is it a reference to the bones on the rear side of the animal by any chance?

Sadly the answer is no.

Typically when you hear the term pork butt bone it refers to the shoulder bone from which prime meat cuts are derived. So why is the term so confusing? 

 What is a Boston butt?

It appears that the confusion is due to the fact that many Westerners especially Americans call the shoulder the Boston butt.

Wikipedia explains “a Boston butt is a wedge-shaped portion of the pork shoulder above the standard picnic cut which includes the blade bone and the “lean butt” (boneless) both extensions of the tenderloin cut and can be substituted for the tenderloin”. 

It comes from Colonial New England where butchers used to store certain cuts of pork in barrels called butts. To deal with this area of the pig they used a special butchering technique which eventually led to the name Boston butt

If you’re invited to share a nice Boston butt you can expect a juicy boneless roast.

The bones what about them? What happened to them? You might find the dog enjoying a tasty bone on the kitchen floor if your hosts have one. Its a shoulder bone no matter what you call the steak that comes from it.

Can dogs have cooked pork butt bones?

Dogs should not eat cooked bones regardless of what kind of animal they came from or how big they are. Make sure that the bone you give your pet is raw if you want it to have any nutritional value. 

As a result of the heat applied during the cooking process bones become brittle and are more likely to splinter especially if your dog lies down with the bone like he means business. A vicious chewer can easily break a brittle bone and splinters are a major choking hazard. 

If your dog chokes on a bone splinter you should examine the dogs throat quickly to see if it can be removed. Otherwise it will need to be left alone. You might push things even further and make things worse if you try too hard. Consult a veterinarian instead.

The splinter could puncture the stomach lining or the intestines if it travels farther down the GI tract. It could lead to infection and sepsis which would be fatal to your dog so treat it as a medical emergency.

If larger bone fragments get stuck in the dogs intestines they can also cause an internal blockage which is also a major health risk. In some cases the dog will be able to remove the offending fragment at some point but you should definitely see a doctor in any case. When the vet determines that the fragment is too large for your dog to pass on its own your dog will require surgery. 

Is it safe for dogs to eat smoked pork butt bones?

Smoking is still a form of cooking so this is still up for debate. It is true that there are those who argue that smoked bones are not a health threat but you should consider the type of smoke used.

When it comes to smoking meat there are two ways to add a little flavor.

The term “hot smoking” refers to the process of cooking meat and the bones its on over a fire real fire with wood added to it.

As opposed to hot smoking cold smoking is done at a controlled temperature not directly over a fire. By doing so the meat is flavored without being cooked.

Having said that cold smoked bones should be safe for dogs. 

Do you really need to smoke your dogs bone just for his pleasure? Most likely not. It is humans who enjoy flavoring their meat; dogs are perfectly content with the natural taste.

What types of bones are safe for dogs?

The bones you give your dog should be large and weight-bearing. It is fine to eat pork shoulder bones but it is not okay to eat pork ribs. Neither are the bones in an animals actual butt. 

The legs of beef and bison are also a safe and healthy treat for your dog. A large bone contains a juicy and highly nutritious marrow but do not let your pet gorge on it as well. In addition to being full of healthy fats bone marrow can cause pancreatitis if not consumed in moderation.  

However chicken bones are never something your dog should eat even raw ones. Leg bones and ribs are too small for dogs and they break easily but chicken wings and necks are okay as even medium-sized dogs can easily chew them. 

What are the benefits of feeding bones to your dog?

The entertainment value of bones is more significant than the feeding value. You probably noticed that if you throw a dog a bone he would not bother you much. Dogs are able to satisfy their natural instincts by playing with bones and this stimulates their minds. Bones offer your dog a challenge. Grabbing and chewing them requires strategizing and your dog needs that. However it does not mean he should spend hours doing it. You should remove the bone the moment you notice that it might splinter. 

At the same time your dogs dental health is also improved by chewing bones. There is no need to worry about it since it is a natural way for dogs to clean their teeth. Dogs chipping or breaking their teeth is a major problem. You should not give a dog a hard bone as a rule. The toy dog can actually lose some teeth while trying to imitate a German Shepherd.


Raw pork butt bones are safe for dogs but only if they are served raw. Bones that have been cooked should not be given to dogs but smoked bones should be allowed. Make sure your dog is safe (and entertained) by giving him a large weight-bearing bone. 

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