Can Dogs Eat Poppy Seeds

Can Dogs Eat Poppy Seeds?

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
correct answerThe Short Answer is:

Poppy seeds are not suitable for dogs. Poppy seeds are toxic to dogs and can result in poppy poisoning. Dogs are at risk from a variety of poppy plants that have different levels of opiates. It is best to keep your dogs away from poppy seeds.

In this article you will know the answer to the query “Can Dogs Eat Poppy Seeds?“.

Its very easy to drop a few Poppy Seeds onto the floor when you’re making homemade Poppy Seed crackers. You might not be aware of your dog licking you up if you’re not paying attention. If you’re making Poppy Seed crackers should you keep your dogs out of the kitchen? What are the safety concerns with poppy seeds? We’ll start with a short answer. 

Can Dogs Eat Poppy Seeds

Can dogs eat Poppy Seeds?

Poppy seeds are not suitable for dogs. Poppy seeds are toxic to dogs and can result in poppy poisoning. Dogs are at risk from a variety of poppy plants that have different levels of opiates. It is best to keep your dogs away from poppy seeds because of this reason.

Can dogs have Poppy Seeds?

Since poppy seeds can cause poppy poisoning in dogs dogs should not eat them. It is important to understand where Poppy Seeds come from before we can fully understand why dogs should not consume them.

Where do Poppy Seeds come from?

The seeds of the poppy plant Papaver somniferum are most commonly known as bread seed poppy or opium poppy. You can grow opium poppy plants in gardens as ornamental plants if you have never seen them before. They have bright reddish-pink flowers. 

Opium and poppy seeds are both present in this plant. In the seedpod you can find poppy seeds. 

When poppy seeds are harvested they can be coated with opium extract which is harmful. Opium can also penetrate poppy seeds. 

Poppy seeds are thoroughly cleaned before they are sent to consumers for baking and cooking. Poppy Seeds may however still contain traces of opiate residue even after the opium extract has been rinsed off.

Are Poppy Seeds poisonous to dogs?

You might be asking “Are poppies poisonous to dogs?” the short answer is yes. During the Wizard of Oz movie this papaver somniferum or opium poppy plant appeared. 

First we see the green Witch repeating “Poppies” three times over a green ball. 

Our next view is of a sea of red poppy flower plants. Dorothy and her friends encountered the green Emerald City and had to cross a field of red Poppies to get there. Dorothy told her friends she was feeling sleepy after running for a minute. Dorothy eventually fell asleep in the red poppy field.  

A movie like this gives us a glimpse of what poppy toxicity looks and feels like. 

Poppy Seeds are toxic to dogs because they can cause the following signs and symptoms when consumed: 

  • Sedation.
  • Depression.
  • Coma (in severe cases).
  • Death (in severe cases). 

Therefore if you think your pooch has consumed any part of the red flowering opium poppy plant please contact your veterinarian and bring your dog to the clinic right away. The poppy plant can cause poisoning if eaten or chewed so seek immediate medical attention if you consume any part of it. 

In dogs poppy poisoning causes the following signs and symptoms:

  • Sedation. 
  • Tiny constrictive or pinpoint pupils.
  • Loss of appetite. 
  • Aphasia or difficulty speaking and walking. 
  • Trembling. 
  • Depression. 
  • Muscle weakness. 
  • Breathing difficulties or respiratory depression. 
  • Slow heart rate. 
  • Coma (in severe cases).
  • Death (in severe cases). 

You should consult your vet if your pooch displays any of the above symptoms and head to the nearest veterinary hospital as soon as possible.

Are Poppies toxic to dogs?

If you’re walking your dog stay away from poppy plants. Poppy plants have flowers with a distinctive red hue and they have a bowl-shaped shape. This plant is aesthetically pleasing. Dogs are extremely poisonous when they eat them. 

Poppy species are numerous and its best to keep your dogs away from all of them because all of them are toxic to dogs if eaten.

This is because the Poppy Seeds are exposed to the opium extract in the poppy plant and the poppy plant contains substances such as codeine morphine alkaloids and heroin. When dogs consume Poppy Seeds that have been exposed to or coated with opium extract their central nervous system may be affected. 

It is a wise idea to avoid feeding your pooch Poppy Seeds because they are directly exposed to the substance in the poppy plant.

What should I do if my dog eats Poppy Seeds?

Your dog may have Poppy Poisoning if he or she consumes some Poppy Seeds. You will want to call your vet as soon as possible and bring your dog to the veterinary hospital or clinic. When you call your vet as soon as you take your pooch to the hospital they can prepare the necessary equipment to diagnose and treat your dog.   

In addition to a full-body exam or physical examination your vet will ask you questions about your dogs symptoms and vital signs when you arrive. 

Additionally your veterinarian may conduct laboratory tests to evaluate how your dogs body is absorbing and metabolizing the Poppy toxin. Typically laboratory work involves a chemistry panel and a complete blood count (CBC). The vet can use both of these methods to determine how your pets internal organs are functioning. 

Your vet will conduct a PCV (packed cell volume) to determine whether your dog is dehydrated from the poisoning. Further the vet will need to perform a urinalysis to determine how your dogs kidneys are doing. 

Your veterinarian may perform an ultrasound or ECG (Electrocardiography) on your dog if he or she suspects that he or she has heart problems.

Can dogs eat Poppy Seed bread?

Poppy Seed bread should not be eaten by dogs. There are a number of reasons why your dogs should not eat poppy seed bread. 

To begin with there are breeds out there that are covered in a lot of poppy seeds and this is extremely toxic to dogs. Your dogs’ stomachs can be upset even if only one slice of bread has a few Poppy Seeds on it. 

Additionally store-bought Poppy Seed bread contains a lot of sugar and is usually very sweet. Sugar in Poppy Seed bread can cause a spike in dogs’ blood sugar levels due to its high content of sugar. 

A dog consuming too much sugar may also suffer from diabetes dental problems metabolic changes obesity upset stomach and even pancreatitis. 

The carbohydrates in bread whether it is Poppy Seed bread or not are harmful to dogs as well. Consuming too many carbohydrates puts dogs at risk of obesity and heart disease.

Dogs also consume empty calories from poppy seed bread. Consequently eating Poppy Seed Bread increases your poochs daily calorie intake without providing much nutritional value.

Can dogs eat Poppy Seed muffins?

Poppy Seed muffins should not be eaten by dogs. Dogs may suffer from poppy poisoning from muffins filled with poppy seeds. There are a lot of poppy seeds in poppy seed muffins as you may know. 

A single Poppy Seed muffin will upset your four-legged friends’ stomachs. Imagine what your dogs would experience if they ate too many Poppy Seed muffins. 

It is possible that some dogs will not react to the Poppy Seed muffins right after they have eaten them. The symptoms may appear several hours after eating the muffins. Contact your vet as soon as possible if you know your dog accidentally ate Poppy Seed muffins.

Moreover muffins whether they’re Poppy Seed muffins or not are not healthy for dogs due to their high carb and sugar content which can result in obesity diabetes and heart disease.  

Sugary baked goods such as muffins bread bagels cookies and candies should generally be avoided by your dog.

Can dogs have Poppy Seed dressing?

Poppy Seed dressing should not be given to dogs. Its likely that the dressing itself is not toxic to your dog but there are not enough poppy seeds in it to cause toxicity. 

This is because Poppy Seed dressing contains a number of ingredients that are harmful to dogs including:

  • Ground mustard.
  • Sugar.
  • White wine vinegar.
  • Onion salt. 

You can give your dog an upset stomach by feeding him any of these ingredients. It is important to know that ground mustard may contain mustard seeds which can be harmful to dogs and onion salt is extremely toxic to dogs and can result in onion poisoning. 

Salad dressing of any kind should be kept away from your furry family members. Salad dressings like poppy seed dressing contain carbohydrates and sugar which are bad for your dog.

Can dogs eat lemon Poppy Seed muffins?

Lemon Poppy Seed muffins should not be eaten by dogs. Lemons are safe for dogs to consume but lemon poppy seed muffins are not so you can expect your dog to have an upset stomach after consuming it.

Can dogs eat everything bagels?

All bagels should not be eaten by dogs. The following toppings are available on every bagel:

  • Poppy seeds.
  • Sesame seeds.
  • Dried garlic.
  • Dried onion. 
  • Salt. 
  • Cracked pepper. 

Poppy seeds dried onion and garlic cracked pepper and salt are among the toppings that are harmful and toxic to dogs. Furthermore bagels contain high levels of carbohydrates making them unhealthy for dogs to consume. Because of these reasons you should not feed your dog everything bagels.

Can dogs have everything bagels?

There is no reason for dogs to eat everything bagels. As a result of the toppings listed above the everything bagel is not suitable for dogs. Poppy Seed bagels or everything bagels can upset your dogs stomach or cause gastrointestinal upset. 

Additionally the bagel itself is very high in carbs and our furry friends should not consume a lot of them.

So can dogs eat Poppy Seeds?

When you’re eating everything bagels Poppy Seed bread or Poppy Seed muffins do not share them with your furry family members. You should never feed your dog poppy seeds as they can harm its health. Poppy seeds can cause poppy poisoning in dogs. 

The best course of action is to err on the side of safety and avoid letting your dog near any food that contains poppy seeds or poppy seeds themselves if you’re baking with them.

Are California poppies poisonous to dogs?

Dogs are poisoned by California poppies. Dogs may be harmed by California poppies which grow mostly in the western US. Are California poppies harmful to dogs? California poppies are related to opium poppy plants according to Plants for a Future. Because of this you should keep your canine friends away from California poppies.

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