Can Dogs Eat Asparagus

Can Dogs Eat Asparagus?

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
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Both yes and no are the answers to this question. Asparagus is very tough, as you may already know. The top half becomes very tender as it cooks. But the bottom stays hard to chew even after it becomes slightly softer. Asparagus tops can be eaten by dogs when they are cooked. You can cook the asparagus however you like until it becomes soft after you remove the woody bottom.

In this article you will know the answer to the query “Can Dogs Eat Asparagus?“.

As you are enjoying a fruit or vegetable snack you may notice your dogs two eyes staring at you. There is a reaction when your dog starts begging for a treat from the table but is giving your dog one safe? Dogs can eat asparagus but is it safe? Read on to learn mo

Can Dogs Eat Asparagus

Can Dogs Eat Asparagus?

Both yes and no are the answers to this question. The asparagus is very tough as you may already know. The top half becomes very tender as it cooks. But the bottom stays hard to chew even after it becomes slightly softer.

Asparagus tops can be eaten by dogs when they are cooked. You can cook the asparagus however you like until it becomes soft after you remove the woody bottom. A steamer instant pot or oven can all be used for this.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Asparagus?

Raw asparagus contains all of the essential minerals and nutrients. When it is cooked some of those nutrients are lost.

Even humans have difficulty eating raw asparagus. Raw asparagus is not recommended for dogs so if you do choose to give it to them do so at your own risk. Having such dense and fibrous ends can pose a threat as a choking hazard for your dog.

Cut the asparagus into very small pieces if you really want to give your dog raw asparagus; that way your dog will not choke on it.

Can Dogs Eat Home Grown Asparagus?

There is a slight difference between grocery store asparagus and homegrown asparagus. Deliveries of grocery store asparagus have been made at the perfect moment.

You may find it difficult to find groceries grown in your own backyard. It is possible to grow asparagus very quickly and if it is not picked at the right time it will start to flower and produce small red berries.

Dogs and even humans are poisoned by these little red berries. Once the asparagus has begun to bloom it isnot necessarily edible. Its best avoided. As long as you pick the asparagus when it is small you should not have any problems.

Can Dogs Eat White Asparagus?

Traditionally we eat green asparagus not white asparagus. There is only one difference: the growing method.

As a result it is completely safe to eat just like the traditional green asparagus. Once it is cooked it loses a lot of its white color.

How Healthy is Asparagus?

Various foods are available that dogs can safely enjoy; they do not have to only eat dog food. Including asparagus in your dogs regular diet can provide him with a lot of health benefits.


Fiber is abundant in asparagus. The asparagus contains two types of fiber one of which is soluble and the other insoluble. Insoluble fiber helps produce regular bowel movements by firming everything up. In addition to being a good source of good bacteria soluble fiber aids in colon health. Your colon produces good probiotics which boost your immune system throughout your entire body. Your dogs will also benefit from it as well.


A variety of vitamins are contained in asparagus including vitamins A C E K and B9. Each of these vitamins plays an important role in your dogs health. Your dog produces vitamin C on its own so it does not need to be supplemented with it.

  • Your dog needs vitamin A for its vision reproduction and overall immune health.
  • Your dog needs vitamin K to maintain healthy bones. Vitamin K also helps blood clot.
  • A dogs coat will become healthier if it gets vitamin E which fights free radicals and fights cancer.
  • Folate is a type of vitamin B9. Folate helps to grow cells create DNA and synthesize amino acids.


Providing your dog with an excellent source of nutrition minerals go hand in hand with vitamins. Your dog will receive potassium calcium iron copper and phosphorus from asparagus.

  • It is most commonly found in bananas but asparagus also contains potassium. Both bananas and asparagus are good sources of potassium.
  • Calcium aids in blood clotting which in turn helps a person build strong bones.
  • By supplying oxygen to the body iron helps the entire body including your dog.
  • Copper contributes to the formation of new red blood cells as well as forming collagen and connective tissues.
  • The role of phosphorus in bone and teeth formation is similar to that of calcium.


As a final benefit asparagus will provide some antioxidants for your dog. Polyphenols and flavonoids are the main antioxidants your dog gets as well.

  • Asparagus is a plant that comes from the ground so it contains polyphenols a powerful antioxidant.
  • The antioxidant flavonoids are a type of polyphenol. Free radicals will be reduced inside your dogs body as a result.

How Much Asparagus Can I Give my Dog?

While asparagus can be given to your dog when cooked and the stems have been cut off you should only give your dog small amounts. Veterinary experts recommend only 10% of your dogs food should be leafy green vegetables.

When you think about it 10% is not much so we’ll see how much asparagus your dog can even eat. Your dogs size will determine how much he can eat.

Small Dog Breeds – Only need 1-2 teaspoons a day of leafy vegetables

Medium Dog Breeds – Only need 3 teaspoons a day of leafy vegetables

Large Dog Breeds – Only need 1-2 tablespoons a day of leafy vegetables

Therefore as you can see dogs do not need very much so do not waste your time and effort cooking an entire bunch of asparagus when your dog can eat only a few pieces. The majority of the meal should be eaten unless of course you plan on eating it all.

How Should You Feed Your Dog Asparagus?

You can give asparagus to your dog in a few different ways. First you can just give your dog a small piece of the cut-up piece to see what they think. What does he think?

You can also introduce asparagus by adding a few small pieces to your dogs food or meal. Making homemade healthy dog treats with asparagus is also possible if you own a dehydrator.

I am sure you will find a way to introduce your dog to this delicious vegetable; if not perhaps you can use some of the examples above.


A dog can have asparagus in small amounts since its a very healthy vegetable. Make sure the asparagus is thoroughly cooked and the ends are trimmed. you should still cut off the hard ends of the asparagus and make sure that your dog does not choke on it if you allow it to be eaten raw.

As an added bonus you now know if dogs can eat asparagus and all the health benefits your dog will gain just from eating a small amount. You can add some asparagus pieces to your dogs food next time you enjoy asparagus with dinner

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