Can Dogs Eat Duck Feet

Can Dogs Eat Duck Feet?

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
correct answerThe Short Answer is:

Dogs are able to consume duck feet either raw or dehydrated in the form of chewy sticks. Raw duck feet (from a reliable source) and a dehydrator are required to prepare homemade dehydrated dog feet for your dog.

The purpose of this article is to explain the “Can Dogs Eat Duck Feet?“.

You want to provide a chew toy for your dog because he loves to chew.

Can Dogs Eat Duck Feet

However antlers and rawhide are both too hard and can pose a choking hazard.

It seems like duck feet would be a good alternative so you’re considering that but are they truly okay can dogs eat duck feet?

You should know that duck feet make excellent chew treats for dogs.

It is a healthy and all-natural treat that contains a lot of nutrients.

Those crunchy little treats are a favorite of many dogs.

However before giving them to your pet you should know more such as; are they safe? Do they contain any nutrients?

What is the right amount to give? Here is everything you need to know about duck feet for dogs.

What nutrition do duck feet contain?

Duck feet are good for your dogs as they are rich in proteins and contain vitamins and minerals that are good for their overall health. Dogs are particularly benefited by duck feet’ amino acids and proteins. 

Duck feet are a good source of proteins as well as minerals like calcium iron phosphate potassium zinc copper magnesium niacin selenium and vitamins A & C. 

Building strong bones fighting free radicals improving mobility and transmitting hormones are all beneficial effects of these vitamins and minerals. In particular zinc and selenium stimulate the immune system and keep the thyroid functioning normally. 

Duck feet are also rich in glucosamine collagen and chondroitin which support joint and bone health. Lastly duck feet contain trace amounts of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which help your dog maintain a healthy coat and skin.  

How should I prepare duck feet for my dog?

You can prepare healthy duck feet for your dog using just a single ingredient if you prefer to feed your dog homemade meals. Dogs are able to consume duck feet either raw or dehydrated in the form of chewy sticks. 

Raw duck feet (from a reliable source) and a dehydrator are required to prepare homemade dehydrated dog feet for your dog. 

Following are the steps to take;

  • You can either clip the nails or leave them on after thoroughly washing the feet (all parts of duck feet are digestible even the nails). If you wish to clip them scissors or a dog nail clipper will effectively do the job.
  • On the dehydrator arrange the duck feet so that they do not overlap. Heat the dehydrator to the highest setting. 
  • You will need to dehydrate your feet between 24 and 72 hours depending on how many you are drying. Check for flexibility to determine when your feet are ready. Duck feet that have been properly dehydrated should be very stiff and unable to bend. 
  • You should store your dehydrated duck feet in Ziploc bags and keep them in the refrigerator.  

Duck feet raw or dehydrated are good for dogs. Cooked boiled fried or baked duck feet should not be given to dogs. The reason for this is that when dogs chew cooked bones they break into sharp splinters that can be extremely harmful to your dog. 

What forms do duck feet come in? 

It is possible to give your dog duck feet in many forms such as dehydrated duck feet freeze-dried duck feet or raw natural duck feet. 

Dehydrated duck feet: In order to increase their shelf life these duck feet have been completely dried out. The dehydrated duck feet make excellent dog chew treats that are crunchy and digestible. There is a minor drawback to dehydrated dog feet: certain vitamins and minerals may be destroyed by heat during the dehydrating process. You can get these from pet shops and Amazon from as little these are available at pet shops and on Amazon for as low as $5 for a pack of 6 duck feet or $60 for a pack of 100 duck feet.

Freeze-dried duck feet: In addition to dehydrated duck feet freeze-dried duck feet are also an excellent alternative. In contrast to dehydrated duck feet these were processed with freezing temperatures rather than heat so all the nutrients are preserved. You can also rehydrate freeze-shrinked duck feet by soaking them for several hours in water. When freeze-dried feet are rehydrated they become raw duck feet. For about $10 to $15 you can buy a pack of freeze-shrinked duck feet.

Raw duck feet: Fresh unprocessed duck feet can be fed to dogs. When you feed your dogs a raw diet this is a good addition to their food. Fresh or frozen duck feet have all the important nutrients intact. It is recommended that you buy duck feet only from reliable butchers if you are concerned about harmful microorganisms.

Duck feet vs chicken feet

Heres how to duck feet and chicken feet compare nutritionally and economically in terms of availability and cost.

The nutrition of chicken feet is almost the same as that of duck feet. Chicken feet contain slightly more protein and less fat than duck feet but duck feet are rich in protein and essential nutrients. Duck feet are bonier and contain more cartilage and iron than chicken feet. They are also more flavorful and contain more unsaturated fat than chicken feet. 

There is the more widespread availability and lower cost of chicken feet. It is usually harder to find duck feet and the various forms of duck feet cost more than chicken feet. 

Benefits of duck feet for dogs

Additionally to the obvious nutritional benefits of duck feet there are other good reasons to give your dogs duck feet chews. These include;

Easily digestible: duck feet are largely natural and do not undergo heavy chemical processing. They are very easy for dogs to digest. Dog feet chews are great for picky eaters and dogs with sensitive stomachs and they can also be used as recreational chews.

It helps to clean teeth: The bony feet of ducks encourage dogs to chew which removes plaque from their teeth and improves dental health. In addition to maintaining healthy gums and clean teeth chewing duck feet will also help dogs maintain healthy gums. 

The duck feet are also relatively affordable: they cost about $5 for 12 feet so you can get a box for that price. They are even cheaper when you buy them in bulk. 

Do duck’s feet have bones?

Duck feet are great for dogs; however you should be aware that their bones can break and pose a choking hazard. The bones of duck feet can break when dogs chew them especially dehydrated duck feet. A piece thats too large for your dog can get stuck in their throat and cause them to choke. As a result make sure you supervise your dog whenever you give him duck feet or any other bone.

Where can I buy duck’s feet from?

In pet shops butcher shops meat sections of grocery stores and online marketplaces such as Amazon you can buy frozen freeze-dried and dehydrated duck feet. It is possible to find raw duck feet (fresh or frozen) at a local farmers market or butcher. 

How many duck feet should I give a dog?

You should only give your dog treats that makeup 10% of their daily calorie intake. Duck feet are not an exception. Duck feet have about 50 calories but this isnot exact since it depends on the size and how much meat is on the foot. 

Duck feet should not be given constantly and they certainly should not replace your dogs normal food. Adding them to your dogs normal meal or giving them to chew on for entertainment is fine. They are treats and should be given moderately. If you buy duck feet in a store make sure you read the package for key details such as the calorie content per chew. 

Should puppies be fed duck’s feet?

Duck feet are nutritious and easily digestible. Most dogs can eat them because they are crunchy. However puppies should not be given these because they may accidentally break their teeth. 

Puppies’ teeth are still developing and not as strong as adult dog teeth so they are more likely to be damaged. Additionally chewing the bones prevents them from being swallowed unchewed. Duck feet are only appropriate for puppies after they have lost their baby teeth and grown adult teeth. Please keep this in mind.


The majority of dogs chew when they are happy bored frustrated etc. Duck feet are excellent chew treats for them since its part of their natural instinct to always chew on something. Among the best dog chew treats are duck feet which are all-natural flavourful and highly nutritious. 

It contains essential vitamins and minerals and is a good source of protein. Also great for removing tartar from dogs’ teeth these chew toys scrape off plaque and tartar. It is safe for dogs to eat duck feet but they should never be given them unsupervised. 

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