Can dogs eat Mahi- mahi

Can dogs eat Mahi-mahi?

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
correct answerThe Short Answer is:

Mahi-mahi is a dog-friendly fish. Sodium, fat, and calories are low in this dish. Nevertheless, it needs to be properly prepared to remove as many bones as possible, and then cooked properly in order to kill any parasites or bacteria that might be present.

In this article you will know the answer to the query “Can dogs eat Mahi-mahi?“.

Were you out on your boat fishing just a few minutes ago?

Can dogs eat Mahi- mahi

Is it possible that a few friends gave you a day of sea fishing as a birthday gift?

You have captured a bumper catch enough to feed an army for days.

At least more than a small family and their dog could possibly need.

Is it possible for your dog to have a few portions?

Continue reading to learn more.

What type of fish is Mahi Mahi?

Mahi-mahi loosely translated as common dolphinfish is a bit of an odd name because these fish do not really belong to the dolphin family do not look like dolphins and are small in comparison.

On the other hand perhaps the name is derived from the fact that Mahis spend much of their lives on the surface of the water as dolphins do!

Fishes such as mahi-mahi are very popular in the United States and the Caribbean. 

It is primarily found in the waters surrounding the Gulf of Mexico Costa Rica Hawaii and the Indian Ocean. 

Typically they weigh between 7 and 13 kg and measure about a meter in length. 

However should your dogs eat them?

Why might dogs be fed Mahi- Mahi?

Though people in the US can buy Mahi in their local grocery stores I would assume that most people who are asking about the suitability of Mahi are people who go fishing.

If you go out on a boat and catch a lot of Mahi you can feed it to your dog as a way to not waste the catch. 

You could have received a Mahi from a friend who is a fisherman. 

Nutrition of Mahi-mahi

During this section I’ll compare the nutrition of Mahi-Mahi with two other types of fish- salmon and tuna.

100g servingMahi-mahiSalmonTuna
Fat.9 g9.2 g 4.4 g 
Cholesterol94 mg56 mg48 mg 
Sodium113 mg405 mg368 mg 
Protein24 g25 g30 g

The chart shows that Mahi-mahi is much lower in calories than salmon and tuna- it contains just about half the calories of salmon and only two-thirds the calories of tuna. 

Therefore it has lower fat content than salmon and a fifth of the fat content of tuna.

The sodium content of Mahi-Mahi is approximately 25% of salmon or tuna despite it having the most cholesterol of any of these fish. 

I’d like to take a moment to look at some vitamins and minerals. 

100g servingMahi-mahiSalmonTuna
Vitamin D13.3 mcg2.1 mcg
Vitamin B3 7.4 mcg9.3 mcg21.4 mcg 
Vitamin B6 .69 mcg.67 mcg1.0 mcg
Vitamin B12.46 mcg4.57 mcg2.29 mcg 

Fish is an excellent source of B vitamins.

Your dog needs B vitamins to convert food to energy so they are important. 

Mahi-mahi performs poorly in all of the key “areas” compared to salmon and tuna.

Considering all these vitamins are found in such tiny amounts anyway… I really need to put this into context.

To put it more accurately it contains much lower levels of B vitamins. 

In terms of vitamin B3 mahi-mahi has about 80% of the vitamin compared to salmon and only 33% compared to tuna.

Vitamin B6 content is similar to salmon but it is only about 70% of what is found in tuna.

Mahi only contains about a fifth of tunas B12 content and about 12% of that in salmon.

By a country mile salmon has the highest levels of vitamin D while mahi-mahi contains no vitamin D at all. 

Basically do not expect a portion of mahi-mahi to provide your dog with more B vitamins if your veterinarian or other professional recommends it!

Can my dog eat raw Mahi- Mahi?

As far as your dog is concerned raw fish might sound like a good idea.

After all why can not dogs enjoy some sushi?

Moreover raw fish is so easy- it requires so little preparation and cleanup.

There would not be any fishy smells in the house either.

The shortcut is easy to understand why people are attracted to it. 

However there is a problem.

Some nasty parasites and bacteria can be found in raw fish. 

Mahi is not the only fish who suffers from this but all fishes do as well. 

It is only possible to eliminate the threat by cooking a piece of fish. 

Lets take care of the parasites first. 

In addition to liver flukes and roundworms Mahi-mahi might carry two other parasites.

The bacteria can get your dog if the parasites do not. 

Listeria Vibrio Clostridium and Salmonella are the four bacteria to be most concerned about. 

A 1990 study found that nearly 3% of all raw fish caught domestically had salmonella. 

Salmonella can cause all kinds of serious symptoms in your dog like vomiting diarrhea weight loss and a racing heart.

It can also cause spontaneous abortions in pregnant dogs. 

Video: how to fillet a Mahi-mahi

I have included this video for those of you who have gotten your hands on a whole Mahi-Mahi and do not know how to fillet it.

You can safely prepare this fish by following the videos step-by-step instructions. 

How to prepare Mahi- Mahi for my dog?

You can safely prepare Mahi Mahi for yourself or your dog by filleting it and then cooking it.

The best way to get rid of fish bones is to filet the fish as those bones could choke your dog if they are not careful (or even if they are careful). 

As the head is full of gristle and bones even the head (or one cut into large chunks) could be a choking hazard.

Come to think of it they have really big eyes. 

After the meat has been cut into chunks it is ready to be cooked.

Whether you cook the meat on the BBQ or in the oven is up to you but it must reach an internal temperature of 145 degrees to be safe. 

A second way to determine if meat has been cooked is to fork it and see if it falls apart. 

What Mahi- Mahi dressings are dog friendly?

It is possible that you are thinking about giving your dog a portion of your Mahi-Mahi dressings.

You might be thinking of a lemon and garlic dressing or honey soy and ginger dressing.

However the simpler the better for your dog.

For your dog to benefit from eating this fish he does not have to have a tongue-sizzling dressing or meat dripping in butter.

Dogs are known to be toxic to some of these ingredients.

Despite being popular garlic even in small amounts can really harm dogs.

How should you store Mahi?

If you have cooked Mahi Mahi you can store it safely in your refrigerator for two days.

Alternatively if you do not want to cook it right away it can be put in the freezer wrapped in plastic.

You can keep it fresh for up to two months in this location. 

Can dogs eat Mahi- mahi?

As a quick recap Mahi-mahi is a dog-friendly fish.

Sodium fat and calories are low in this dish.

Nevertheless it needs to be properly prepared to remove as many bones as possible and then cooked properly in order to kill any parasites or bacteria that might be present. 

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