Can Dogs Eat Apricots

Can Dogs Eat Apricots?

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
correct answerThe Short Answer is:

As long as it is just the flesh of the Apricots and not the apricot seeds or stem, dogs can consume apricots in moderation. Minerals, vitamins, and flavonoids present in apricots make them beneficial for dogs. It is important to properly prepare sweet fruits before feeding them to your dog.

In this article you will know the answer to the query “Can Dogs Eat Apricots?“.

They sat nearby and gave me puppy eyes as I ate an Apricot this summer since they love sweet juicy fruits. Apricots are one type of drupe fruit. Thin delicate and velvety skins cover flesh that is juicy and dense and the seeds are enclosed in a central stone.    

Can Dogs Eat Apricots

Can dogs eat Apricots?

As long as it is just the flesh of the Apricots and not the apricot seeds or stem dogs can consume apricots in moderation. Minerals vitamins and flavonoids present in apricots make them beneficial for dogs. It is important to properly prepare sweet fruits before feeding them to your dog.

Can dogs have Apricots?

If they are eating the flesh of apricots dogs can consume them in moderation. Is the flesh of an Apricot safe for dogs to consume? A moderate amount of fresh Apricots are safe for dogs. I would like to discuss this fruit more in-depth and explain why this sweet tasty fruit is great for dogs and when they are not.

Are Apricots good for dogs?

You can provide your canine friends with several health benefits by preparing apricots properly. Apricots are small tiny fruits but they are full of the following nutrients beneficial to our furry friends: 

  • Vitamins.
  • Minerals.
  • Fiber.
  • Flavonoids.

In addition we strongly recommend that dogs consume 1 to 2 Apricots. Check out the nutritional profile of fresh whole apricot.

The nutritional profile of Apricot (1 Apricot)

Name UnitAmount
Calories cal17
Sugar g3
Sodium mg0
Carbohydrate g4
Total Fat g0
Cholesterol mg0
Protein g<1
Fiber g1

The skin and flesh of Apricots contain soluble fiber which promotes healthy digestion in dogs

Sweet Apricots are packed with soluble fiber both in their flesh and in their skin. Dogs benefit from soluble fiber because it helps to promote the healthy growth of good bacteria in the dogs gut and colon. 

You can help your pups digestion by giving him a small amount of Apricot. Additionally soluble fiber helps the dogs stool remain firm and formed by absorbing water. Thus your furry family member will have an easier time going to the bathroom. Feed your four-legged companions some Apricot slices if they have diarrhea.

Vitamin A C and E in Apricots promote a healthy immune system and overall well-being in dogs

The orange-yellow flesh of this fruit is very nutritious for our four-legged friends. The fruit is packed with vitamins A B C and E. 

  • The vitamin A in your dogs diet contributes to its good vision and healthy eyes. 
  • Apricots contain Vitamin C which is beneficial to dogs’ immune systems. 
  • In dogs vitamin E helps metabolize fats and is essential for ensuring a strong immune system a healthy heart coat and skin as well as strong muscles nerve cell membranes and a healthy liver.

Beta carotene in Apricots slows down the aging process in dogs

It should not be surprising that apricots contain a compound called beta carotene since they have an orange-red pigment. Dogs can benefit from beta carotenes antioxidant properties to prevent infection and disease. 

In addition it can slow down your furry friends aging process by preventing oxidative damage to the cells. When your canine friends consume fruit containing beta carotene such as apricots these nutrients turn into vitamin A in their bodies and dogs require vitamin A.

Are Apricots bad for dogs?

With all that healthy goodness Apricots can cause problems for dogs as well. Your K9 friends may consume too much sugar and fiber if they eat too many Apricots which can result in vomiting or diarrhea as well as other short-term and long-term health issues such as weight gain dental problems arthritis and even pancreatitis. 

Its important to maintain moderation in this situation. Your dog may get temporary diarrhea once in a while and then be fine after a few days. You should not overfeed your pup too many Apricots every day. 

Apricot pits or stones that contain the seeds can also be choking hazards for dogs. Making sure that the pits and stones are properly prepared is critical. Therefore if you are wondering “Can dogs eat apricot seeds?” the answer is no. Before feeding their dogs Apricot flesh owners should remove the pit or stone first. 

Octopus pits do not only pose a choking hazard but they can also block the intestines. Emergency surgery is often necessary in severe cases. 

Are apricot seeds poisonous to dogs? Are apricot seeds bad for dogs? Yes Apricot seeds are poisonous to dogs. The seeds contain a poisonous chemical called cyanide. Cyanide poison is released from the Apricot stones when dogs chew the stones accidentally. As a result your dogs body will absorb the poison and is at risk of several illnesses. 

You may be able to keep a medium to large dog but if you have a small Chihuahua dog they may be at higher risk. If you want to feed your pup Apricot make sure you remove the pit or stone first.         

Do apricots poison dogs? Apricot flesh is safe to eat by dogs and can provide tons of health benefits but the pits or stones of the Apricot plant as well as other parts of the Apricot plant are toxic to dogs because they contain cyanide and other chemicals that are harmful to them.  

Prunus plants such as plum plants nectarine plants peach plants and cherries plants are poisonous to dogs. However the flesh of the fruit is safe for dogs to consume. 

If you want to grow an Apricot tree make sure it is out of the reach of your dog. Keep your dogs from chewing on the leaves stems or stones of this Apricot tree by fencing it in. Ensure your pup isnot able to help itself to any fallen Apricots from the tree. It is important to remember that fruits like Apricots will ferment once they fall from the tree and this can cause dogs to become intoxicated. 

Be sure to consult your vet right away if your dog ate the whole fruit and in the meantime watch him or her closely for any negative reactions. Consult your vet if you think your dog should be examined since an entire Apricot fruit can cause intestinal blockage or bowel obstruction.

Can dogs eat dried Apricots?

Dried Apricots are safe for dogs to eat because they are usually destoned so they are safe for them to eat. What are the benefits of dried Apricots for dogs? In most cases yes dried apricots are good for dogs in moderation. 

However can there be situations when dried Apricots are bad for dogs? You may be wondering “Are dried Apricots bad for dogs?” the answer is yes there are cases when dried Apricots are bad for dogs. 

Therefore check that the dried apricots do not have any stones or pits in them. Because dried apricots are harder for dogs to chew be sure to cut them into small pieces before feeding them to your dogs. 

Moderation is key when it comes to dried apricots as they are just as sweet as fresh apricots. If you consume too many dried apricots you may consume too much sugar. 

There can also be sugar flavors and preservatives added to some dried apricots. You should not feed your dogs dried apricots if this is the case. Dogs can gain weight from too much sugar some flavors are toxic to dogs and preservatives keep apricots fresh but are harmful to their health.

You should not feed your four-legged friends dried apricots mixed with other dried fruits. The raisins currants and sultanas in many dried mixed fruits are toxic to dogs.

Can dogs have dried Apricots?

Dogs can definitely eat dried Apricots in moderation as we can see. Its important to remember however that you should not add sugar preservatives or flavors to them before feeding them to your dogs.

Can dogs eat Apricot jam?

Apricot jam is not toxic to dogs so they can consume it. There is usually a lot of sugar in Apricot jam so its not recommended for dogs. Check the sugar content of your apricot jam before giving it to your furry friends. 

Excessive consumption of sugar can cause weight gain dental issues diabetes hyperactivity and even pancreatitis. 

Apricot jam thats sugar-free can be even more toxic to dogs than regular Apricot jam since sugar is usually replaced with xylitol an extremely toxic compound.

Can dogs eat Apricot yogurt?

When eaten in moderation apricot yogurt is safe for dogs. Dogs should be fine with one or two spoonfuls of Apricot yogurt but no more than that if the Apricot yogurt is high in sugar. 

It is possible for Apricot yogurt to be mixed with other fruits that are not safe for dogs such as grapes so do not feed your dog Apricot yogurt if this is the case. 

Apricot yogurt may be delicious to us but it may not be the best for our furry friends. Fresh Apricot yogurt or naturally dried Apricot yogurt may be a better option.

Can dogs eat Apricots safely?

Be sure to prepare Apricots properly before feeding them to your canine friends. Remove the pits and stones from the apricots first and only give your pets the sweet flesh to eat. It is safe for dogs to eat a few slices of Apricot flesh every now and then. 

If you give your dog too many apricots he may suffer from health issues such as diabetes weight gain dental problems and pancreatitis.

So can dogs eat Apricots?

Apricots are safe for your furry friends to eat in moderation and you should only give them the flesh of this fruit. The pit or stone should be avoided by dogs at all costs as it can become a choking hazard and lodge in the intestines causing obstructions. 

The Health and safety of our dogs are our number one priority so we should be mindful of what we give our pups even if the fruit is deemed safe.

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