Can Dogs Eat Dried Fish

Can Dogs Eat Dried Fish?

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
correct answerThe Short Answer is:

Firstly, fish is a fantastic source of nutrients, especially protein, which is essential for growth and daily metabolism. Despite its low saturated fatty acid content, dried fish is one of the best sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. It is important to note that many of these fatty acids and oils are not produced naturally by your dog’s body, so you may need to supplement them by adding them to his meal. It can also be given as a treat to dogs

In this article you will know the answer to the query “Can Dogs Eat Dried Fish?“.

As dog owners I think you must realize that if you provide your precious dogs with food water shelter and affection they’ll think you’re “God”!

Can Dogs Eat Dried Fish

What beautiful creatures our dogs are!

Being a god to your dog you have to put a lot of thought into feeding him right not just giving him food.

While some foods are delectable for these creatures others are not.

The packaging of dog food does not matter if dogs do not like it. That is what Stephen Denny once said. 

Fish is a great choice for dog owners looking to feed their pets with the best food especially dried fish.

Here we will learn what dried fish is compare it to other forms of fish and see why it is a good choice for these precious pets. 

Why might an owner want their dog to eat dried fish?

Firstly fish is a fantastic source of nutrients especially protein which is essential for growth and daily metabolism. 

Despite its low saturated fatty acid content dried fish is one of the best sources of Omega-3 fatty acids.

It is important to note that many of these fatty acids and oils are not produced naturally by your dogs body so you may need to supplement them by adding them to his meal. 

It can also be given as a treat to dogs and it will still retain its nutrients which is another reason why dog owners may want to give their dogs dried fish as a treat. 

What nutrition does dried fish provide for dogs?

There are numerous benefits of dried fish for dogs lets examine a few: 

  • Proteins: Proteins are the building blocks of living things and they are important sources of antibodies (which fight disease) and enzymes (which regulate metabolism). 

It is necessary to have proteins for hair growth muscle development skin formation bones etc. A dog that has a lot of furs is likely to have a lot of the protein Keratin which is a necessary structural protein.

  • Low calories: The calories in dried fish are lower than those in beef. A 100g portion of dried fish contains 300 calories and 80% protein but a 100g serving of beef contains twice as many calories and less protein.
  • Balanced Nutrient profile: Dried fish has a balanced nutritional profile with low saturated fat low cholesterol a little salt and high levels of essential vitamins and minerals. 
  • Dental care: Dried fish is firmer and more consistent than fresh or cooked fish making it easier for dogs to chew and remove tartar from their teeth

If your dog has dental problems and has difficulty chewing you can soak dried fish in the water to soften it. While it does not lose its consistency or freshness its just soft enough for your dog to easily eat it.

Selenium an essential nutrient for protecting cells and tissues can be found in dried fish.

 Your dog needs iron to produce red blood cells which transport oxygen through the body so if he does not consume enough iron he would be weak and tired. Dried fish contain other nutrients including copper phosphorus calcium and iodine 

  • For dogs’ skin to remain healthy omega3 acid is a vital nutrient. 
  • If your dog is very active then you might consider giving dried fish as the nutrients calcium and Omega3 acid are necessary for their joints agility and mobility. Inflammation is also reduced by these nutrients.
  • A dog may be allergic to chicken in this case dried fish would be a great replacement.
  • The low saturated fat present in dried fish helps in controlling your dogs weight.
  • The immune system is the bodys response to infections and Omega-3 and Omega-6 present in dried fish can confer strong immunity on your dog.
  • The retinol (vitamin A) found in fish is necessary for good vision and also helps treat eye diseases. As an additional benefit of omega-3 acids they help protect the lining of your dogs nose which is necessary for odor.

Although dried fish has innumerable advantages as we all know it also has some disadvantages. What are some of the disadvantages of dried fish?

What are some disadvantages Of dried fish?

Dried fish has the following disadvantages:

  • It is possible that some dogs’ stomachs will not agree with dried fish. In spite of this it is very important to test little amounts of dried fish with your dog before fully introducing it into his diet.
  • If your dog has a fishbone stuck in his throat it can be extremely uncomfortable. Imagine the pain for a human; worse yet they can cause lacerations and punctures to the gut. Make sure to remove all the bones from the fish with your fingers or if possible use a meat grinder before you feed.
  • A study of fishes from a local market in Bangladesh found that mercury could leak into streams lakes and other bodies of water that contain fish which predisposes a dog who eats them to mercury poisoning. When your dog consumes infected fish over a long period of time the problem becomes worse. Please take this into consideration. You wouldnot want your beloved pets in the hospital. As long as you buy from a trusted vendor you should be fine and you can learn how to dry fish properly if you have a flair for trying out new things.

Moreover the total accumulation of mercury concentration levels over time is lethal the current mercury level approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is 1.0 μg/g.

  • If not properly prepared dried fish can contain parasitic eggs which can upset your precious dogs stomach or cause vomiting. Be sure to prepare the fish correctly and store the fish properly.

Therefore if proper care isnot taken dried fish may be detrimental to dogs. If fishbones are not thoroughly crushed or meticulously removed they can pose a choking hazard.  

It could also contain harmful substances such as mercury if preserved with mercury-containing chemicals. In addition parasitic eggs can be present if not properly prepared.

One of the ingredients that can be added to dried fish to enhance its taste or even preserve it is salt.  Does salted dry fish make sense to feed your dog?

Should dogs be fed salted dry fish?

The fact is that salted dry fish is not recommended for your dog and it can be harmful to him.

Quite a few fishes are saltwater fishes and their meat absorbs the salt so most of the fishes we buy have a high salt (sodium) content.

An accumulation of sodium in your dog can result in a serious illness hypernatremia caused by a build-up of sodium over time. 

It contains 306% of the daily value of sodium in a 100g portion of salted fish or 7027mg which is five times more than a human adults daily intake.

For our furry friends thats a lot of salt!

What about raw cooked or frozen fish? Are these recommended if salted dry fish is not recommended?

Dried vs raw vs froze vs smoked vs cooked fish

We have already discussed extensively dry fish; now lets examine why it is a better choice than other types of fish. 

  • Raw fish: Though all types of fish contain nutrients raw fish can expose your dog to harmful pathogens that can cause illness. Moreover raw fish contains an enzyme called thiaminase that prevents thiamine (vitamin B1) from being absorbed by your dog. The enzyme can only be destroyed by cooking. 
  • Frozen fish: Feeding your dog frozen fish isnot necessarily wrong but some fish types like trout may still contain parasites even when frozen. Take this into consideration when choosing.
  • Fish cooked in oil: Cooking fish in oil is good but you must avoid using ingredients that could harm your dogs such as spices butter additives and the like. Make sure they’re out of reach!
  • Smoked fish: Some parasites are not eliminated by smoking fish so your dog should not be fed smoked fish.

We have seen that these fish types have their merits and demerits so choose the right one for your precious dog.

How can I store dried fish?

Its only natural that you would want to buy and store food thats good for your dog. Here are some ideas for storing dried fish properly:

  • Keep in your pantry in an airtight container
  • Wrapped in many layers of paper and refrigerated
  • Store in glass jars

You should keep your dried fish away from water to preserve it for a long time.  You can refrigerate your fish but ensure it is properly wrapped and sealed before you do so.

Where can I buy dried fish from?

You may be able to find dried fish at these shops if you live in the United States:

  • Pet foods from Primal Pet are available at local retailers

You can buy dried fish through these online platforms

  • Amazon sells its products online
  • including my seafood
  • Etsy
  • Arirang USA

Depending on the size dried fish could be priced between $20 and $40 per pound. 

Note: The price is not fixed if you buy online. It varies based on the type of fish and the vendor. Pricing may also vary if you are buying from a shop. You should check with your local vendor or an online store.

Should puppies eat dried fish?


Dogs can eat dried fish from what we have seen growing dogs need it for growth and function.

Make sure you choose the right one and you give it to them moderately.

You should remember at this point that no specific amount of fish is recommended for your dogs so moderation is the key.

For more information on including fish in your dogs diet you should consult your veterinarian.

Finally you can trust your furry friends to be taken care of by you.

In summary make sure your dog gets dried fish in moderation cook it properly to avoid parasites avoid raw fish and most importantly keep salt and spice away from their meals.

Now you can watch as your furry friends enjoy the taste of their safe dried fish meal.

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