4 Dogs With Round Ears

4 Dogs With Round Ears

Last Updated: August 18, 2023

In this article you will know the answer to the query “4 Dogs With Round Ears“.

Only ten types of dog ears have been identified among the hundreds of different dog breeds. 

I would like to focus on one specific type today- round ears bat ears or blunt ears. 

4 Dogs With Round Ears

The name is believed to derive from bats’ giant ears that look out of proportion to their heads.

I will also talk about the four breeds of dogs I want to discuss today.

It is hard to find dog breeds that have truly round ears- they seem to be rare and hard to come by.

However each of the breeds on my list has ears that seem to be more appropriate on a dog breed with a larger head.

Despite their odd appearance they are not that different from the upright ears of wolves.

All domesticated dogs are descended from this animal.  

1. French Bulldog

AKC breed standards stipulate that Frenchies should only have round ears. 

Interesting enough when French Bulldogs were first shown the preferred style of the ear was the rose shape

Moreover their oversized ears give these dogs a very comical and adorable look. 

These dogs have a terrific personalities to go along with their great looks. 

There is an eagerness to please and just a desire to be at the center of everything. 

Children love them and they do not need much exercise

A male adult will be around 33 cm or 13 inches tall and weigh approximately 28 pounds or nearly 13 kilograms.

Therefore these dogs are incredibly popular.

A few years ago they ranked 11th but now they are ranked fourth in popularity.

In 2018 it was the most popular breed in the U.K. 

There are however quite a few health concerns with the breed. 

The French Bulldog has a very short nose which makes breathing difficult for them. 

2. Cardigan Welsh Corgi

My second Welsh Corgi is next.

Perhaps two thousand years old the Cardigan Corgi is the oldest of the two breeds. 

In terms of ears the Cardigan comes out on top.

Cardigans have larger and more rounded ears although they are both round!

Moreover a male Cardigan Welsh can weigh up to 34 lbs which is 8 lbs heavier than a Pembroke Welsh. 

Let me draw your attention to two more differences. 

A Cardigan has a tail while Pembrokes have their tails docked.

Lastly cardigans come in more colors such as brindle red and sable and blue merle. 

Red sable and tricolor are the colors of a Pembroke.

Let me now turn my attention to the Pembrokeshire Welsh Corgi

3. Pembrokeshire Welsh Corgi

The best thing about this specific breed is that it is Queen Elizabeth IIs favorite breed. 

The ears of both Corgi breeds are located on the sides of their heads rather than on top of the head as they are with French Bulldogs.

It was bred to herd cattle just like its Cardigan cousin.

Here is where it all comes together.

The short stature of Corgis allows them to avoid being accidentally kicked by the cattle they are herding because they are so low to the ground.

Corgis are naturally action-oriented and love to be where the action is. 

Having to control animals much larger than themselves they are incredibly determined to force their will on anyone who isnot strict enough with them or consistent enough with their training!

Corgis need to work or exercise and an under-stimulated and under-exercised dog will bark quite a bit and chew things up around the house.

Our next stop is Mickey Mouse a small superhero of sorts.

4. Maltese Papillon mix

There is really only one choice if you want perfectly round ears.

Goma a Maltese Papillon mix with perfectly round ears was an online sensation two years ago.

In addition to being perfectly round the ears are a different color from the rest of the body. 

As Goma wears novelty ears it appears that he bought them from a fancy dress shop. 

Known as Mickey Mouse because of her round ears this dog appears to be a bit of an oddity.

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