Can Dogs Eat Easy Cheese Or Spray Cheese

Can Dogs Eat Easy Cheese Or Spray Cheese?

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
correct answerThe Short Answer is:

You can feed Easy Cheese to your dog. Easy Cheese is not a healthy snack for your dog by any means. A lot of fat and cholesterol are found in it, as well as a lot of salt.

In this article you will know the answer to the query “Can Dogs Eat Easy Cheese Or Spray Cheese?“.

Spray-can cheese called Easy Cheese is stored in a spray can.

Can Dogs Eat Easy Cheese Or Spray Cheese

The first time it was introduced in America was in the mid-1960s.

It was first known as Snack Mate when it was launched. 

“Instant cheese for instant parties” was one of the taglines.

However is this type of instant cheese suitable for your dog?

To begin with I would like to give you a nice and simple answer. 

Can dogs eat Easy Cheese?

You can feed Easy Cheese to your dog. 

There are plenty of other processed cheeses that I discuss in this article that are safe for your dog to eat as well.

However lets not kid ourselves: Easy Cheese is not a healthy snack for your dog by any means.

A lot of fat and cholesterol are found in it as well as a lot of salt.

Thus it should be used very sparingly. 

In what follows we will take an in-depth look at Easy Cheese.

The first thing I want to do is look at the ingredients. 

What are the ingredients in spray cheese?

Cheddar and American cheeses are available in Easy Cheese. 

The six main ingredients in both flavors are the same. 

The ingredients are Whey canola oil milk protein concentrate cheddar cheese (milk salt cheese culture and enzymes) and milk. 

It might be helpful to explain the first two ingredients.

When milk is curdled it forms into rubbery lumps which is part of the cheese-making process.

After these lumps have formed whey is the liquid that remains.

Rapeseed oil is a type of vegetable oil produced from canola.

There is a difference in the ingredients because of a few minor ingredients. 

I mean any ingredient that accounts for less than 2% of the total. 

These ingredients read like a chemical list. 

Two of them are phosphates while two others are acids. 

In a can of cheese all the ingredients that keep it edible when mixed together. 

In comparison to what is in a regular block of cheddar how does this compare? 

Lets see what happens shall we? 

Easy Cheese vs cheddar

By contrast a block of medium cheddar consists of just milk salt enzymes and some coloring (annatto).

Therefore the main difference between a can of easy cheese and a block of cheddar is the amount of whey and canola oil.

What is surprising is how much fat and cholesterol the cheddar contains nutritionally.

Although Easy Cheese contains a significant amount of salt it is not as salty as the block of cheddar. 

(If you can believe it.) Easy Cheese isnot the only canned cheese on the market.

Competing products are available.

I will discuss two of them in the following section.

Kong Cheese vs Cheez Whiz

Kong Cheese is packaged in a can by the same company that makes the dog toy.

Isnot that clever stuff? To create a toy first and then create the product that goes inside it. 

Taking a look at the ingredients Kong Cheese is very similar to Easy Cheese.

Besides whey Kong cheese contains lots of oil (soybean but also canola). 

How about Cheese Whiz?

Cheese Whiz isnot available in cans.

It comes in a glass jar and can be spread like peanut butter. 

Moreover a look at the ingredients reveals that Cheese Whiz shares many ingredients with Easy Cheese such as whey milk and canola oil.

Now that we have taken a brief look at all of these similar products it is time to consider Easy Cheeses potential advantages and disadvantages.

Dogs are concerned about you.  

What is good about spray cheese for dogs?

Normally I focus in this section on all of the positive nutritional aspects of the food I’m writing about and then tell you how they could boost your dogs health.

Nevertheless it is hard to do that with Easy Cheese since its nutritional content is so low.

My point is that I could talk about the good nutrition in a can but I think that would be stretching it.

Easy Cheeses advantages do not have much to do with nutrition but rather with the fact that it comes in a can.

This tasty dog treat is portable and convenient because it is made from cheese in a can.

Its very important for dogs to be portable because we take them everywhere with us.

Taking Easy Cheese to the park would be nice and easy for example if it were used as a training treat.

In addition to being portable it is also convenient.

In other words its convenient because its easy and clean to use.

It isnot like using real cheese as a training treat since real cheese must be cut up and stored. 

How about all the cleaning that needs to be done afterward?

As I have avoided nutrition I will talk exclusively about exercise in the next section. 

What is bad about spray cheese?

The ingredients in spray cheese are the bad part.

Foods like Easy Cheese are highly processed not real food.

The product contains very few real ingredients and a lot of additives and preservatives.

Therefore it is relatively high in fat and extremely high in salt neither of which is great for your dog.

Dogs with excess fat in their diet are more likely to become obese.

High blood pressure can be caused by too much salt in your dogs diet.

Easy Cheese can also be criticized for another reason.

The price is so high pound for pound.

An 8 oz can cost about $5 at Walmart.

Therefore a pound of coffee will cost you almost $10.

Purchasing a pound of real Cheddar from a popular brand will cost you $6.00 per pound. 

How much spray cheese should I feed to my dog?

According to my general advice you should feed your dog as little spray cheese as you can get away with.

Your dogs health and the health of your wallet or purse are at risk.

This cheese is not only high in calories but I think its also highly addictive so your dog might develop a habit of it. 

I suggest feeding your dog grape-sized squirts of this cheese rather than golf ball-sized squirts.

Donot give it to them too often.

Several squirts a day are sufficient.

It should be used in conjunction with other training treats if you are using it as a training treat. 

Is Easy Cheese OK for puppies?

Spray cheese is not toxic to dogs whether they are puppies or adults.

Keeping this in mind feel free to use it here and there with your puppy.

One concern I have about using such addictive substances with young dogs is that if they become too attached to a treat they may stop eating their main meal which then becomes a slippery slope.

Can dogs eat Kraft Singles?

Kraft Singles are safe for dogs to eat.

People add these individually wrapped pieces of processed cheese to sandwiches and burgers 

I still recommend the same course of action.

If you wish to feed Kraft Singles to your dog do not make it a habit to do so every day. Kraft Singles is a healthy and nutritional product for your dog.

According to the ingredients there is nothing toxic for dogs in the product. 

There is one main difference between the ingredients of Easy Cheese and the ingredients of this product.

There is no oil in Kraft Singles. 

Can dogs eat Laughing Cow wedges?

We will review Laughing Cow wedges as the final processed cheese product.

They are now made with a combination of Cheddar Swiss and Semi-Soft cheeses.

In addition I have no problem with these main ingredients.

You can choose from a range of Laughing Cow flavors and each one has its own unique ingredients. 

In terms of your dog I worry about one of these flavors.

There you have “Creamy Garlic and Herb”. 

In this case I am concerned because both onion and garlic are listed as ingredients.

Dogs are poisoned by both onion and garlic. 

Since we do not know exactly how much of them the product contains my advice would be to steer clear of them though they’re pretty minor ingredients. 

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