Can Dogs Eat Cherry Tomatoes

Can Dogs Eat Cherry Tomatoes?

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
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Cherry tomatoes provide a good source of fiber, vitamins A and C, and minerals for your pet. You should only feed ripe potatoes to your pet. Toxic substances can be found in green tomatoes, as well as the leaves and vines of tomato plants if consumed in large quantities.

The purpose of this article is to explain “Can Dogs Eat Cherry Tomatoes?“.

If you’re cooking a yummy meal and the dog sits near you expectantly as you eat you know the guilty feeling you get. You can certainly offer a nice juicy cherry tomato to your dog if you’re making a salad!

Can Dogs Eat Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes themselves are not poisonous to dogs but you should give them to your pet in moderation and supervise him while he consumes his unexpected reward. 

We’ll look at the health benefits of feeding tomatoes to your dog and the possible risks.

What are the health benefits of feeding cherry tomatoes to your dog?

Cherry tomatoes are a great snack for your furry friend because they’re low in calories and high in fiber which is good for digestion. Moreover fiber regulates blood glucose levels. They’re also packed with vitamins and minerals.

Cherry tomatoes for example are a great source of vitamin C which is known to boost the immune system and maintain healthy skin. Additionally they contain significant amounts of vitamin A which is beneficial to the dogs eyes.

Cherries are a good source of potassium a mineral that supports muscle function.

Nutritional value is not something you need to worry about. An average cherry tomato (17g) only contains 3.1 calories. A large tomato (120g) contains 22 calories.

There is a good chance your pet has been exposed to tomatoes if he eats store-bought pet food. Tomato pomace is one of the ingredients in some brands. Tomato pomace is made up of skin pulp and crushed seeds and manufacturers add it to their products because its high in fiber and aids digestion.  

Why might you be wary of feeding cherry tomatoes to your dog?

When you do some research on the topic you’ll find that some point out that cherry tomatoes (and all tomatoes in general) contain solanine and tomatine which are toxic to dogs. They are also toxic to humans.

The natural substance alpha-tomatine helps tomato plants defend themselves against pests. Nonetheless it is mainly found in the green parts of plants such as leaves vines and stems and in green tomatoes.  The amount of tomatine in a ripe tomato is lower and your dog would have to consume a ridiculous number of cherry tomatoes to be in danger from tomatine.

Approximately 472 large green tomatoes (not the small red cherry tomatoes) would be needed for a 60 lbs dog to ingest a dangerous level of tomatine. As a result giving your dog a few cherry tomatoes will not hurt him in any way.

The toxic compound solanine is found in many plants belonging to the nightshade family such as white potatoes eggplants and tomatoes.  To begin with the amount of solanine in ripe tomatoes let alone small cherry tomatoes is so low that your pet would have to go through a basket full of them to be in any danger.

Theres nothing to worry about if your dog eats a few cherry tomatoes but if you grow tomatoes in your garden you need to keep your pet away from them. Tobacco plants have higher levels of dangerous compounds in their green parts as we mentioned earlier. Despite the fact that tomato leaves are not appetizing to us bored dogs may decide to nibble at them anyway so be sure to fence in your tomato plants.

Also make sure that you remove any green stuff from cherry tomatoes before feeding them to your dog.  

Tomato seeds contain vitamin A and C but they’re hard to digest so your pet would not benefit much from them. He also would not be harmed by them.

Are cherry tomatoes a choking hazard?

If your dog eats his food without chewing it that is indeed a cause for concern. Your pet may be so excited to get a treat he might accidentally swallow it whole posing a choking hazard. Whenever your pet eats tomatoes you should either watch him closely or better yet cut them up so that he is completely safe.

Should you feed your dog red or yellow cherry tomatoes?

As far as nutrition is concerned there is no difference between the two varieties. It has roughly the same amount of beta carotene which the body converts into vitamin A.

Red cherry tomatoes however contain three times as much vitamin C as yellow ones.

The yellow variety is higher in niacin and folate while the red variety is high in pantothenic acid (vitamin B5).

There is one advantage red cherry tomatoes have over yellow ones and that is lycopene an antioxidant that helps prevent cancer. In addition to giving them their color it is also what gives them their red hue which is why you would not find it in yellow tomatoes.

All of these substances are present in trace amounts so it does not really matter which kind you give your dog. Alternate between the two so he thinks he is getting something new and appreciates how fortunate he is.  

Should you feed your dog raw or cooked tomatoes? 

Raw fruit and vegetables are better because cooking may destroy some of the nutrients especially vitamins.

I do not see anything wrong with your cooking. Just make sure the food you’re making does not have too much salt which can be harmful to your dog.

When you first introduce tomatoes to your dog make sure you start with a small amount like a few slices and watch for a reaction. Although tomatoes are extremely rare to cause allergic reactions they are slightly acidic and could cause problems to dogs with sensitive stomachs. 

You should expect diarrhea and vomiting if your dog does not like cherry tomatoes which can easily be treated with a bland diet for a few days. The majority of dogs however tolerate tomatoes very well.

What is the best vegetable to feed your dog?

When you buy the dogs food from the pet store its very convenient for a busy pet owner but do not forget that your furry companion also requires vegetables in his diet not just for their fiber content but also for the vitamins and minerals they contain.

Dogs love carrots as they are one of the best vegetables for them. When served raw the dog will enjoy chewing on it but you can also steam or boil it. Especially good for your dogs’ teeth and eyes!

Raw or cooked broccoli is also a good source of fiber and vitamin C but do not expect your dog to jump up and down when it sees it.

The diet of your dog should also include raw or cooked green beans peas celery and Brussels sprouts

 Corn and sweet potatoes however should only be served cooked. Donot forget to remove the corn from the cob as well or your dog will eat it as well.

All of these make great treats to reward your dog with but you can also mix them in with his regular food.

Fresh fruit such as apple slices blueberries or seedless watermelon can also be offered to your dog. However bananas have a lot of sugar so dogs should not eat more than a few slices.

Those who say a dog does not need vegetables when he eats kibble are assuming that dog food manufacturers only include the best of everything in their products. How safe is that for your dog?

How many vegetables should you feed your dog?

In general dogs should consume meat and bones as part of their diet. Although fruit and vegetables are nice additions their total amount should not exceed 10% of their daily calorie intake.

Dogs should eat vegetables that are low in calories but that does not mean zero calories. Vegetables served on top of your dogs regular kibble may cause problems if your dog is already prone to obesity.


Cherries provide a good source of fiber vitamins A and C and minerals for your pet. You should only feed ripe potatoes to your pet. Toxic substances can be found in green tomatoes as well as the leaves and vines of tomato plants if consumed in large quantities.

You can give your dog red or yellow cherry tomatoes as a healthy snack but you might want to cut them into smaller pieces to prevent choking.

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