Can Dogs Eat BBQ Chips

Can Dogs Eat BBQ Chips?

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
correct answerThe Short Answer is:

Dogs should never eat BBQ chips because they are extremely dangerous! BBQ chips can cause serious health problems or even death. Even if you think your dog might like them, don’t let them eat any.

The purpose of this article is to explain “Can Dogs Eat BBQ Chips?“.

Let’s be honest; it’s happened before. You were eating a bowl of your favorite BBQ chips and somehow your dog ate a few of them. How bad is it?

Can Dogs Eat BBQ Chips

That’s what we’re going to talk about. In the first place you must realize that your dog craves some of the same things that you do. If your dog were allowed to eat chips there is no surprise that he would want to do so.

Despite everything this isnot the time to panic. There might be a time to reevaluate your eating habits but do not panic. Its important to remember that your dog only ate a few chips.

We did not stop them from eating the whole bag or even half of it; only a few were eaten. It is unlikely that they could get into the entire bag unless they somehow gained access to it. If so theres a whole other issue about you not keeping items out of reach of your dog.

Are potato chips dangerous for dogs?

That question cannot be answered in a nutshell. You can let your dog eat a couple of chips without worrying about them. The main concern with chips is the salt content. Depending on the size of the bag your dog might have issues if he ate an entire bag of chips. Dogs are not capable of digesting salt in the same way that humans can. It all depends on how many chips the dog ate.

Are there any specific ingredients in BBQ chips that are dangerous?

There are many ingredients in a bag of BBQ chips. Have you ever looked at the ingredients in your bag of BBQ chips? If you have then you know that some ingredients have names so long that they are impossible to pronounce. Even if those ingredients are good for your dog you have to wonder if they are good for you. Nevertheless there are a few ingredients you should pay attention to. In order to understand what goes into a bag of BBQ chips lets first look at the typical ingredients.

This is the list of ingredients from Lay’s Potato Chips Barbecue Flavor:

Vegetable Oil (Sunflower Corn and/or Canola Oil) Barbecue Seasoning (Sugar Dextrose Salt Molasses Torula Yeast Onion Powder Spices Tomato Powder Paprika Natural Flavors Corn Starch Caramel Color Yeast Extract Paprika Extract Garlic Powder and Mustard Seed Oil)

Here are the ingredients in another popular snack called Kettle Brand Backyard Barbeque Potato Chips:

The following ingredients: Potatoes Safflower Sunflower and/or Canola Oils Organic Dried Cane Syrup Sugar Salt Maltodextrin Paprika Onion Powder Yeast Extract Tomato Powder Torula Yeast Garlic Powder Chili Pepper Natural Flavors (Including Smoked) Citric Acid.

How safe are these ingredients for dogs?

So lets just cut to the chase and say that for the most part they are not good for humans. What makes you think that dogs are going to like them?

Dogs are like humans when it comes down to them. While they can eat many of the same things as humans they can not eat everything.

In addition they cannot digest everything that you can. If you know something is bad for you chances are its also going to be bad for your dog.

Garlic powder and onion powder are what you need to worry about

Garlic and onions are both members of the allium family. Chives shallots leeks and scallions are also members of the allium family. Garlic and onions are bad for dogs because they contain high levels of thiosulphate. The compound thiosulphate makes the kidneys shut down if you havenot heard of it.

The following are some symptoms of allium poisoning:

  1. Vomiting
  2. Diarrhea
  3. Anorexia or a lack of appetite
  4. Lethargy/depression/depression
  5. Delirium/indecisiveness
  6. Damage to the brain
  7. Death or coma.

Dogs are extremely unlikely to die from this compound. In most cases dogs will develop another form of the disease before they die.

However one should always be aware of the symptoms of this disease. Its time to call your veterinarian if your dog develops any of these symptoms after eating an onion or garlic powder snack.

Stay calm and avoid thinking of the worst during this time. Getting worked up over it will make you sick if you think about it too much. You should keep your mind focused on getting your dog the help they desperately need while you panic a bit.

Can dogs eat chips that don’t have BBQ seasoning on them?

There is a difference between can and should. Are they able to? In a technical sense yes. Are dogs allowed to eat chips? Definitely not.

Salt fat and carbohydrates are abundant in potato chips. Chips are delicious but that is all they are good for. You are not going to get much nutrition from a couple of chips for your dog.

In the case of chips you do not want to give your dog the chance to try them.

Does a healthy chip exist that you can feed your dog?

No there is no answer to that question. Even a few unsalted chips would not hurt your dog if you have them. If you keep the chips to a minimum your dog will be fine. How often does your family eat salt-free chips? So you probably have chips that will do a number on your dogs kidneys and the rest of their body.

How can fat affect a dog’s diet?

Numerous studies have shown that obese or overweight dogs die younger than those who maintain healthy body weight. Humans are no exception. Generally speaking obesity is not good for a persons health. It isnot good for you or your dog to consume too much fat so be careful how much of it you consume.

There is a difference between having a fatty snack occasionally and eating a high-fat diet. When you feed your dog a high-fat diet you’re setting them up for all kinds of health problems down the road. You are contributing to the decline of your dog if you regularly give them high-fat foods such as potato chips. Its impossible to sugarcoat the situation; feeding your dog such a diet will result in their death.

The only exception could be.

It might be better for your dog to eat homemade chips rather than deep-fried ones. You’ll be able to control the salt and thats great but you’ll still have the carb problem. Its simply not healthy for dogs to eat chips. Its understandable that both you and your dog want a snack but chips are not the best choice for either of you.

Unsalted pretzels are a healthier alternative for you and your dog

Pretzels without salt are a good snack option for you and your dog if you want something you can both enjoy. As for unsalted pretzels they do not have the salt that chips do but they are high in carbohydrates. Although pretzels are not the healthiest alternative to chips for dogs they are usually better than chips.

Should puppies eat BBQ chips?

A puppys sensitivity to the ingredients in BBQ chips is even greater. A puppy can be seriously affected by onion and garlic powder. Adult dogs should not do these things and puppies should not either. Between the ages of one month and 12 months keep puppies away from onion and garlic powder. You should not let your puppy eat chips that contain these ingredients and BBQ flavor.

The danger of your puppy digesting something from the allium family is real and you must take it seriously. You should also be cautious about the sodium content of chips. Salt will cause all sorts of damage to their bodies and this damage can last into adulthood. You neednot worry if your puppy eats a few BBQ chips. You do not want your puppy to eat any chips but be extra cautious if the chips have onion or garlic powder on them.


Dogs should never eat BBQ chips because they are extremely dangerous! BBQ chips can cause serious health problems or even death. Even if you think your dog might like them do not let them eat any.

Your dog or puppy will not be harmed by a couple of chips. It is important to pay close attention to their health if they were able to consume the entire bag of BBQ chips. It is time to contact a vet if your dog shows symptoms of allium poisoning such as vomiting diarrhea bad breath blood in the stool pale gums and all three droopy eyelids. Your actions very may very well save your dogs life or at the very least prevent them from getting any sicker.

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