5 Small Quiet Dogs That Can Be Left Alone

5 Small Quiet Dogs That Can Be Left Alone

Last Updated: August 18, 2023

In this article you will know the answer to the query “5 Small Quiet Dogs That Can Be Left Alone“.

If I suggested a dog that could be left alone all day while the family goes to work or school I would be lying to you.

It simply isnot possible for a breed to endure this every day.

5 Small Quiet Dogs That Can Be Left Alone

There are but they’re called cats.

It is not good for dogs to be left alone for extended periods of time since they are social animals.

Its interesting to see how much advice varies between the U.K. versus the U.S.

Moreover this isnot just advice from any old dog website but advice from experts.

The Kennel Club is the U.K. leading authority on all things dog-related and they recommend that dogs should not be left alone for more than four hours at a time.  

A puppys and young dogs weight should be much less.

The advice from experts in the U.S. differs from that in other countries.

According to the American Kennel Club dogs should not be left alone for more than eight hours at a time. 

Now that we have established that lets examine issues pertaining to small breeds of dogs. 

Leaving Small Dogs Alone

Dogs have been bred as companion dogs throughout history – deep within their DNA and family history is a need and desire to be their owners’ canine soulmates.

They can exhibit destructive behaviors such as chewing or excessive barking when left alone which is a real challenge for them.

How To Leave a Dog Alone 

Dogs no matter how large or small can not be left alone and be quiet and thrive from the moment that they get home.

Leaving a dog alone requires patience on the part of the owner.

Preparation is needed for you your dog and your home.

It is crucial to start with very short periods of time and gradually build up too much longer periods of time (in addition to having a lot of patience).

Prepare your home for a dog to be left alone

If you want the dog to stay in your home you need to prepare it and secure the area.

You should not make it too small. It should be large enough to house a dog bed and provide some room for your dog to roam.

On the other hand a large area like access to your entire home would be too overwhelming. If you are going to be absent for a long time your dog might need food as well as constant access to water. 

You will also need to provide your dog with mental stimulation. Toys such as Kong toys filled with food or other chew toys can be used.

Leaving your dog with raw (or cooked) bones while you are away is not recommended. 

Prepare your dog to be alone

A dog should ideally eat before going on a walk so that it can go to the bathroom while you are walking.

To prepare your dog for your departure you should take them for a walk before you leave.

The length of a good walk depends on the dog- for some it will be a short twenty-minute walk while others might need an hour and a half. 

Prepare yourself to leave your dog alone

If you leave your house to go outside you should do so calmly and quietly.

Donot take it too seriously. 

Prepare the area where your dog will stay and make sure you have everything you need.

As you leave make sure that the dog is confined to the area after you say goodbye. 

After discussing some of the basics of leaving your dog alone lets look at some specific breeds of small and quiet dogs that are good for being left alone. 

1. Basenji

Hes one of the stars on my list.

Have you ever heard of them? With their long necks intense focus and pointy ears they have a very refined look. 

Large and small in size they are Basenjis! They stand around 40 cm high and can weigh up to 9 kilograms.

Basenjis are known as “barkless dogs” since they do not bark. 

It does not bark but yodles instead. 

Although they can be affectionate and playful towards their immediate family strangers can find them very shy and standoffish. 

If you leave Basenji alone you should give them a really good run of at least 30 minutes before you leave.

2. Boston Terriers

Can this dog do anything?

Cats love it and it does not shed much.

And unlike many other terriers Boston does not bark too much. 

In addition to their great personalities they are accustomed to city life.

Spending some time by yourself. 

The average height of these dogs is just over 40 cm and they weigh around 8 kg on average. 

3. Basset Hounds

Next we have a Basset Hound who likes some “me time” as well as being quiet and small.

Bassets are considered small based on their height (which is about 33 cm).

Dogs like these are not small when it comes to weight and length. Typically they weigh about 24 kg. 

When they get really spooked they use their deep loud bark sparingly.

The basset hound has a very distinct appearance. 

In all of the dog world they have one of the saddest looking faces.

They have droopy eyes and ears and short legs give them an appearance of forlornness.

Their true nature is calm playful and very loyal.

Because they are naturally a very lazy breed they do need a good walk before being left alone.

Instead of being an activity they love and adore walking is a way for them to lose weight.

When left alone they do better if they are with another dog. 

4. French Bulldogs

When they are with their family French Bulldogs can make lots of different sounds that will make you laugh!

Screaming snorting panting and farting are examples of these behaviors. 

The risk of a French Bulldog being stolen is one of the issues with leaving it at home alone.

Over the past few years the French Bulldog has been among the top three most popular dogs in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

The much money a popular dog can fetch makes it a target for thieves.

The third most popular dog stolen in 2017 was a Frenchie.

You will need to walk your French Bulldog for about twenty minutes before leaving it alone. 

When they’re young Frenchies stand 30 cm tall. But by the time they’re fully grown they’re muscular!

5. Miniature Bull Terrier

Last but not least I recommend a Miniature Bull Terrier which should not be taller than 35 cm and not weigh more than 16 kg.

For the most part these dogs have a calm and quiet manner.

Playing with them makes them incredibly energetic and they respond well to a short burst of energy. 

Like their bigger cousins they also have a stubborn streak if they havenot been trained or socialized properly. 

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