7 Dogs With Long Bodies and Long Legs

7 Dogs With Long Bodies and Long Legs

Last Updated: August 18, 2023

In this article you will know the answer to the query “7 Dogs With Long Bodies and Long Legs“.

Have you been trying to find the perfect dog for yourself or are you just fascinated by those dogs that have long legs and long bodies?

I have chosen seven different breeds some of whom are very similar to Greyhounds.

7 Dogs With Long Bodies and Long Legs

Prior to describing the breeds in my selection I wanted to clarify whether long legs and long bodies actually serve any purpose or whether they are simply about how each breed looks.

Is beauty more than just a surface quality?

I will discuss in my next section why some dog breeds place such a high value on length. 

Why do dogs have long legs and long bodies? 

Many reasons exist for why any dog breed would have long legs and a long slim body.

One of the most obvious reasons is so the dog can run fast- which is why the legs are needed.

Based on my research into the breeds on my list I also believe that long legs are helpful for running up hills and jumping.

The majority of my list is made up of sighthounds that were originally bred for pursuing both large and small prey over rough terrain.

Dogs must be able to maintain speed as they encounter rocks craters inclines declines and vegetation in rough terrain like deserts.

They are able to chase their prey for miles at a time in extreme temperatures because of their long slim bodies.

Lastly the combination of long legs and long bodies would give these dogs a physical presence that could intimidate prey and the physical strength to kill large prey such as deer or antelope.

Lets get back to the point and take a look at my first breed in my list of seven dogs with long bodies and long legs.

Our first dog is the Scottish Deerhound.

1. Scottish Deerhound

The Scottish Deerhound or simply a Deerhound is a dog with a long body and long legs.

Several people believe it resembles a Greyhound but I believe it is very similar to an Irish Wolfhound.

However what is immediately obvious from looking at a deerhound is that it has very long legs perched on top of a long thin body. 

Deerhounds may not outrun greyhounds on a flat surface but incline the terrain and they’ll soon leave their smaller cousins in the dust!

Since they were bred to hunt deer it makes sense…

 They can weigh up to 110 lbs or 50 kgs as an adult male deerhound and have a shoulder height of about 81 cm or 32 inches.

The entire body is covered in a long wiry coat which can be colored in a variety of ways.

It is preferred to have dark blue and gray hair but sandy and red coats are also desirable.

Dogs like these are hard to live with not just because of their size but also because they need a lot of exercises.

This breed might be the breed for you if you enjoy a canine challenge as much as you enjoy physical challenges.

2. Ibizan Hound

Ibiza Hound or Beezer for short is our next long-legged long body contestant. 

According to legend the shape of its ears and head is similar to some depicted in Egyptian hieroglyphics making it one of the oldest dog breeds. 

As well as looking at those long legs and well-honed body your eyes are drawn to those upright ears and angular head. 

That look in their eyes- they seem to be hanging on your every word. 

Another breed was bred to hunt over rough terrain but the prey is rabbits not deer.

This is why the Beezer is only 66 cm or 26 inches tall and weighs up to 22.5 kg or 50 lbs. 

The Ibizan Hound is available in many color combinations as long as they are only red and white.

Exercise is a must for this breed. Its unique feature is that it can jump over five feet high from a standing start.

Ideally suited to large gardens with high fences. 

3. Azawakh

Azawakhs are as beautiful and elegant as Afghan Hounds in my opinion.

This dog has a wonderful balance and symmetry to it.

All parts of the body are long including the legs neck and tail. 

Muscles and bones are so clearly defined that it is a classic example of athleticism. 

Breeders developed this breed for hunting hare or antelope and for guarding livestock in the Southern Sahara desert where it stands up to 60 cm or 29 inches tall and weigh up to 25 kgs or 55 lbs. 

Theres more to it than meets the eye.”””

As a running companion Azawakhs are excellent. In the event of inclement weather they’re excellent at the fetch. 

However these dogs do not do well when left alone- they prefer to be with their “family” pack. 

4. Xoloitzcuintle

If my last choice was elegant and beautiful my next choice tops the list for exotic. 

The Mexican breed Xoloitzcuintli is a breed that even experienced owners can’t spell!

The Xolo (pronounced “show-low”) can also be called that.

Its unique looks made it onto my list more than its proportions that can be clearly described as long-legged and long-bodied.

On the other hand it does not score too poorly there either but that may be because it does not have any hair covering its body!

There are three sizes of the Xolo: standard miniature and toy.

Up to 54cm or 23 inches high the standard size weighs up to 55lbs or 25 kgs. 

Additionally it comes in two varieties- hairless and coated although the hairless variety might have hair on its head foot and tail tip. 

These dogs are thought to be the Ancient Aztec dogs of the Gods dating back perhaps three thousand years.

Since the Xolo is such a calm and tranquil breed it will need lots of exercises- around one hour a day.

Go Xolo if you want an out-of-the-box dog that even your veterinarian can not identify!

5. Whippet

Instead of the more logical Greyhound I have chosen to highlight the Whippet.

The reason I chose the Greyhound is that it is a more well-known breed and I wanted to find out more about it.

As a cheaper alternative to Greyhounds and racehorses whippets were created by cash-strapped miners in the North of England in the nineteenth century.

In essence they are miniature Greyhounds.

The average male adult stands 55 cm or 22 inches tall and weighs about 17 kgs or 38 lbs.

Whippets like Greyhounds need short periods of intense exercise mixed with lots of reclining around.   

Whippets have an unusual quality in that they do not bark very much.

Hence if you live in an apartment are a part-time sprinter looking for a dog with long legs and a muscular body a Whippet might be the perfect match!

6. Saluki

Along with their long legs and bodies Salukis have long slender ears.

When combined with their large eyes these dogs have a way of melting your heart!

In comparison to other breeds on this list a Saluki is more like a dancer- that can travel at speeds beyond 30 mph. 

Despite being 71 cm or 28 inches tall a male might only weigh 65 pounds or 29.5 kilograms.

One interesting feature of the breed is how short the females are in comparison to the males.

Salukis are another ancient dog whose origins can be traced back to Ancient Egypt. 

Their ancestors bred them to hunt gazelle so they possess speed and endurance.

Salukis can jump over fences of 5 feet with ease like the Iberian Hound.

Walking every day would not satisfy their “exercise itch.” These dogs need a couple of good running sessions each week.  

7. Sloughi

In the harsh North African desert Sloughi dogs hunt everything from hares to wild pigs. 

It is easy to understand why this dog is called the “Arabian Greyhound” because they are so similar in size and shape.

With a height of 73 cm or 29 inches and a weight of 32 kgs or 70 lbs perhaps the only difference is the color of the coat. 

The colors of Sloughis coats can range from cream to red fawn – which is the perfect camouflage for a desert lifestyle!

Like most of the other breeds in this list their exercise needs are similar in that while they can play lazy at home as long as the space is enclosed they need regular opportunities to stretch their legs!

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