Can dogs eat cream of chicken soup

Can dogs eat cream of chicken soup?

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
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Cans of any kind of soup, including cream of chicken soup, should not be fed to dogs. This soup contains very little chicken meat. In its place, there's plenty of dehydrated mechanically separated chicken, which is highly-processed chicken scraps.

The purpose of this article is to explain the “Can dogs eat cream of chicken soup?“.

Adding human foods to kibble can make kibble more appealing to dog owners who believe their pets would benefit from a variety of foods.

Can dogs eat cream of chicken soup

The smell and taste of this food are similar to those of chicken so dogs do not hesitate to eat this food. Neither dogs nor their owners should consume cream chicken soup because it isnot exactly healthy.

We’ll examine the main ingredients in this type of product in this article to see whats safe and whats not. Additionally we will explore healthier easy-to-prepare food alternatives.

What are the ingredients in the cream of chicken soup?

Several types of chicken soup cream are available on the market and most of them contain the same basic ingredients.

Chicken stock

This is not the same thing as chicken broth which is made by boiling chicken meat. Bone broth is what chicken stock is. The dish is made by simmering chicken bones and cartilage for 6 to 8 hours.

The homemade version of chicken stock is actually quite healthy.

Since collagen in the bones slowly dissolves into the simmering water chicken stock is thicker than broth. Additionally it contains more carbohydrates protein fats and minerals than chicken broth.

Despite being highly nutritious chicken stock can also improve digestion and promote joint health because it contains collagen and minerals.

Chicken meat

Your dog will be quite happy with that. The AKC says chicken meat is rich in protein and is safe and nutritious for dogs especially if its cooked. But raw chicken contains salmonella and other pathogens.

You do not have to worry about raw meat in the soup can because it is cooked. It is more important to consider how much real meat is in that can and the answer is not much. Even though it does not say on the label you can probably tell there is little meat by looking at the next ingredient.

 Chicken that has been mechanically separated and dehydrated

Theres nothing meaty about this weird-sounding term. Pureed or ground chicken is forced through a sieve to separate the bone fragments from the edible mush to produce white slime.

That slime contains chicken tissue skin nerves and blood vessels. The meat is removed from the carcass before grounding so it cannot be ground. Even though this slime which is also used in hot dogs and fast food products has some nutrients its still a cheap substitute for actual meat.


Unless your dog is lactose intolerant milk is good for them. The fat content of milk and cream makes them unsuitable for dogs so they should only be offered occasionally as treats. In any case the cream of chicken soup contains little milk so it would not harm your pet.

Modified starch

In the food industry starches are used as thickening agents emulsifiers or stabilizers. Various methods are used to make modified starch from ordinary starch including chemical treatment with various compounds.

The modified starches are approved for human consumption and are even used in baby food. In spite of this the chemicals used in the modification process are potentially harmful. They can cause headaches diarrhea and even cancer.

Vegetable oil

Vegetable oil can be used in your dogs food. While its safe to eat for dogs keep in mind that too much fat in their diet can lead to many health problems including pancreatitis which can be deadly. As well vegetable oil contains a lot of calories.

Wheat flour

A healthy dog can eat wheat flour in many recipes for dog treats and its perfectly safe. Only dogs with a wheat allergy should avoid wheat flour. Contrary to this the cheap white flour found in most canned products has very little nutritional value.

Are any of the ingredients toxic to dogs?

There are several ingredients that pose significant health risks to both humans and dogs. Below are some examples.


Its listed as sodium on the label. The nutritional information on Campbells Healthy Request Cream of Chicken Condensed Soup shows that a 1/2 cup serving (120ml) provides 17% of the RDV.

For a human at least. One serving of this soup provides almost a fifth of an average 130 lb persons daily recommended intake of salt. You can determine how that affects a medium-sized dog of 40 lbs by doing the math. The weight is quite substantial.

Inosinate de disodium

The food industry uses this to enhance the taste of their products as well as disodium guanylate a flavor enhancer closely related to monosodium glutamate a taste enhancer heavily used by the food industry. Allergies heart problems digestive problems as well as behavioral problems are all caused by these compounds. You should not eat them and neither should your dog.

Is cream of chicken soup good for picky eaters? What about sick dogs?

Maybe your dog is fussy or maybe you have changed his food and he refuses to eat adding something with a chicken flavor may help. Use cream of chicken soup sparingly though.  This product would not hurt your dog once or twice but for long-term use look for a homemade alternative.

A sick dog might suffer from diarrhea and vomiting if he is given cream of chicken soup. A bland diet should be given to dogs with upset stomachs. For many dog owners plain cooked rice is the go-to remedy but you can also give your pet some boiled chicken breast. Theres no salt or flavoring on this lean meat. Even if you’re in a hurry and do not know what to give your dog cream of chicken soup is not a suitable substitute. Buy a bag of rice instead.

Are other cream soups any better?

There may be other canned cream soups that you could use to flavor your dogs food. The answer is no other products such as mushroom or celery soups are not any better. The problem isnot the chicken; its good food for dogs. Other ingredients in commercial products are harmful and you will find them in any other product. A good example is cream of mushroom soup which is very salty. There is 870mg of salt in 100g of the product or 37.7% of the RDV for humans. Monosodium glutamate is also present in this soup.

The same is true for celery soup although some products may have a lower salt content.

Are than any other healthy alternatives?

Homemade foods are best for dogs who are picky eaters or have sensitive stomachs. You might be using too much salt in the soup you make for the rest of the family so the best thing you can do is make your own bone broth aka chicken stock.

Dogs can benefit from bone broth because it contains a lot of gelatine and minerals which helps their joints stomachs and immune systems.

You can make bone broth with this recipe. A benefit of making bone broth is that you can use parts of the chicken that you do not often use for family meals. The bad part is that it takes a lot of time to make bone broth.

As long as you use a regular pot you can put whatever bones you have in there (especially chicken feet) cover them with water and have them simmer for at least six hours. Donot forget to add water throughout the cooking process.

Using a crockpot fill it with bones (including many that were leftover from the family dinner) and cook it for one hour on high. You can keep it in the fridge for days and use it whenever you need it by turning the crockpot on low and letting it cook for another 24 hours.

Apple cider vinegar which pulls minerals from bones is the secret to this recipe.  To a slow cooker add three to four tablespoons of ACV.

What is the best dog-friendly chicken soup to use?

You can always make chicken soup when you’re too busy to make bone broth. You can find a recipe for chicken soup here. Its quick and easy to prepare and you can add healthy vegetables like carrots celery green beans and sweet potatoes. The vitamins and fiber in them are important for your dogs health.

One of the main advantages of making such a soup for your pet is that it is salt-free and does not contain any spices or chemicals. It is optional to use the chicken base and you may want to omit it. Because the soup contains enough chicken meat there is no need for a chicken base which may contain salt or other flavor enhancers which should not be fed to dogs.

Can dogs eat cream of chicken soup?

Cans of any kind of soup including cream of chicken soup should not be fed to dogs. This soup contains very little chicken meat. In its place theres plenty of dehydrated mechanically separated chicken which is highly-processed chicken scraps.

These are not even the worst ingredients in a canned soup. Salt and flavor enhancers which are potentially harmful chemicals are the real danger in such products even if they are approved for human or animal consumption.

Make some bone broth or chicken soup if you want to add some flavor to your dogs regular food. Put it in your dogs bowl for the whole week and you’ll have something healthy and delicious.

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