Can Dogs Eat Chicken Necks

Can Dogs Eat Chicken Necks?

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
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Chicken necks can be eaten by dogs. raw chicken necks are safe for your dog. This is a very protein- and calcium-rich piece of chicken meat.

In this article you will know the answer to the query “Can Dogs Eat Chicken Necks?“.

Chicken is one of the most common proteins fed to dogs. In spite of this dogs are able to eat so many chicken parts and cats cannot. Is it possible for dogs to eat chicken necks? The answer to this question and so much more can be found here as well as information about how to include it in your dogs diet.

Can Dogs Eat Chicken Necks

Can Dogs Eat Chicken Necks?

Chicken necks can be eaten by dogs. It may surprise you but chicken necks in their raw form can be given to your dog safely.

During its raw state the chicken neck is softer than it is after it has been cooked. Your dog can break down and pass the bones more easily when they are soft.

It is not advisable to feed your dog cooked chicken necks for a variety of reasons. When bones are cooked they become brittle and can splinter and cause problems for your dog.

Are Chicken Necks Safe for Dogs?

The feeding of raw chicken necks to your dog is completely safe if you do it in the raw state. When the bones are raw they are soft so your dog should have no trouble digesting them. Larger dogs will digest chicken necks more easily than smaller dogs.

Every time you give your dog anything you should be on the lookout for choking signs. If your dog does not seem to be able to eat something take it away.

Benefits of Chicken Necks for Dogs

Dogs can benefit from eating chicken necks in many ways. You can improve your dogs dental health by improving his diet which is rich in calcium. The benefits of calcium are outlined below.

Complete Diet

Raw food is typically very healthy for dogs that consume it. The raw diet is very good for dogs as it is very similar to what your dogs ancestors would eat. A raw diet consists of raw meat bones vegetables fruits and a small amount of dairy. There is no doubt that this is a great diet for dogs but it takes some time and planning.

Rich in Calcium and Fat

The necks of chickens are rich in calcium. They contain at least 900 milligrams of calcium on average. Senior dogs especially need calcium on a regular basis. If your dog does not get enough calcium they definitely will after eating a chicken neck.

Additionally chicken necks contain a lot of fat which can be good or bad. It gives your dog great energy due to the high levels of protein and fat. This is an excellent choice if your dog is extremely active. There is only one negative. Dogs that are overweight may not be able to tolerate high fat.

Improved Dental Health

Dogs can actually improve their dental health when they eat chicken necks. Dogs crush soft bones in their mouths rubbing them against their teeth and removing stuck-on plaque as they do so. Despite the fact that your dog can use other methods to remove plaque from the teeth this is the most natural.

Can Dogs Digest Chicken Neck Bones?

Chicken neck bones can be digested by dogs without causing any harm. Raw chicken neck bones are recommended. When the bones are raw rather than cooked they are actually softer. Additionally your dog can chew the bones down into smaller pieces so they can pass more easily.

You wouldnot be able to pass cooked chicken necks if you fed them to your dog. A cooked bone can break or splinter since it becomes very brittle. It is possible for these sharp pieces to cause obstructions inside your dogs digestive system. Therefore I urge you to feed your dog chicken necks in either a dehydrated or a ray form.

Can You Feed Dogs Frozen Chicken Necks?

Fresh or frozen chicken necks are fine to feed to your dog. During those hot summer days you can give it to your dog if it is frozen. It would be a simple way for your dog to cool off as well as keep busy chewing on bones.

If your dog is older and may not have the best dental health I recommend giving him only fresh chicken necks. I do not recommend freezing them.

How Do You Feed a Puppy Chicken Necks?

Raw chicken necks should not be fed to puppies at a young age for a few reasons:

  • Trying to eat chicken necks or chicken neck bones might pose a choking hazard to puppies.
  • Growing puppies can also be affected by the increased calcium found in chicken necks. If puppies are eating formulated puppy food they do not need the extra calcium as it can pose growth problems.
  • Puppy teeth are very small so chewing and crunching bones will harm your puppys teeth. If you want to let your puppy chew on chicken necks wait until they have their adult teeth.

Can Puppies Eat Dried Chicken Necks?

You should not give puppies dried chicken necks until they are older. The reason for this is that even when its dehydrated there will still be bones inside of it. Dehydration can also cause brittleness and sharpness in the bones.

You can feed your adult dog dehydrated or dried chicken necks as a treat. The best way to dry chicken necks is to air dry them slowly or to freeze dry them.

Keep in mind that sometimes the bones can become brittle and create sharp pieces as a result of dehydration. When feeding your dog chicken necks be sure to feed them in the raw form.


Is it safe for dogs to eat chicken necks? Now you know that raw chicken necks are safe for your dog. This is a very protein- and calcium-rich piece of chicken meat. I would highly recommend going to your local butcher and letting your dog try a chicken neck if you prefer to feed your dog a raw diet. Please let me know if you have ever given this treat to your dog in the comments section below.

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