Can Dogs Eat Beef Jerky

Can Dogs Eat Beef Jerky?

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
correct answerThe Short Answer is:

You can feed your dog Beef Jerky as long as the ingredients in the beef jerky are safe for dogs to eat. Many types of store-bought Beef Jerky are intended for human consumption and to satisfy human taste buds, so they contain ingredients that are considered harmful to our pets.

In this article you will know the answer to the query “Can Dogs Eat Beef Jerky?“.

You might think that beef jerky must be safe for our dogs since it is a meat product right? Beef Jerky comes in many varieties and they are all highly processed foods. Right now you’re about to eat beef jerky with your dogs next to you and you’re wondering if its safe for them to consume. Read on to learn more!

Can Dogs Eat Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky is safe for dogs to eat? If the jerky is plain without any flavoring toxic ingredients or salt and if it is made from one protein source dogs can eat it. If possible dogs should only eat homemade Beef Jerky and not store-bought Beef Jerky since store-bought jerky contains excessive amounts of salt spice gluten and even garlic and xylitol which are toxic to them. Consider the ingredients in Beef Jerky before giving it to your dog.

Heres a look at when Beef Jerky can be harmful to dogs and when it can be safe. The types of Beef Jerky you see at your local grocery store are made differently. The types of beef jerky that are safe for dogs to consume will be discussed.

Is Beef Jerky bad for dogs?

Yes dogs can get sick from beef jerky. A number of store-bought beef jerky products are unsafe and bad for dogs. This is due to the fact that these types of Beef Jerky are made for human consumption so they contain many flavors and ingredients that are toxic to dogs. 

Among the ingredients and spices in beef jerky that dogs should not consume are:

  • Too much salt. 
  • Onion.
  • Garlic.
  • Xylitol.
  • Spicy flavors.
  • Black pepper.

Spices and ingredients such as these should never be allowed near your dogs and accidentally consuming too many of them can cause them to become ill.  

In light of this we strongly recommend that you avoid giving your dog store-bought beef jerky. Consider making Beef Jerky at home so you know what ingredients are in the treatment or buy a canine-friendly Beef Jerky treat if your K9 pals love Beef Jerky treats.

Is Beef Jerky good for dogs?

You can see that Beef Jerky can be good for dogs if it is homemade or dog-friendly. The Beef Jerky meat must be plain without any added spices or flavors nor should it contain too much salt or sugar. Salt consumption can cause sodium-ion poisoning in dogs while excessive sugar consumption can cause diabetes weight gain and even pancreatitis. 

Beef Jerky that is plain and makes use of dried meat is simply dehydrated meat that dogs are safe to eat.

The plain dried beef jerky meat is a source of protein and our canine family members deserve a balanced diet high in both nutrients and protein. Therefore homemade Beef Jerky can be a great addition to their diet. 

It is important to consume food in moderation though. You should only feed your pets Beef Jerky treats in moderation. 

Can I give my dog Beef Jerky?

You can feed your dog Beef Jerky as long as the ingredients in the beef jerky are safe for dogs to eat. Many types of store-bought Beef Jerky are intended for human consumption and to satisfy human taste buds so they contain ingredients that are considered harmful to our pets. 

Our recommendation is for you to make the Beef Jerky yourself since you’ll know whats in it and its the safest way. Alternatively if you do not have time you can consider buying beef jerky treats designed for doggy consumption such as this one. 

These are absolutely adored by my two furry friends and they can not seem to get enough of it: 

What to do if my dog ate Beef Jerky?

You may put your dog at risk for the following conditions if they accidentally eat a lot of beef jerky: 

  • Poisoning with sodium ions.
  • Garlic poisoning.
  • Onion poisoning. 
  • Xylitol poisoning. 

If your pet consumes spices and salt they may experience the following symptoms: 

  • Upset stomach.
  • Extreme thirst leads to frequent urination.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Vomit. 
  • Lethargy.

Provide plenty of cool freshwater nearby so that your pooch does not become dehydrated. Be sure your dog isnot dehydrated by keeping an eye on them. If your dog seems weak tired or lethargic after eating Beef Jerky with toxic ingredients we recommend that you consult your veterinarian right away. 

Dogs and Beef Jerky: different types

Various types of beef jerky are available for human consumption as you may already know. Here are some of the most popular brands of beef jerky you can find at your local grocery store. 

Lets find out if these various types of Beef Jerky are safe for dogs to eat since they differ in ingredients and processing.

Can dogs eat teriyaki Beef Jerky?

Since teriyaki Beef Jerky contains sugar and corn syrup dogs should not eat it. Our furry buddies absorb sugar naturally from their main meals in the form of carbohydrates and they do not need us or dog owners to provide them with sugar-containing food. Teriyaki Beef Jerky contains a lot of sugar and eating it frequently can lead to diabetes obesity dental problems arthritis and even pancreatitis.  

Because of this please do not feed your pooch teriyaki beef jerky.

Jack Links Beef Jerky should not be eaten by dogs because they contain large amounts of salt and spices like garlic powder which are toxic to them. Salt poisoning can occur when dogs ingest too much salt in their food. 

The Jack Links Beef Jerky has an added kick of flavor that humans enjoy but dogs may not enjoy it. 

There is no reason for dogs to eat Jack Links Teriyaki Beef Jerky since it contains a high level of salt sugar and fat. The Jack Links Teriyaki Beef Jerky also contains wheat and soy products so if your K9 friends have wheat or soy allergies keep this human treat away from them. 

Can dogs eat turkey Jerky?

Dogs are allowed to eat turkey jerky if the jerky is plain and contains no added flavors or spices that are dangerous to them. The best way to give your pooch turkey jerky is to make it at home so you know it is natural and has no added ingredients. 

When buying store-bought turkey Jerky make sure it does not contain spices like garlic or onion powder added sugar or hot spicy flavors.

Can dogs eat Beef Jerky sticks?

As long as the sticks do not contain any spices or toxic ingredients dogs can eat Beef Jerky sticks. Garlic and onion powder are ingredients in some Beef Jerky sticks that should not be given to dogs. Please do not give your dog Beef Jerky sticks if they contain a lot of salt or sugar.  

You can give them a tiny bite if you must but no more than that since too much salt at once can cause salt poisoning.

Can dogs eat peppered Beef Jerky?

It is not recommended for dogs to eat peppered Beef Jerky because it contains pepper as its main ingredient and pepper can irritate your dogs throat and stomach. Some people say that peppered Beef Jerky is okay for dogs but we do not recommend it. 

The pepper can also irritate their lips tongues and even eyes especially if they are messy eaters (like my dogs are).

Can dogs eat pacific gold Beef Jerky?

It is not recommended for dogs to eat Pacific Gold Beef Jerky. 640mg of sodium is in just one serving of the ingredients! Its 6.4 times the amount of sodium a dog can safely consume every day. We recommend only giving our precious pooch about 100mg of salt per day.   

A small treat should not contain this much salt as you can see.

In addition to the onion and garlic powder the original Pacific Gold Beef Jerky is extremely dangerous for dogs. As a result please keep Pacific Gold Beef Jerky away from your furry family members.   

Can dogs eat natural Beef Jerky?

It is safe for dogs to eat natural Beef Jerky that does not contain added spices flavors or sugar. Natural beef jerky has low sodium content so it is safe to feed it to dogs. Just like any other treat you should read the label first and see what the natural Beef Jerky is made of before giving it to your K9 friends. 

Natural Beef Jerky treats should also be consumed in moderation by dogs.

Can dogs eat regular Beef Jerky?

As long as it does not contain any harmful ingredients or spices like salt onion or garlic dogs can eat regular beef jerky. Dogs should be able to eat plain plain beef jerky with low amounts of salt.

Can dogs eat spicy Beef Jerky?

Our canine friends prefer food that is plain without any spices so they should not eat spicy Beef Jerky. Food that is spicy can upset the stomach of dogs so they should not eat it. Therefore you should not allow your dog to eat spicy Beef Jerky.

Can my dog eat Beef Jerky?

Depending on the situation. It is safe for dogs to eat plain beef jerky that does not contain spices such as onion or garlic. Dogs can have a small amount of Beef Jerky if it is low in sodium and not spicy. 

In contrast if the Beef Jerky is spicy or contains ingredients that may be dangerous to dogs then no dogs should eat the Beef Jerky. 

Can dogs eat human Beef Jerky?

Dogs should not consume human beef jerky. You can purchase Beef Jerky at your local supermarket or grocery store for human consumption. Therefore Beef Jerky contains ingredients and spices that are designed to satisfy human taste but are dangerous for dogs. 

In addition many human beef jerky products contain a lot of salt or sugar which is not good for our dogs. Salt poisoning can occur from excessive salt consumption and excessive sugar consumption can result in obesity diabetes dental problems and pancreatitis in dogs.

So can dogs eat Beef Jerky?

Take a look at the ingredients of Beef Jerky before feeding it to your dogs to see if there are any ingredients that are toxic to animals. There may be spices in Beef Jerky that dogs should avoid because it is made for human consumption. As a matter of fact our furry family members prefer plain food so food containing spices should be avoided.

Your dogs lips mouth tongue and throat can also be irritated by spices. Check to see how much salt or sugar is in the beef jerky.

It is generally recommended that dogs eat plain beef jerky since it is high in protein. Depending on how busy your life is you can either make the Beef Jerky yourself or buy dog-friendly Beef Jerky.

What happens if a dog eats Beef Jerky?

Your dog may get food poisoning if the Beef Jerky contains spicy flavors ingredients like onion powder and garlic powder or a high amount of salt and sugar.

Your dogs mouth lips tongue throat and even eyes can be irritated by spicy flavors. Garlic and onion are both members of the allium vegetable family which are toxic to dogs. Dogs can become dehydrated and even suffer from salt poisoning if they consume too much salt. Additionally too much sugar in food or treats can lead to diabetes weight gain and other health problems.

You should feed your dog beef jerky in moderation if you plan on doing so.

Can Beef Jerky kill dogs?

Possibly. Beef Jerky can be harmful to dogs. It is a snack that is dangerous to dogs says the FDA. When choosing Beef Jerky for your dogs make sure its homemade or contains ingredients that are safe for them. We recommend a Beef Jerky treat that contains only two ingredients does not contain any toxic ingredients and is made in the USA.

How much Beef Jerky can a dog have?

Although dogs should not eat Beef Jerky if you must you should limit their intake to 1 ounce per day. Learn why below! If your dog weighs 33 pounds he should not consume more than 100 milligrams of sodium per day. There are more than five times the healthy sodium limit in one ounce of beef jerky. Consider giving your dog less than 1 ounce of beef jerky if you must feed him beef jerky.

Can a dog eat a Slim Jim?

In the same way as Beef Jerky you’ll want to check out Slim Jims ingredients before you feed it to your dog. Additionally you may want to consider making Slim Jim at home and feeding your pooch homemade Slim Jim. 

Dogs should not eat Slim Jim because it is highly processed and contains artificial additives that are bad for them.

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