Are Sweet Potatoes Good For Dogs With Liver Problems

Are Sweet Potatoes Good For Dogs With Liver Problems?

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
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Dogs with diarrhea or other stool problems may benefit from eating sweet potatoes because they are high in fiber. You can include them in a bland diet to help the dog recover. It is often recommended to serve it with chicken. In addition to sweet potatoes, there are other uses for them. You can use it on the dog’s coat, for example.

In this article you will know the answer to the query “Are Sweet Potatoes Good For Dogs With Liver Problems?“.

Dogs can develop problems with their livers more commonly than any other part of the body. 

Are Sweet Potatoes Good For Dogs With Liver Problems

Especially for older dogs this is true. 

Starting with the food the dog eats can contribute to the dog having a good quality of life.

Sweet potatoes can be extremely useful for dogs who have liver problems even though there is debate about whether or not they should be fed a raw diet entirely. 

The idea is to prevent further damage to the liver as well as to help it function better.

What are the main causes of liver disease in dogs? 

There are ten top causes listed on a veterinary website. Infections are two of the top three causes. Second are bacterial infections and third are viral infections. 

Poor nutrition is the leading cause however. 

If you feed your pet dog food or dog treats you may want to run the brand(s) by your vet or vet tech. There are some brands that are better than others and the price is not always a deciding factor.

A dogs diet should contain 65 percent or more animal protein. 

Despite being carnivores they are not obligate carnivores. A vegan diet isnot possible for dogs or cats. They would die. Its important to choose the right foods and proteins for your pet.

Apart from sweet potato what other foods can help dogs with liver disease?

Several are available and most are derived from plants. 

With the percentages noted above they can be included in a diet. 

Brown rice is one of the best choices. Several health benefits can be obtained from it.

Cholesterol is produced in the liver which is why humans have such a hard time metabolizing it. 

The same can be said for dogs. 

Brown rice oil lowers cholesterol production due to something in it. 

Seven percent of the numbers were lowered in a human study.

Boiling eggs can help with liver disease whether you believe it or not. 

Despite the fact that they contain choline and are animal protein they should be consumed in moderation. 

With a compromised liver it can be difficult to obtain enough of this B vitamin that is produced by the body.

Dogs suffering from liver disease are often recommended to eat white fish. 

Humans with the condition should avoid salmon but cod and haddock are both okay. 

As farmed fish are not naturally fed it would be better to get wild-caught fish.

Are there any foods that should never be fed to dogs with liver disease? 

You’re right there are. 

Its worth noting that one of them would be organ meat such as the liver. 

It is in some homemade dog foods for dogs with liver disease but it should be avoided.

Bacon is also included on this list of processed meats. It is true that very fatty foods are not good for dogs with liver problems. 

Its also bad to eat salt and bacon is particularly salty and fattening.

If you are looking for proteins for a dog you should also consider the amount of ammonia that is generated when the protein is broken down. 

It may be better to eat white fish chicken and some dairy products. 

Red meat particularly those that are high in fat should be avoided.

What is the best way of preparing sweet potatoes for dogs? 

Tubers can be prepared in a variety of ways but some methods destroy some of their nutritional value. 

The majority of people may want to serve them raw but that is not recommended. 

As an alternative they can be lightly steamed or boiled before being added to the dogs food. 

In addition they can be dehydrated and given to the dog as a treat. 

You can also use your oven if you do not have a dehydrator.

Spread them out on a rack and slice them thinly to dehydrate. 

Turn your oven on to about one hundred to one hundred fifty degrees if you are using it. 

Dehydration can also be helped by leaving the oven light on.

Are sweet potatoes good for dogs with Liver problems?

Dogs with diarrhea or other stool problems may benefit from eating sweet potatoes because they are high in fiber. 

You can include them in a bland diet to help the dog recover. 

It is often recommended to serve it with chicken. 

In addition to sweet potatoes there are other uses for them. 

You can use it on the dogs coat for example. 

It is possible to get a glossy shiny coat by eating sweet potatoes which contain omega-3 fatty acids. 

This may be a little more difficult to remove from the coat…

It has also been suggested that sweet potatoes can help diabetic dogs. 

Natural remedies can interfere with medical treatments so you need to coordinate this with your veterinarian. 

Sweet potatoes however are often used to treat this problem in humans.

There are a couple of other benefits to your pooch when he or she eats sweet potatoes according to studies published on PubMed the United States National Library of Medicine. 

A cancer-fighting property is one of them. 

It could prevent cancer when combined with a healthy diet.

Nearly as important is the second. 

There is an anti-inflammatory effect of sweet potatoes. 

Two benefits result from this. 

With a small amount of sweet potato in the diet arthritis in dogs may be relieved naturally.

Another benefit of anti-inflammatory foods is that they reduce the inflammation of internal organs. 

Many nasty life-threatening diseases can develop as a result of inflammation. There is a correlation between cardiac problems diabetes and other illnesses.

What is a safe homemade diet for a dog with liver disease?

You have to ask who you are asking. 

A dog with liver disease should not eat chicken liver which is on the list of things they should not consume. 

However there is general agreement that the diet should contain several key ingredients.

Protein is always going to be one of them. 

Most recipes call for boiled eggs especially yolks. 

Brown rice is also good for you though not instant. 

Cooked or dehydrated sweet potatoes are usually included. 

Proteins such as white fish chicken and turkey are usually recommended.

Lightly cooked ground beef is sometimes called for in recipes. 

You should also talk to your veterinarian about that as red meat produces more ammonia than chicken or white fish. Most dogs love hamburgers so they would not mind.

Can dogs with liver problems eat sweet potatoes? 

Each pet owner must decide this based on information and input from their veterinarian. 

Sweet potatoes are packed with nutrients and help the dogs body function better.

Veterinarians are not all in agreement with this approach. 

Its possible that some of them are concerned that the sweet potatoes will be served raw which wouldnot be the best idea. 

Occasionally dogs may have serious gastric problems when eating raw sweet potatoes or raw potatoes.

Depending on the specific type of liver disease and how advanced it is the amount and type of protein to provide the dog may differ. 

For mild liver problems avoiding red meat may not be as important whereas for advanced liver problems it may absolutely be necessary.

Animal protein cannot be omitted from a dogs diet since they are carnivores. The species is not an obligate carnivores so grains fruits and vegetables are fine for them. Usually the percentage will be less than 35 percent. 

Regardless of the severity of their liver problems dogs with liver problems should avoid two types of animal protein. They should not consume organ meat from other animals. 

Some online recipes suggest using chicken livers in this recipe.

Processed meat is another option. Theres no mention of canned dog food here but more of things like bacon sausages and hot dogs. 

As a result of the processing the liver must expel chemicals that it has to clear out making it work harder at a time when it should be recovering.

This disclaimer must accompany any article that discusses a food or herb that isnot just a food. 

If it has not been approved by them they prefer that you use this article for your information and to help with your decisions. According to them medical claims including those on PubMed do not count. 

Sweet potatoes for example can still be helpful.

Check with your veterinarian before choosing a diet for your dog. 

It is possible to find good dog food and ones that can cause problems. 

You can give your dog good homemade diets and ones that can be harmful. Your veterinarian or vet tech can guide you.

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