Can Dogs Eat Jasmine Rice

Can Dogs Eat Jasmine Rice?

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
correct answerThe Short Answer is:

Jasmine rice can be eaten by dogs in small quantities. As long as your dog does not have an existing food allergy to rice, jasmine rice is safe to share with your dog.

In this article you will know the answer to the query “Can Dogs Eat Jasmine Rice?“.

Many dog owners are not aware of which human foods are safe for dogs to consume. There are some owners who believe that most of what they eat is safe for their furry friends as well.

Can Dogs Eat Jasmine Rice

This is unfortunately not always the case. Are dogs able to eat jasmine rice? Is it possible for your dog to have some of your freshly cooked jasmine rice? In addition to answering your question I will also tell you what benefits dogs receive from jasmine rice.

Can Dogs Eat Jasmine Rice?

Jasmine rice can be eaten by dogs in small quantities. The white rice family includes jasmine rice as a classification.

Both jasmine rice and white rice have similar nutritional information and are easily digestible. White rice and jasmine rice have different grain lengths and jasmine rice is fluffier.

While eating jasmine rice you can smell a floral aroma because its grown in Thailand. Humans really enjoy its taste as it is very pleasant.

It is best not to replace your dogs food with jasmine rice but rather to add value to it. You should not overfeed your dog too much rice since some dog foods already contain rice.

Is Jasmine Rice Safe for Dogs?

As long as your dog does not have an existing food allergy to rice jasmine rice is safe to share with your dog.

Your dog may have a sensitivity or allergy to this type of rice too if it has one to white rice. You should give your dog a small amount of rice if it is the first time you are giving it to him. You will avoid giving your dog too much rice if he does have an allergy.

Remember most commercial dog food brands already contain rice. Donot give your dog too much rice. You can accompany your dogs meal with some rice.

Chicken and rice are often served to dogs as a meal. In this case jasmine rice would be ideal.

Benefits of Jasmine Rice for Dogs

The following health benefits your dog will receive when eating jasmine rice:

  • A rich source of vitamins including thiamin B1 B2 and iron
  • Fibers that are insoluble help keep things moving inside your dogs digestive system.
  • Excellent source of amino acids.
  • Dogs who consume fibers may experience stomach upset or stomach aches.
  • Provide your dog with energy with the right balance of carbohydrates and calories.
  • It contains Gamma oryzanol which lowers cholesterol levels.
  • The glycemic index of 70 makes it a good choice for diabetic dogs.

Dogs can reap some amazing nutritional benefits from jasmine rice as you can see. When dogs have diarrhea or upset stomachs many veterinarians actually recommend giving them jasmine rice.

Side Effects of Jasmine Rice

It is possible to experience side effects whenever you consume something. Rice is safe for your dog to consume but it can become dangerous if he eats too much.

Too Much Blood Sugar

Jasmine rice belongs to the low glycemic index category as we mentioned above. People and dogs with diabetes can eat foods in this range if they’re between 68 and 80.

Rice with a jasmine flavor is rated 70 on the index. The good news is that you still need to be careful not to overdo it. The rise could raise your dogs blood sugar levels so give it sparingly.

Starchy Carbs

A dogs diet should include a balance of proteins fruits vegetables fats and carbohydrates. Your dogs’ nutrition can get thrown dogs nutrition completely outcome too much of one thing.

Dogs should not be fed rice all the time because it is made from starchy carbohydrates. Most of your dogs carbs should come from plant-based sources.

Providing your dog with too many carbs can upset his stomach so do not give him too much rice.

How to Cook Jasmine Rice for Dogs

Providing your dog with a side of jasmine rice is very simple. The process is very straightforward if you have a rice cooker. Jasmine rice requires twice as much water as regular rice. Therefore one cup of rice needs two cups of water.

Rice can be easily cooked on the stove without a rice cooker by boiling water adding rice and reducing the heat to very low for about twenty minutes. If you are cooking more rice you will need to cook it longer.

Don’t add Seasonings

Donot forget that dogs need to eat plain food. When you season your rice with salt pepper or even garlic these seasonings can be very toxic to dogs.

Donot season your dogs rice before you give him a serving that is completely plain. Although the rice is plain you can always add vegetables and chicken to help flavor it.

Let the Rice Cool

Allow the rice to cool for a while before serving it to your dog. A dogs mouth can be burned by hot rice right after it has just been cooked.

You should scoop out your dogs portion and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes until it is fully cooled down.

How Much Jasmine Rice Can Dogs Eat?

If you intend to give your dog only jasmine rice without any other sides then I would suggest giving your dog 1/8 cup for smaller dogs and 1 4 cups for larger dogs.

Make a meal with a variety of dog-safe vegetables such as broccoli sweet potatoes etc. combined with chicken or beef and add rice to make the serving bigger for your dog.

The serving will be larger because it will contain so many more things and not just a scoop of rice.

Other Alternatives to Rice for Dogs

While you are out there is another healthy alternative you can add to your dogs food if you normally give him rice. A lot of nutritional benefits can be derived from quinoa which is a very dog-friendly food.

You can easily substitute quinoa for rice in the same recipe for dog food. I even wrote an entire article about quinoa and the specific amounts to feed your dog.


You now know whether dogs can eat jasmine rice. Dogs can certainly eat jasmine rice as you already know from my article. It is healthy for them and safe for them to consume.

Jasmine rice can be used in so many different food combinations for your dog and is very versatile.

Although jasmine rice can be more expensive than white rice if you already have it in your house and want to share it with your dog then you can.

Please tell us if your dog enjoys eating jasmine rice in the comments below.

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