Can Dogs Eat Adobo Seasoning

Can Dogs Eat Adobo Seasoning?

Last Updated: August 18, 2023

In this article you will know the answer to the query “Can Dogs Eat Adobo Seasoning?“.

Is marinade seasoning safe to eat by dogs? Its no secret that dogs will eat just about anything you put in front of them. However many “human foods” are harmful to dogs.

However there are many dog-friendly treats available.

Can Dogs Eat Adobo Seasoning

Have you thought about adding adobo seasoning to your dogs food? Seasonings like adobo have been around for centuries; they have a rich history of making everything taste good.

Its no mistake that adobo seasoning is packed with minerals vitamins and fiber. In adobo seasoning your dog may benefit from the ingredients.

Who knows maybe your dog will become less of a picky eater when you add some seasoning to their food at lunchtime or dinner. 

The origin and meaning behind the word Adobo:

The cabinets of many American homes are adorned with Adobo seasoning.

On lazy-susan this piece is indeed stable.

The classic all-purpose seasoning has always been used to marinate meats or to finish any meal although it has taken its place next to salt and pepper.

Although there are many ways to make adobo seasoning the most popular ingredients are salt turmeric garlic powder oregano onion powder pepper cumin and bay leaves.

It seems like adobo seasoning has always been around. Lets find out how it got started!

 What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word Adobo?

It must be a Spanish word that comes from Spanish culture do not you think?

Well thats somewhat true. The word “adobo” is derived from the Spanish word adobe which means to marinate or pickle.

The Philippines is the origin of the ingredients for Adobo.

During the post-colonial period the word adobo was used by Spanish explorers to describe the preservation of raw meat.

During the Philippines’ rainy season it is hot and humid with abrupt showers. Therefore the meat will expire quickly especially in humid and hot weather.

To make their food last longer the Indigenous people needed something. Their method was to preserve the meat with vinegar and salt.

Adobo is a dish that is popular in the Philippines. Paprika oregano salt garlic vinegar paprika and oregano make up the marinating sauce.

The marinating method stretches from Asia to Central America and has influenced many dishes. 

What ingredients are found in Adobo seasoning:

Though dogs have a variety of different types of food and snacks to choose from you can still add a little bit more flavor to their lives.

Make your dogs food more flavorful and you’ll be amazed at how many health benefits they’ll receive.

Adobo seasoning contains many healthy and natural ingredients.

To determine if each component is beneficial or harmful lets examine each component individually.

Ingredients in Adobo that will improve your dog’s health: 

  • Dogs can benefit from Oregons antifungal properties. Dogs with open wounds may benefit from Oregon oil.  
  • Thyme is excellent for dogs; it can improve digestion soothe irritable bowel syndrome and expel parasites like hookworms. 

Ingredients that are not so great for dogs’ health: 

  • Dogs are poisoned by onion powder and onion plants containing 15-30 grams of onion powder.
  • In addition to causing health problems for dogs garlic is very harmful to them.
  • It is safe for dogs to consume cumin. The amount that would be safe for dogs to consume would not be beneficial as they would not get the health benefits.
  • For dogs with preexisting health conditions such as kidney disease liver disease or heart disease salt is not the best choice. Patients with these conditions must consume low sodium diets. In addition dogs who ingest raw salt will develop mouth sores and have digestive problems.
  • Dogs cannot tolerate black pepper; it upsets their stomach. However small amounts can be consumed by dogs.

Additional herbs that are beneficial to dogs:

  • This herb is anti-parasitic anti-diarrheal relieves nausea and relieves intestinal gas.
  • The health benefits of cinnamon include fighting heart disease controlling blood sugar and fighting cancer
  • Peppermint reduces irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) improves diarrhea and calms upset stomachs

What is the best way of making a picky eater eat?

Different foods are available for dogs that have different textures flavors and kibble sizes.

You’re contributing to their picky eating habits by introducing them to new types of food. Dogs are content with eating the same food for the rest of their lives.

Find an all-natural dog food brand that has all the vitamins and minerals your dog needs to be healthy each day; if you like you can add homemade seasoning to make it even tastier. Stick to one brand of food and you’ll have fewer picky eaters. 

It is well known that dogs have extremely sensitive noses but did you know that dogs can also taste spicy hot or flavored foods?

Dogs have 1700 taste buds on their tongues which may seem like a large number if you do not understand the anatomy of a dogs tongue.

Humans on the other hand have 9000 taste buds on their tongues.

A person or animal with more taste buds will be more sensitive.

Having fewer taste buds on a dog causes them to be less sensitive to flavors. Dogs may be able to taste certain types of food reluctantly.

Spicy food does not have a taste but is a reaction to spice heat. It is not possible for dogs to taste spiciness but they can be affected by heat.

Spicy foods can be very toxic to dogs and can cause digestive problems.

Other symptoms of eating spicy food include diarrhea stomach pain gas and excessive thirst if a dog consumes a large amount of hot food. 

You let your dog lick jalapenos for example.

As the dog licked its face a thousand times it would back away from the jalapeno.

Spices are toxic to dogs just as they are toxic to humans who are not accustomed to them. 

Interestingly dogs crave sweet foods just as much as humans.

Just as humans prefer certain foods over others dogs have their own preferences. Certain dogs prefer different types of taste over others.

There are dogs that like meaty snacks and there are dogs that enjoy sweet snacks. Dogs have different preferences. Additionally dogs do not like salt that much because they consume a lot of sodium from meat.

Some types of meat-related chemicals and sour or bitter-tasting foods are receptors on their bodies.

What are the primary ingredients in homemade dog-friendly seasoning?

Although it may seem like a great idea to give your dog adobo seasoning it probably isnot the best idea.

Additionally there are many kinds of herbs that are highly beneficial for your dogs diet.

You can make an Adobo seasoning for your canine friend using some of the natural herbs listed above.

As a result of the low amounts of harmful ingredients it does not harm your dog. But why take that risk when there are more affordable and healthier options?

Instead of adding seasoning to your dogs food make your own dog-friendly seasoning which is a lot more beneficial than adobo seasoning.

Crush up two teaspoons of rosemary basil dill dry parsley and oregano along with two teaspoons of each natural herb. Mix it all together.

Every day sprinkle the seasoning on your dogs food. When you do this every day you add an extra layer of protection to your dogs health and make their food taste even better.

In summary adobo seasoning has a rich and long history. Its the seasoning of choice for everything.

Because of its universal taste adobo seasoning adds nutritional value to any dish.

Adobo seasoning is loved by humans so maybe dogs can too.

Is it possible for a dog to love Adobo as well? 

A dogs taste buds are not that important is the honest response.

Because they can not taste anything they rely heavily on their sense of smell.

More than anything else dogs are attracted to texture crunchiness and moisture.

The dog is a creature of habit and is perfectly content to eat the same food for the rest of its life.

The dogs nose serves as a sensor to determine whether they actually like the food or not.

Dogs can eat Adobo so can they eat it?

Certainly. The best thing however is to make the homemade dog-friendly seasoning or purchase it instead of giving them adobo seasoning which contains small amounts of harmful ingredients like garlic salt and so on. 

Even though its a meager amount some ingredients in adobo seasoning are potentially harmful. The health benefits of dog-friendly herbs are twice as great and they’re all-natural.

Each dog has a different preference and every dog is different. Determine your dogs preference and stay consistent with it! 

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