Can Dogs Eat Cheez Its

Can Dogs Eat Cheez Its?

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
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Cheez-its are safe to eat for dogs, but this does not mean they should. Despite the fact that Cheez-Its are not toxic to dogs, they don’t provide much nutritional benefit to them. It’s okay to share some with your dog while you are enjoying some.

In this article you will know the answer to the query “Can Dogs Eat Cheez Its?“.

Do you have a dog that tries to eat everything you eat? In that case I understand your struggle as a pet owner because I know how hard it can be to deal with that cute doggy face when your dog is begging? Can dogs eat cheez? We will explore this topic in this article and see if you can share that salty cheesy cracker snack with your canine companion.

Can Dogs Eat Cheez Its

Can Dogs Eat Cheez-Its?

Cheez-its are safe to eat for dogs but this does not mean they should. Despite the fact that Cheez-Its are not toxic to dogs they do not provide much nutritional benefit to them. Its okay to share some with your dog while you are enjoying some.

As a training treat you can also use these. Nevertheless this cheez its are high in calories so switching them for something like cheerios or a specially designed training snack would be a great idea. Your dog should be given treats in moderation whenever possible. You should not let your dog eat cheez its because it is not good for dogs to eat a lot of processed human food.

Can Dogs Eat White Cheddar Cheez-Its?

Basically white cheddar cheez its have the same nutritional value as regular cheddar cheez. Keep in mind however that these crackers have a lot of sodium and too much sodium can be dangerous. Its all about moderation and a few white cheddar cheez-it will be just fine for your pooch.

Can Dogs Eat Spicy Flavored Cheez-Its?

Foods that have a lot of added spices or heat are not recommended for dogs. Your dog may become excessively thirsty or its stomach may be irritated by this. When you shop for spicy foods keep them away from your dog as much as possible and keep the special treats just for yourself.

Are Cheez-Its Nutritionally Beneficial?

The number of calories in a box of cheez-it is 150 for a serving of 27 crackers. A cheez-it contains 5.5 calories when divided by 27. The bad thing about cheezits is that they contain some calcium and protein which your dog needs to stay healthy. The good thing is that they are sodium-rich and high in fat.

Lets look at some of the benefits and drawbacks your dog will experience after eating cheez below.


  • The serving size of cheez contains 30 mg of calcium. Calcium is essential for bone and tooth development. As well as helping to clot blood calcium is essential for bone and tooth development.
  • The brain heart and muscle function of your dog can be improved with 30 mg of potassium.
  • Dairy-based crackers contain a small amount of protein. the dairy.


  • The high-calorie content can make it difficult to feed smaller dogs as they do not require a lot of energy during the day. Therefore this food is a waste of calories.
  • These crackers have a high sodium content to give them that salty taste. There is 230 mg of sodium per serving. Your dogs dog food will typically contain a decent amount of sodium. Therefore your dog should not consume too much sodium-containing human food.
  • Cheese sticks are made of flour. Grains-free dog foods are advertised because flour can be a major allergy trigger for most dog breeds.
  • Make sure you do not overdo it if you give your dog Cheezits because of their high-fat content. Small dogs are susceptible to obesity since its very easy to overfeed them because they do not need as many calories.

Alternatives to Cheez-Its for Dogs?

You can always choose to feed your dog something other than human food. When your dog begs for food while you are eating give it a treat. You can try some of these ideas when you eat your cheez its.

Make your own DIY Dog-Friendly Cheez-It

It is easy to make your own DIY cheez-it for your dog that is healthier and less processed than the original ones made for humans. A healthy cracker or cheese can be made easily by dehydrating your own cheese.

Whole wheat or gluten-free flour can be used to make this healthy cracker. Any type of sharp cheese that you prefer can be combined with softened butter. Stir in the flour until you form a dough. You may need to add a few drops of water or milk to ensure everything gets combined smoothly.

Alternate Treats

Always keep dog treats on hand if you own a dog. You can purchase treats at most superstores and grocery stores. As a result when you eat something your dog cannot consume you can give them their favorite treats.

Human Food Treats

You can always provide your dog with food that is more suitable for their tastes as an alternative to human food. Listed below are some snacks I recommend to my dog:

  • Chips made with bananas
  • Various vegetables
  • Cheese
  • Various fruits

What Happens If My Dog Ate Cheez-Its?

There will not be a problem if your dog only ate a few cheez-its but if your dog ate the entire box there may be a problem. You should closely monitor your dog since it may feel sick from the number of calories and sodium it consumes.

Whenever your dog does not seem to be responding well I suggest calling your local vet to get their advice. Be on the lookout for bloat as well. This very serious condition occurs when your dog eats too much or too fast and the stomach twists causing a blockage. The condition can be fatal if not treated by a veterinarian.

You should monitor your dog for several hours afterward to see if any changes occur. However overall your dog will likely be fine.


Cheez-its are dogs’ favorite snacks but can they eat them? They do fill the void left by you not being able to give your dog treats but they do not really do anything for your dog apart from filling that void. Donot forget that your dog can always get some great nutrition from an alternative treatment. Have you ever given your dog a cheez-it? Tell me about it in the comments.

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