Can Dogs Eat Banana Chips

Can Dogs Eat Banana Chips?

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
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It is natural for dogs to eat banana chips since they have many health and nutritional benefits. Check the label of the banana chips you are purchasing to make sure they are not seasoned with extra salt, sugar, or other spices. Banana chips that are completely natural without any added ingredients are the best for your dog.

In this article you will know the answer to the query “Can Dogs Eat Banana Chips?“.

There is a new healthy snack known as banana chips which is usually made from dehydrated or fried banana pieces. These chips are sweet and healthy at the same time. Is it ok for dogs to eat banana chips with their owners if they are so healthy? The purpose of this article is to answer that question.

Can Dogs Eat Banana Chips

Can Dogs Eat Banana Chips?

It is natural for dogs to eat banana chips since they have many health and nutritional benefits. Check the label of the banana chips you are purchasing to make sure they are not seasoned with extra salt sugar or other spices.

Banana chips that are completely natural without any added ingredients are the best for your dog. Its also important that you consume them moderately. A small number of banana chips would not harm your dog.

When you give your dog too many banana chips or replace your dogs food with banana chips it can cause some harm. Among these effects are stomach upset digestive issues and loose stools.

It is a great treat for dogs to eat fruit; it is better than other dog treats available.

Health Benefits of Banana Chips for Dogs

Banana chips can provide your dog and yourself with a variety of health benefits. Here is more information about those benefits.

Great Potassium

Bananas are rich in potassium as you probably already know. Potassium improves brain and heart function helps muscles move and keeps nerves from malfunctioning.


For dogs and humans alike omega-3 fatty acids play a vital role in maintaining a healthy body function. A banana contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Several organs such as your nervous system your brain and even your eyes benefit from Omega 3s.

Omega 6 supplements target the cells in your body. By doing so you will keep them functioning properly. Dogs’ skin looks healthy and their coats look shiny when they have this. Omega-3 fatty acids are crucial to the diet of dogs. Most dog food brands include a source of omega-3 fatty acids.


Fiber plays a major role in the functioning of the body on a daily basis. It helps you stay regular which is crucial for dogs and humans alike. In addition to making your dog regular bananas can also be a cause of constipation. Therefore you should give him banana chips in moderation.


Minerals such as this are important for everyday health. Iron plays an important role in forming red blood cells which transport oxygen and other nutrients throughout your dogs body.


The metabolic function of your dog depends heavily on magnesium. The enzymes are activated by it and their job is to make the metabolism run.


The variety of vitamins found in bananas will make your dog healthier in the long run. In addition your dogs coat will be shiny and healthy. Your dogs skin will also appear healthier and more repaired. Vitamins may also help your dogs brain grow if hes a youngster.

Side Effects of Banana Chips for Dogs

It is a fact of life that everything has a side effect. You should not give your dog too many banana chips or ones from the grocery store with added ingredients as this can affect his health. Check out the list below for some adverse effects of banana chips on dogs.

Increase Sugar

Natural sugar also known as glucose is abundant in bananas. Additionally bananas contain sucrose and fructose which are both sugars. You can make banana chips in several ways; one is by dehydrating the banana and the most common way is by frying it.

The extra fat created from frying the banana pieces comes from the sugar. Some of these fats help your dogs body but when too much is consumed it can cause problems. It is possible for your dog to gain weight if he consumes too much sugar or fat.


Bananas contain a lot of fiber so if your dog eats too many you might have to take him out frequently to go potty. Your dog might also have particularly loose stools after eating bananas.

Dogs can also get diarrhea from eating banana chips due to the increased sugar content. The most common culprits are the fried or store-bought versions of banana chips but homemade versions can also trigger it.

How to Feed Banana Chips to Your Dog

You can offer your dog some banana chips in a few different ways. During training you can reward your dog for following your directions by showing praise. It is also possible to give your dog a small number of banana chips with its dog food.

Moderation is key here as you already know that too many of these treats can be harmful to your dog.

Keep an eye on your dog when introducing new food to see if there are any allergic reactions. The chances of your dog being allergic to banana chips are small if your dog does not exhibit excessive licking itching or weird behavior.

Banana Chips for Dogs Recipe

Banana chips are easy to make at home. Besides knowing what goes into them you also know what goes on them. Store-bought ones are sometimes fine but its best to make your own just to be on the safe side.

Homemade Banana Chips for Dogs

It only takes two to three bananas a parchment-lined baking sheet and a little time and patience to make this delicious snack.

  1. Adapt the oven temperature to 225 degrees. In the meantime you can line your baking sheet with parchment paper while it is being preheated.
  2. Slice the bananas into coins of the desired amount. On a baking sheet space the banana slices evenly apart.
  3. Bake the bananas for two hours in a preheated oven. When the banana chips become brownish they are done.
  4. Take the banana chips off the parchment and let them cool completely before eating.


My personal favorite snack is banana chips. I agree that banana chips are a great snack and I am glad to know that dogs can eat them without ill effects. You should consider making them yourself at home if you have the time. Share your dogs experience with banana chips and banana coins in the comments section.

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