Can Dogs Eat Chicken Breast Everyday

Can Dogs Eat Chicken Breast Everyday?

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
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Yes, technically a dog can eat chicken breast every day, but this could result in certain nutritional deficiencies. A balanced diet is important for dogs, and chicken breast doesn’t provide it. An animal cannot survive on one type of food alone, no matter what it may be.

In this article you will know the answer to the query “Can Dogs Eat Chicken Breast everyday?“.

Many people wonder if their dogs can eat chicken breast almost every day because chicken is a staple of Western cuisine.

Can Dogs Eat Chicken Breast Everyday

In the end it is a lean protein-rich affordable and readily available meat so it makes a lot of sense to use it.

It is safe for dogs to eat chicken breast but not every day. Not only is it boring although it is it also may not be such a great idea from a nutritional perspective.

This article examines the nutritional value of chicken breast and compares it to other types of meat as well as how you should serve it to your pet.

What is the nutrition in chicken breasts?

A dogs diet should include chicken breast for protein and amino acids which are essential to muscle growth and maintenance.

80% of chicken breasts are protein and 20% are fat. Approximately 238 calories are in a 135-gram serving.

The chicken breast is an excellent source of minerals and vitamins. 

Chicken breast for example provides 74% of an adults daily selenium requirements and 44% of their phosphorus requirements in one regular serving.

Since most dogs are smaller than an adult person they’ll get all the selenium and phosphorus they need which is good for their metabolism their bones and their immune system.

Just 1% of chicken breast is calcium and only 3% is iron which is not enough to satisfy a dogs needs.

In addition chicken breast contains 85% and 89% of an adult humans daily requirements of vitamins B3 (niacin) and B6 respectively.

Taking B vitamins is essential for cellular health and for protecting the skin barrier.

Additionally this type of meat contains a healthy amount of Omega 6 fatty acids which give your dog energy help him absorb vital nutrients and vitamins and reduce inflammation. Oh and they give the dogs coat a nice shine. 

In addition to providing glucosamine chicken breasts provide a good amount of calcium which helps prevent osteoarthritis in senior dogs.  

Can dogs eat raw chicken breasts?

The majority of dog experts advise against giving your dog raw chicken breasts or any other type of raw meat. You might get sick from eating raw meat because it might be contaminated with Salmonella or other types of bacteria. 

However advocates of the raw diet for dogs claim that there are no risks if you have a reliable source of fresh meat so its mostly up to you. 

Chicken breast vs chicken thighs

The health of chicken thighs for dogs is a concern for many pet owners. Since they are both derived from the same animal they should not be that different and are after all more affordable than chicken breast.

Despite having a lower protein content than chicken breasts chicken thighs are safe to eat. Chicken thighs provide the same amount of calories but they are only 66% protein and the rest is fat. You might want to avoid giving your dog those treats if he has an issue with cholesterol. In addition chicken thighs are lower in most minerals and vitamins except for iron which provides 9% of an average adults daily needs.

You will want to remove the bones if you think about giving your dog a nice juicy chicken thigh from the family dinner. Chicken bones should not be given raw or cooked to dogs. During cooking chicken bones become brittle so they can easily splinter creating a major risk from bone splinters; if they make it to the stomach theres a danger of puncturing the lining of the stomach which can lead to very nasty infections. 

Chicken vs beef vs pork: what nutrients do chicken breasts not have?

Additionally beef is very inexpensive and most dog foods include this type of meat. Whats the difference between beef and chicken? Chicken breasts have more protein than beef (66%) although they provide about the same number of calories. The iron content of beef is higher (12%) and it provides 93% of an adults vitamin B12 requirement. B12 is essential for a dog suffering from cognitive decline since it supports normal brain function.

Additionally pork is widely available and has more calories than chicken breast 297 calories for a 113g serving so it will fill your dogs stomach better. The only downside is that it only contains 39% protein. Pigs are rich in vitamin B1 (thiamine) which is crucial for the proper functioning of organs that require a lot of energy such as the brain. 

How much chicken breast should I feed my dog?

Your dogs size determines its weight. Experts suggest that dogs should consume 14 to 13 cups of meat protein for every 20 pounds of body weight. 

Are boiled chicken breasts good for my dog?

You should feed your dog boiled chicken breasts because they are probably the healthiest option. Dogs love the taste even though it might be bland for humans. 

For a dog with an upset stomach boiled chicken breast (skinned and deboned) is the best option since it is very easy to digest. You can cure diarrhea in your dog by giving him boiled chicken breasts with boiled rice for a couple of days. 

It is also good to feed your dog grilled chicken but you should not give him fried chicken on a regular basis as he does not need that much fat in his diet. 

Can dogs eat canned chicken breast?

Canines can eat canned chicken breast but only on occasion. You can give your dog some canned chicken breast if you do not have anything else available or if he is simply begging you for a bite. You would not harm yourself if you do it every once in a while but you should do it regularly.

If you look at the label on your canned meat you’ll see what I mean. Can often contain high levels of salt which is not good for your pet. Additionally the product might contain seasonings hes not allowed such as onions or garlic. 

Can dogs eat frozen chicken breasts?

The freezing of chicken breasts kills almost all of the bacteria the meat might contain. Furthermore serving frozen food to your dog is the ultimate convenience because you do not have to cook and there is no cleaning up. 

A dogs stomach is not exactly easy to handle when it comes to frozen food as thawing puts a lot of strain on its digestive system. On the other hand frozen pieces of meat can be a serious choking hazard if the animal does not chew them. In contrast he might break a bone if he chews on the frozen meat which will cause him a great deal of pain and will cost you a lot more in dental bills. 

In order to destroy the bacteria in raw chicken breasts you can freeze them but let them thaw on the counter for 4-5 hours before feeding them to your dog.

Can dogs eat chicken breast every day? 

Yes technically a dog can eat chicken breast every day but this could result in certain nutritional deficiencies. I am often asked whether a dog can live on chicken meat alone. He may be able to do it but he would not be very healthy. 

A balanced diet is important for dogs and chicken breast does not provide it. An animal cannot survive on one type of food alone no matter what it may be. 

For example chicken breast has no fiber at all which is not good for his digestive system. Fiber deficiency can cause severe constipation in dogs.

Healthy diets should contain at least 10% fiber. Broccoli leafy greens pumpkin green beans carrots apples and berries are the best sources of fiber for dogs.

If you are boiling chicken breast for your dog add some carrots and green beans and he will have a more balanced diet. Furthermore your dog will ignore the vegetables in his bowl due to the sweet taste of meat.

You should give your dog various types of meat if you want him to be healthy and strong – one day he can have chicken the next bit of beef or salmon. 


Its true that chicken breast is one of the healthiest types of meat for a dog but that does not mean you should feed it to your dog all the time.

There are many reasons why dogs need variety in their diet and its not just because it makes them happier. Despite the fact that you give him prime meat every day if your dog eats the same food every day hes bound to develop certain nutritional deficiencies which will eventually make him sick.

You can give your dog chicken breast every day if hes a very picky eater but be sure to mix it with some veggies or even some kibble to ensure he gets all the nutrients he needs.

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