Can Dogs Eat Canned Salmon?

Can Dogs Eat Canned Salmon?

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
correct answerThe Short Answer is:

Yes, Omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon support the immune system, reduce inflammation, and keep your dog's coat healthy and shiny. Among other fish, salmon also contains a lot of protein.

The fact is that dogs are more than pets they are members of our family. 

Because of this we often find ourselves wanting what is best for them just like we would for any other member of our family. 

Can Dogs Eat Canned Salmon?

Our goal is not only to provide them with the best food but also to ensure that they have a good haircut and enjoy their walks. 

In this article you will know the answer to the query “Can Dogs Eat Canned Salmon?“.

It is sometimes necessary to give your dog special and unique food as a result of this. It could be as a special treat to celebrate their arrival or a new diet that we think will be both healthy and delicious for them. 

Canned salmon is one food that many people wonder if it is safe and healthy to introduce to their dogs’ diets.

Omega oils from salmon are very beneficial for humans but does this also apply to our furry family members?

Salmon is a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids so its great for our dogs. 

Additionally salmon can serve as a terrific source of protein for them too. 

If you look at a lot of the commercially available high-quality dog foods salmon is often included in the ingredients. 

In addition to being a great protein substitute for dogs with allergies to more common proteins such as chicken salmon is also a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Why Canned Salmon? Is Canned Salmon Good for Dogs?

Using salmon as a food source for our dogs is a good idea but which salmon should we buy? 

When you are standing in the grocery store looking at the fresh salmon on offer you may find yourself holding a can of salmon in your hand. 

What is the best option for your dog?

Fresh salmon may have a higher price than canned salmon which is one of the largest differences between them. 

Fresh salmon might be much more expensive than canned salmon but you may also think its a better product. 

Even though fresh salmon contains many benefits its important to know that it does not necessarily mean that its better.

Almost all canned fish is canned quickly sometimes before the fish has even left the dock. 

The nutrients of the fish are therefore preserved in the can so there is no chance that they will deteriorate as they travel from dock to grocery store shelf.

It is also easier for salmon canned in a can to stay fresh for longer. 

You can buy a larger supply of salmon and keep it for longer than you can fresh salmon if you want to feed your dog salmon every day. 

We will have to go to the grocery store less frequently and have to deal with the varying price of salmon on a weekly basis. 

Finally you should consider the quality of the salmon that goes into canned salmon. 

These days the salmon we buy at the grocery store that goes into a can is the same salmon you find fresh in the store. 

Several of them come from the same processing center right on the dock where some are kept on ice and others are canned before they are sent to grocery stores. 

What are the benefits of canned salmon?

Our dogs can benefit from Omega-3 fatty acids in canned salmon as we have already discussed. 

However you might wonder what exactly about these fatty acids is beneficial to dogs? 

As puppies grow these fatty acids help with the proper development of their brains and eyes which will benefit them for years to come.  

They help older dogs maintain and even improve their cognitive function. The supplements are also beneficial in treating arthritis as well as chronic kidney disease. 

However canned salmon provides our dogs with more than omega-3 fatty acids.  

For salmon to grow normally and to keep their muscles fur and organs functioning properly they must consume a great deal of protein. 

In addition to the carbohydrates fat and protein contained in salmon our dogs will benefit from its energy-producing properties. 

This food contains a significant amount of calcium especially for older dogs which helps maintain stronger bones.

What is the problem with canned salmon?

Canned salmon uses salt to help preserve the meat which makes it one of its downsides. 

Salmon canned in a can contains a high level of sodium as compared with salmon fresh.  It is a necessary part of a dogs diet it helps keep the fluid balance in the body and transmits nerve impulses. 

As a result of this we should ensure that we do not give our dogs a diet that is too salty.  

You can suffer from dehydration vomiting and diarrhea if you consume too much salt in your diet. 

A dogs daily sodium intake should be limited to about one gram per day. 

As the amount of sodium a dog processes will differ depending on their size smaller dogs will be able to process less and older dogs will be able to process more. 

Salmon has about 605 mg of omega-3 fatty acids in one can or over half your dogs daily recommended intake.  

You should evaluate an entire dogs diet to ensure that they are not consuming excessive amounts of sodium in their diets. 

Furthermore clean water should always be available to them. 

To help process the extra sodium when the body detects that there is too much sodium it gets thirsty.

Can Dogs Eat Canned Salmon Bones?

Theres one other thing about canned salmon to keep in mind which is that it contains bones. 

Even though we want to be extra careful when it comes to bones in anything our dog eats we do not need to worry about bones in canned salmon. 

Humans and other animals can consume canned salmon without causing any damage to their mouths or throats or having digestive problems later on. Salmon bones are treated to be soft enough to prevent these issues.

Can Dogs Eat Canned Pink Salmon? Pink or Red Salmon?

Which salmon is better pink or red? Which is the healthier choice? 

The argument has been around for centuries according to some. 

I guess fishermen would be the only ones to say that. 

However it is still something that needs to be considered. 

Between red and pink salmon there are only a few differences the most notable of which is size. 

A red salmon population is smaller than that of a pink salmon. Red salmon are usually larger than pink salmon. 

So red salmon will be more expensive than pink salmon especially if you buy it fresh at the grocery store.  

Some people argue that red salmon is also tastier than pink salmon.

If you want to give salmon to your dog what does this mean for you? 

Its all about taste and red salmon tastes better which means your dog might not enjoy it. 

There is also the possibility that this food will clash with another food your dog is eating. 

The final choice is one that you have to make for your dog and maybe experiment with to see what goes best for them and what they prefer. 

Can you Feed Dogs Canned Salmon? How much canned Salmon should I feed my dog?

Once we have determined that canned salmon is okay to give to your dog and you have chosen red or pink salmon for them we need to find out how much to give them. 

Is it something we should include in their diet? Do they deserve special treats every now and then?

They consume canned salmon once or twice a week limiting their intake to somewhere between one and two times per week. 

Although salmon is full of health benefits for dogs it nevertheless cannot provide all the nutrients they will need in their diet. 

Salmon also contains a high sodium level so we need to be careful about overworking their organs from eating it every day. 

Due to this its best to give them all at once or at the most twice per week rather than giving them lots at once.

Although our dogs would like us to crack open that salmon can and let them eat the whole thing we should limit the amount of Salmon they eat. 

A dogs size and the amount of food they consume play a crucial role in its weight. 

Salmon should not typically account for more than ten percent of a persons overall meal.

How much is canned Salmon?

Even though we are always looking to be the best for our dogs we should also make sure that we are getting the most for our money. 

Our spending often needs to be budgeted. 

For a 7.5 oz can you can expect to pay about $1.90 USD whereas a 14.75 oz can cost about $2.50 USD.  

Packs of canned tuna can also be found in many places resulting in a discount on the price per can. 

When looking for the best deal be sure to look at the prices at your local store.

Canned Salmon vs Canned Tuna (Can Dogs Eat Canned Salmon or Tuna?)

Stores usually sell canned tuna right next to canned salmon another popular fish in cans. 

Considering canned tuna is also a little cheaper than canned salmon one might wonder if it would be beneficial for dogs. 

The biggest disadvantage to tuna is that it does not have the same health benefits of salmon. Mercury levels in tuna can be higher than in other types of fish. 

Mercury can cause digestive issues for your dog which can lead to life-threatening conditions especially in older dogs. 

While it is safe to give your dog canned tuna it should be an occasional treat rather than a regular part of their diet.

Conclusion on Can Dogs Eat Canned Salmon?

As we now know canned salmon is not only good for us and our dogs but in some ways it can even be better than fresh salmon.

Considering that salmon contains a lot of sodium and its high fat and flavor content we should make sure to limit the quantity our dog eats. Alternatively we may choose the blander lighter pink salmon. 

Moreover we have discovered something that is not only safe but extremely healthy and tasty for our four-legged family members demonstrating our love for them.

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