10 Dog Breeds With White Patches On Their Chests

10 Dog Breeds With White Patches On Their Chests

Last Updated: August 18, 2023

In this article you will know the answer to the query “10 Dog Breeds With White Patches On Their Chests“.

Would you like your dog to have a flash of white on its chest?

The white looks great against the darker surrounding hair do not you think?

10 Dog Breeds With White Patches On Their Chests

My post today highlights nine dog breeds that are more likely to have white patches on their chests than other breeds.

In the meantime let me explain how the hair on a dogs coat is colored.

Likewise how and why white hair isnot colored. 

What causes white patches on a dog’s chest?

Dogs have white hair because they have no pigment.

Dogs have two pigments responsible for their coat colors: black and red. 

A coats pattern is determined by individual genes that determine whether it is black red or both.

Currently scientists do not fully understand how the gene responsible for white hair works. 

Dogs with white patches or blazes on their chests are called white trim or residual white. 

Despite the fact that no genetic basis exists for it some breeds are more likely to have a white patch on their chest.

1. Border Collie

Known for its agility the border collie is a gorgeous thick-coated breed with a beautiful thick coat. Sheepdogs were originally bred to herd cattle which makes them very popular in Scotland. 

Border collies often have a white collar on their chest that flows up to their neck. Border collies have a soft long coat that is very full. Generally border collies are black or brown with large white patches. Border collies can be blonde but they are rare.

Despite their use as herding dogs border collies are also popular in dog sports and shows because of their agility and intelligence. 

The border collie needs a lot of exercises and is perfect for families. 

It is not a small dog and will need plenty of room to grow and run as an adult border collie can reach heights of 19-22in(48-56cm) and weigh up to 30-45lbs(14-20kg). 

2. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Staffies are much more robust dogs than border collies and their coats are very short. Black brown and tan are the most common colors for Staffie coats. The chest of some Staffies is sometimes patched with white. Small white patches are often found on staffies either on their chests or under their necks. 

They are actually called Staffordshire Bull Terriers which gives a better idea of their type. Staffies are a mix of bulldogs and terriers giving them their short and stocky appearance. 

Playing and running are their favorite activities! Even though Staffies are relatively energetic they are sensitive to heat and should not play too hard on hot summer days.  

Typically an adult male will grow to be 14-16 inches(36-41 cm) tall and weigh 28-37 pounds(13-17 kg); these companion dogs are great for families and love to play with children. 

3. Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese mountain dogs are large fluffy and used to working. Black brown and white layers cover their long thick coat. The breed is recognizable by its white chest patch. Sometimes the white runs all the way up to the face covering the chest completely. 

Bernese mountain dogs need daily exercise but they are actually mellower than other breeds. Breeds such as these are well known for their loyalty obedience and grooming needs. It is necessary to maintain the thick coats of the Bernese because they shed. 

Bernese mountain dogs grow to be 25-28in(64-70cm) tall with a weight between 84-110lbs(38-50kg). They do not like living in small areas. Although they may have calm temperaments Bernese mountain dogs are still working dogs and need space to run and grow!  

4. Cane Corso

The Cane Corso is a large Italian mastiff. This breed is often used by law enforcement or as a splendid guard dog. With his muscular body and fine coat the Cane Corso has a command over his strength and guards with his stare which is why he is called majestic by the AKC. 

They actually need to run and play in order to keep their muscle tone – these dogs pack quite a bit of power. In spite of their intimidating appearance they are very good companion dogs and loyal to their owners. 

Black coats are most common on Cane Corsos but white and brown marbling can also be seen. There is a striking patch of white in the center of some Cane Corsos’ chests usually across the shoulders in a T-shaped pattern. 

An adult male Cane Corso can reach a height of 24 to 28 inches (62-70 cm) and weigh 99 to 110 pounds(45 to 50 kilograms).  

5. Bloodhound

You can not help but love those droopy faces! Bloodhounds are known for their excellent sense of smell. With their keen noses they have helped track animals – and humans – for centuries. Police still use bloodhounds today to track criminals.

These dogs are also known for their time spent with royalty so its no wonder they are mild-mannered calm and patient. Also good around children and pets bloodhounds are great companions.

Despite being calm they have a streak of independence and will follow whichever scent they like.

Usually black and brown or red bloodhounds have short coats that are rough to touch. White patches occasionally appear on their chests in the lower part usually round in shape. 

The height and weight of an adult male bloodhound are 25-27 inches (64-69 cm) and 90-110 pounds (41-50 kg). 

6. Neopolitan Mastiff

The face is droopy but the body is floppier! There is a dignified loyal guard dog beneath the rolls of the Neopolitan Mastiff. It is always a good idea to be wary of strangers and protective of those they care about. 

No matter how loyal they may be this breed is quite stubborn while being trained. 

Play is one of the favorite activities of a Neopolitan Mastiff but too much activity is bad for his body. Due to the weight of their bodies their joints and bones can be damaged. At age 3 or 4 they are usually very laid-back adults who require little exercise. 

Black or tan shades dominate the short rough coat which is easily maintained. A beautiful white crest may occasionally appear on the chest of these majestic guards. These white patches often highlight the strong bone structure from shoulders to necks.

In their large size they are measured by 25-30″ (63-77cm) and weigh 130-150 lbs (60-70kg).

7. Boxer

German in origin Boxers are very energetic and lively dogs. Boxers have a strong muscular structure which makes them great guard or family dogs. Boxers are full of energy and love to play so they may runoff for a chase if they’re not supervised. 

In spite of their love of playing and need for physical exercise Boxers cannot tolerate the heat. If a boxer goes outside to play he should have plenty of water and shade.

Almost always they have a large white patch on their chest on top of their very short and coarse coat. It is the white in the Boxers’ coat that fills their chests and flows into their faces making them look like adorable characters with lots of personalities. They often have white paws as well almost like little booties. 

Males can grow to a height of 22-25in(57-63cm) and weigh 60-71lbs(27-32kg). 

8. Azawakh

Azawakhs are very thin and small in comparison to some of the other breeds we discussed. This lanky animal hails from West Africa where it was originally a hunting dog. Azawakhs now serve as camp guards or pets. 

Sport is a big part of their lives and they will want plenty of exercises to stay fit. Due to its desert roots the Azawakh can not stand the cold and should not be taken out in the snow. 

The color of their coats is usually tan to red with a white patch on their chest and their coats are extremely short and fine. The Azawakhs chest and neckline are usually covered in white. Sometimes Azawakhs are completely white! 

Adult male Azawakhs measure between 25-29 inches (63-73 cm) in length and weigh between 44-55 pounds (20-25 kg). 

9. Redbone Coonhound

In the Southern United States the Redbone Coonhound has been bred as a hunting dog since the 19th century. These hounds specialize in tracking small game and intimidating large animals. 

A Redbone Coonhound is extremely loyal to its owner and only wants to please them. The barking may tire you but it is only out of love – and they may have seen a squirrel for you to catch. 

While you would not be taking them hunting they will still need plenty of exercise and playtime to burn off their energy. 

Southerly wolves often grow a red coat which makes them perfect hunters. Redbone Coonhounds have short smooth coats accented by patches of white sometimes on the chest. They often have a white patch under their belly or very faint patches across their shoulders and neck. 

Redbone Coonhounds grow to be 22-27in(56-68cm) and 50-70lbs(23-32kg) as adults.

10. Vizsla

While you may not be familiar with the breed you have probably seen a Vizslas sweet stare before. Dogs like these are affectionate and gentle and they just love people and want to be cuddled. They rarely want to be alone. 

Additionally they are extremely energetic! A Hungarian hunting dog the Vizsla is passionate about running and needs to go out every day. It might be necessary to get a dog runner for this one if you are not already exercising every day! 

A beautiful rust-red color appears on their short thin coats. The white patches that do appear on their chests are often very small and very central. Their patches almost appear as if they highlight their hearts! 

Vizslas grow to be roughly 22-25 inches tall (56-64 cm) and weigh 44-64 lbs (20-29 kg). 

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