Can Dogs Eat Deer Legs

Can Dogs Eat Deer Legs?

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
correct answerThe Short Answer is:

As long as the legs are not cooked, deer legs can be consumed by dogs, except for aggressive chewers, puppies, and small dogs. There are many nutritional benefits in the legs and other parts of deer for dogs.

In this article you will know the answer to the query “Can Dogs Eat Deer Legs?“.

Giving your dog a deer leg seems like a good idea whether you’re just looking for something new to give them or you enjoy hunting and want to share some of your spoils with them.

Can Dogs Eat Deer Legs

Can Dogs Eat Deer Bones:

Dogs love bones.

Is it safe for dogs to consume deer legs and are they nutritious enough to justify their consumption?

Lets find out whether deer legs are good for your dog since I have all the answers here.

Here are a few tips to help you determine if it is the right fit for your dog.

What nutrition do dried deer legs offer dogs?

Since deer legs are mostly bone you might not think they are very nutritious but you would be wrong.

There are several nutrients in dried deer legs that dogs benefit from including protein fat calcium iron and manganese.

Along with these nutrients your dog will also consume collagen from the cartilage inside the bones and the soft tissue around them. Dogs need collagen to maintain healthy bones joints and coats.

Moreover only the cartilage of the bone should be “eaten” by your dog not the entire bone. Cats are incapable of digesting bones.

What other benefits do chewing on deer legs offer dogs?

The deer legs will last for hours if you add up all of the sittings although you should only give them to your dog for a maximum of thirty minutes at a time.

Nutrition isnot the only benefit of deer legs.

Toward the end of this section I will examine the best way to store used dog bones.

This means that your dog will be entertained for hours on end so that boredom can be avoided. A dog thats bored makes for a tough day as all dog owners know.

The dental health of your dog actually improves as it chews on deer legs.

Besides dirt and plaque being removed from your dogs teeth deer bones strengthen the dogs teeth as well as their jaws due to the texture of deer bones.

Dogs on low-fat diets will also enjoy deer legs as snacks.

Prior to looking at some of the potential drawbacks of giving your dog deer legs let me briefly touch on an issue I touched on a short time ago- the storage of dog bones. 

How to dry deer legs for dogs? How can I store partly chewed dog bones?

In general dog bones should be stored for two reasons and they should not be. 

As a general rule do not ever allow your dog to finish a bone in one sitting so store his bones first. 

The second problem is that we buy the bones for our dogs so throwing away a partially chewed bone is a waste of money.

Furthermore another great reason to avoid storing used bones is their disgusting nature. 

You will be dealing not only with raw meat but also with dog slobber. Is that something you want in your freezer? No one in their right mind would…

A few days in the refrigerator or even a few weeks in the freezer will do for old bones.

To ensure that your dogs are as safe and hygienic as possible you should invest in a separate fridge or freezer- one that is designed specifically for dogs and does not contain anything that will be consumed by humans. 

Nevertheless you will want to place the bone in a plastic bag to contain the dribble and bacteria. 

The bone should defrost before giving it to your dog if you have frozen it.

Dogs’ teeth will most likely break from eating frozen bones…

Are Dried Deer Legs Safe for Dogs?  What are the potential dangers of dried deer legs?

Choking and intestinal blockage are the main risks associated with dog eating deer legs.

Dogs can suffer from choking when their bones splinter or a large piece is broken off.

Too much bone can block your dogs intestines when he eats too big pieces or too many bones at once.

Because of this its important to keep an eye on your dog and keep the sessions with the deer leg limited.

Additionally you should not give your dog deer legs if your dog has a tendency to eat treats quickly.

Only give your dog deer legs if your dog typically gently gnaws on treats and only bites small parts off.

Can I give my dog a deer bone I found in the woods?

Although you can give your dog a deer bone you find in the woods despite the fact that they are safe to eat you should not.

Theres nothing wrong with this option because its free and looks like a nice treat for your dog but it isnot safe.

There is an age-related reason for this.

There could be a lot of bacteria on the bone because you have no idea how long its been there. In addition to that the older you get the more brittle your bones become.

The teeth of dogs may be damaged or broken if they chew on brittle bones but they may also choke if they swallow the bones.

How expensive are deer legs?

Deer legs are going to vary in price depending on where you buy them the quality and their size.

However I can give you some general pricing information.

The cost of deer legs typically ranges from $5 to $10.

These snacks usually come in packs of two twelve or even more so if your dog seems to enjoy them you can buy them in bulk.

Where can I buy deer legs?

Perhaps you could even find some locally. There are many places to purchase deer legs.

You can buy them online from a lot of third-party/privately owned stores.

Alternatively you can check out some of the larger shopping sites such as Amazon Etsy or Ebay where they are also available.

What other parts of a deer can a dog eat?

As long as the deer is processed properly your dog is safe to consume most parts of the deer.

If you freeze the venison meat so that any bacteria present is killed then they will be fine.

The truth is that venison is quite healthy for dogs.

Depending on your dogs diet you can even feed it scorpion poison raw.

Dogs would also probably like chewing on deer antlers and it is safe for them to do so.

Hearts lungs livers and ribs/breastplates are also eaten by dogs.

As these parts of your dog may be infected with Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) you should never feed them the brain eyes spinal cord lymph nodes tonsils or spleen.

What other dried animal feet might your dog enjoy?

Although chicken bones can be dangerous for dogs chicken feet make a great snack.

Like all animal bones chicken bones become hard and can kill your dog if ingested if you cook boil or fry them.

Chicken feet should be safe for dogs to consume as long as they are air-dried. In addition chicken feet are very nutritious.

It might also be possible to enjoy raw pigs feet as a snack. In addition to providing entertainment they also provide nutrition.

Can Dogs Eat Deer Hooves:

Furthermore most hooves are hollow so you could probably sneak another healthy snack such as peanut butter into them to make them even more nutritious.

If your dog is usually a cautious chewer you can give him this treat instead of the deer legs.

The hoofs can get splintered and swallowed if aggressive chewers pursue them or at least they can crack a tooth on purpose.

What types of dog are best suited to chewing deer legs?

Almost any breed of dog can chew on deer legs with the exception of very small breeds such as toy dogs.

If a medium to large breed is not an aggressive chewer like the one mentioned above then the dog should not have any problem chewing on deer legs.

For dogs to chew on deer legs a dog that gently gnaws on treats would be best since the bones would last longer and wouldnot pose a choking risk.

Should puppies be given dried deer legs?

Its best to avoid giving puppies dried deer legs because of their size and impatience. In general they are permitted to chew on deer legs once they reach adulthood as long as they do not fit into any of the categories mentioned above.

Can I store deer legs?

Your dog will appreciate being able to eat leg meat or any other part of the deer from the freezer.

You will be eliminating any potential bacteria from the parts by freezing them. Your dog should only be fed small portions of frozen organs once a week if you do freeze some organs for him.

Organ meat does contain a lot of nutrients but too much can cause things like diarrhea and gas in your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Cooked Deer Bones:



Dogs can consume deer legs as long as they are not cooked unless they are aggressive chewers puppies or toy breeds.

The legs of deer as well as other parts of the deer are really beneficial to dogs and are jam-packed with nutrition.

Furthermore your dog will be entertained for a while by chasing deer legs and their teeth will be cleaned as well while doing so.

As long as the sessions with deer legs are controlled and monitored deer legs are a great treat for our fuzzy friends.

Raw diets can make great use of deer parts and other parts that a deer can offer.

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