Can Dogs Eat Dragon Fruit

Can Dogs Eat Dragon Fruit?

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
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Dogs can safely consume dragon fruit. Because the flesh of this fruit is so soft and watery, your dog can easily eat and digest it. Dragon fruit is something your dog can taste if you are eating some.

In this article you will know the answer to the query “Can Dogs Eat Dragon Fruit?“.

How about dragon fruit? Do you like it? Have you ever considered sharing it with your dog? The fruit has a very interesting appearance on the outside and has a pink or white flesh inside that is typically grown in a tropical climate. Are dragon fruits edible by dogs? Here you can find the answer to these questions and many more!

Can Dogs Eat Dragon Fruit

Can Dogs Eat Dragon Fruit?

Dogs can safely consume dragon fruit. Because the flesh of this fruit is so soft and watery your dog can easily eat and digest it. Dragon fruit is something your dog can taste if you are eating some.

Please note that before feeding the fruit to your dog the skin must be peeled first. What is safe and non-toxic for your dog is the flesh of the actual product

All foods should be consumed in moderation. You should not feed your dog too much of this natural sugar since too much of it can be bad for your dog. Whenever you introduce your dog to a new food watch out for side effects of allergies.

What Happens When a Dog Eats Dragon Fruit?

Thankfully if your dog eats dragon fruit you would not have to worry because its completely safe and non-toxic. Nevertheless lookout for signs of an allergic reaction especially if this is your dogs first time eating dragon fruit.

Benefits of Dragon Fruit for Dogs

There are several benefits of dragon fruit for your dogs health that you can read about below.

  • Your dog will get some vitamins such as vitamin C. Your dogs immune system will be boosted and inflammation will be reduced.
  • Dogs can also benefit from dragon fruit because it contains antioxidants that reduce free radicals inside their bodies. This reduces their risk of developing cancer.
  • Compared to other human treats you can give your dog this snack is actually low in calories. If your dog eats too many calories he can easily become overweight so you want to avoid that as much as possible.
  • The high fiber content in dragon fruit keeps you regular but it also helps regulate blood sugar and lower cholesterol levels.
  • Omegas which are found in the seeds of the dragon fruit will keep your dogs hair and skin strong and healthy.
  •  The dragon fruit also provides some calcium and iron for your dog.

The benefits that your dog will receive from eating dragon fruit are numerous.

Side Effects of Dragon Fruit for Dogs

Almost everything has benefits and drawbacks. Dragon fruit has a lot of great health benefits but there can also be side effects if you consume too much of it.

  • Dragon fruit contains a large amount of natural sugar. This can pose a problem for your pet. You can get an upset stomach if you consume too much sugar.
  • You are likely to develop cavities if you consume too much sugar. Preventing dental cavities in your dog starts with keeping up with his dental care.
  • Consuming too many calories and sugar will result in weight gain. Moreover dogs can become overweight if they gain weight so be careful not to give them an entire dragon fruit.

Can Dragon Fruit be Poisonous?

There is no poison in dragon fruit. You should however peel off the skin because it isnot really edible and can be hard for your dog to digest. There is no need to worry about your dog eating dragon fruit.

Can Dogs Eat Dragon Fruit Seeds?

You can give your dog dragon fruit seeds without worrying about them becoming ill. Dog owners are usually warned to avoid seeds since they are hard for dogs to pass but dragon fruit seeds are actually soft. Dogs can easily digest these tiny and soft seeds.

Fatty acids are found in the seeds and these are important for the health of your dog. Additionally your dogs joint function skin and coat health will be improved.

Can Dogs Eat Dehydrated Dragon Fruit?

You can certainly feed your dog dehydrated dragon fruit but it must be prepared properly first so that your dog can consume it safely.

You can dehydrate dragon fruit yourself in a dehydrator or in your oven at a low temperature for many hours to achieve the same result. You should not add any additional sugar or preservatives when doing this. It will make it unsafe for your dog to consume.

Check the ingredients before buying dehydrated dragon fruit from a store to ensure there are not many additional ingredients. Sugar flavors and preservatives should be avoided once again. Only if the label says dragon fruit you can buy that one for your dog as it will be an excellent treat or snack.

Can Dogs Eat White Dragon Fruit?

If someone refers to white dragon fruit they are talking about the actual flesh of the dragon fruit. The white-fleshed dragon fruit with pink or yellow skin is called Pitaya Blanca. Your dog can eat white flesh dragon fruits.

Can Dogs Eat Purple Dragon Fruit?

You can feed your dog the purple version of dragon fruit. As with the red and pink dragon fruit the purple dragon fruit also has a purple exterior. In addition to its pink color its tips have a green tint. However the inside is deep purple.

Dogs benefit from the antioxidants folate and beta carotene found in purple dragon fruit. I highly recommend that you check out the health benefits of this variety.

Can Dogs Eat Yellow Dragon Fruit?

Your dog is safe to eat yellow dragon fruit. The fruit has completely yellow skin allowing it to be easily distinguished. The pointy edges of the dragon fruit allow you to distinguish it from a lemon.

Mostly grown in Ecuador and Colombia yellow dragon fruit is a tropical fruit. Yellow dragon fruit seeds are found inside the white flesh. Please peel the skin of this variation of dragon fruit before giving it to your dog.

Can Dogs Eat the Skin of Dragon Fruit?

It is not recommended that you feed the skin of dragon fruit to your dog. Dogs can eat dragon fruit but it is generally pretty tough and it is usually pretty spiky. Its rough taste as well as its spikes will probably not appeal to your dog.

Due to the difficulty of chewing up the skin your dog may have difficulty digesting it. Watch out for intestinal blockage if your pet eats the skin. You should watch for signs of lethargy fatigue and difficulty passing stool. The best way to prepare the dragon fruit for your dog is to peel it or cut it open and scoop out the flesh

How to Give your Dog Dragon Fruit

You should only give dragon fruit to your dog in moderation. It is important to remember however that too much of anything can be harmful so make sure your dog only eats a small amount of dragon fruit.

Before giving your dog the skin I recommend peeling it. It is not necessary to give your dog the skin. The flesh of the dragon fruit can either be peeled off or cut in half and scooped out. Let your dog enjoy these soft cubes by cutting them up!

Can Puppies Eat Dragon Fruit?

Dragon fruit is certainly safe for your puppy to eat. If you want to give your puppy dragon fruit keep in mind that you will want to give your adult dog less than you would give your puppy. You should give your dog the soft fleshy part of the fruit after peeling.

Dragon fruit contains natural sugar so you should give your dog this treat in moderation. However a little bit goes a long way.


Now you know the answer to the question of whether dogs can eat dragon fruit. In moderation your dog can eat dragon fruit. Have you ever tried giving your dog dragon fruit? In that case you should definitely pick one up at your local grocery store and let your dog try it. Share your experience with us.

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