9 Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed or Drool

9 Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed or Drool

Last Updated: August 18, 2023

In this article you will know the answer to the query “9 Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed Or Drool“.

Despite the many benefits of owning a dog there are some serious downsides as well.

Among the biggest disadvantages of owning a dog the mess created by dog hair is often mentioned by dog owners in surveys. 

9 Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed or Drool

Golden Retriever owners know what it is like to fight a losing battle with dog hair!

Cleaning up after dog drool must be worse than cleaning up hair.

I can at least dog brush my trousers if I can. 

You would have to change your wardrobe to cope with dog drool!

There are nine breeds of dogs that do not shed or drool that I have compiled.

Lets start with the teeniest of breeds. 


The Maltese could be the perfect dog if you are tired of cleaning drooling spots and dog hair off your clothes.

Maltese dogs have lovely long hair and are cute little companions. Although adults tend to grow only to an average height of 9 inches (25 cm) and weigh only about six pounds (3 kilograms) they provide enough vigor to keep up with bigger dogs! 

Though named after the island of Malta the dogs origins are more likely to be Italian (although some even claim that the dog is Asian!).

Typically Maltese dogs are pure white but you may see a light tan or lemon color around the ears in some rare cases. Maltese dogs do not have fur; their coats are made up of only single hairs so malting is minimal. 

The Maltese may be energetic and playful but they are also loving and affectionate. They are an ideal furry companion because of these characteristics.

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu literally means Little Lion but this adorable little dog is most certainly a lover not a fighter. Donot expect a guard dog from this cute little dog!

Shih Tzus have enjoyed being cuddly companions since Ancient times. A Shih Tzu makes a fun family pet as well due to their remarkable ability to read human emotions despite not being the most obedient of dogs.

In addition to black and white Shih Tzus the breed is also available in red and white gray and white and gray and black. Fans of the breed are particularly drawn to Shih Tzus with white-tipped tails and white blazes on their heads. The Shih Tzu has a coat made of hair and not fur which means that it sheds very little.

With a height of 9-10 inches and a weight of 9-16 pounds the Shih Tzu might be the right pet for apartment dwellers and first-time pet owners.

Brussels Griffon

If you get the right kind of dog you can have a loyal curious and alert companion that does not require too much cleaning. 

The Brussels Griffons human-like eyes make it a favorite for good reason. Generally Griffs are available in four colors: red black beige and black and tan. You can also choose a smooth coat or a rough coat however unlike a rough coat a smooth coat sheds hair.

Although the Brussels Griffon can grow to be 9-11 inches (230 – 280cm) tall and weighs between 5-15 lbs (4-5 kg) the dog still manages to pack a lot of personality and character for a small dog. 

There is nothing quite like the Griff. In old folk songs this dog was often referred to as the bearded dog because of its distinctive black muzzle and whiskers. 

Griffonia dogs are also very intelligent and can be trained easily in addition to being very sociable. Griffons love affectionate owners as they dislike being left alone for long periods of time.

Portuguese Water Dog

For those seeking a low-maintenance dog this is another great option. These dogs locally called Cao de Agua (dog of the water) in Portugal at one point in time served on fishing boats in the Atlantic retrieving lost gear and herding fish into nets. As a result of their webbed feet waterdogs are excellent swimmers.  

Bo Obama the former first dog of the USA is todays best example of the Portuguese Waterdog.  

The Portuguese Waterdog reaches a height of about 19 inches (50 cm) and weighs about 60 pounds (27 kg). There are two types of coat for Portuguese: curly and wavy. Black white brown or brown with white are the colors of Porties coat. Because he is considered a hypoallergenic dog by many he sheds very little.

A Portuguese Water Dog is a brilliant companion thanks to its calm temperament and incredible intelligence. Parties are good for active families living near bodies of water since they love to swim. Although parties are very energetic dogs they tend to be very well-behaved and obedient at home. 

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

The Soft Wheaten Dog is an easy-going and fun-loving terrier that makes a wonderful family pet or first-time pet. These dogs also make excellent therapy dogs.

Despite the fact that the dog does not malt its fur requires a lot of grooming. It is also known that Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers can be somewhat disobedient this list but they tend to be much more obedient than other types of terriers. Walking and playing for a few minutes a day will be sufficient for them to exhaust themselves. 

Adult wheaten tend to grow to about 17-19 inches (43 – 48 cm) tall and can weigh up to 40 pounds (18 kilograms). From pale beige to gold Wheatens come in pretty much any shade. 

Since the wheaten originates from Ireland they were often used as farm dogs making them a very versatile breed that is suited to both city and rural environments. You will always be welcomed by them at the door as they have huge personalities. 


Originating in the Congo where they were used to catch small game and control pests in villages these dogs are excellent hunting dogs. Due to their reluctance to bark or growl they are known locally as barkless dogs. Additionally they are intelligent and good-natured making them excellent additions to your family or home! 

There is no doubt that Basenjis make great apartment pets and can even be great dogs for first-time pet parents as they are very clean and rarely drool. As a result of their short fine hair the Basenji does not shed much compared to other dogs. Nevertheless they are very energetic so you should be able to keep up with them and take them for plenty of walks. 

The Basenji can grow up to 17 inches (43cm) tall and weigh 24 pounds (10kg.) The dogs coat is short and can be chestnut red black tricolor (black and chestnut) or brindle and have white feet and chest.

Bouvier Des Flandres

Bouvier Des Flandres translates roughly as Cowherd of Flanders. In addition to being courageous and strong-willed this working dog is also gentle and affectionate. The impressive build of these dogs enables them to handle pretty much any farmyard task you can throw at them. However they are also intelligent and charming at times. 

It can stand 24 inches (60 cm) tall and weigh up to 110 lbs (49 kg). Its coat can be fawn brindle black grey or blonde. Bouviers do not shed much but they do require a lot of grooming to keep their coats neat and clean.

Bouviers are farm dogs who originated from Flanders a principality that included parts of modern-day France Belgium and the Netherlands. They were used as herders watchdogs and cart pullers. They proved to be very effective farm dogs. Despite the devastation of Europe the breed was saved from extinction by European ex-pats who had relocated to the United States during World Wars 1 and 2. Bouviers are often seen today working as police K-9 units and guide dogs for the blind.

Standard Schnauzer

Originally Schnauzers were bred as German farm dogs ratters and guard dogs. Having said that the Standard Schnauzer is a very versatile dog and an excellent companion. 

Even though they are highly intelligent Schnauzers are perhaps best suited to experienced dog owners because of their territorial and stubborn nature. It is true that Schnauzers can be cheeky at times but they are very intelligent and make excellent therapy dogs. Schnauzers are also excellent family dogs because they are good with children. The bottom line is that if you give them an inch they will take a mile so keep your eye on the prize! 

Schnauzers are medium-sized dogs that can reach a height of 1 foot 8 inches (50cm) and weigh up to 50lbs (22kg). Schnauzers display a high level of self-confidence. They are sports-loving dogs who are very athletic. Due to their smaller size Schnauzers make excellent rescue dogs as they are able to reach places that larger dogs cannot.

Schnauzers proved to be so intelligent and useful (not to mention handsome!) that they inspired the Miniature Schnauzer and the Giant Schnauzer to try to duplicate the success in different sizes.

Schnauzers have a stiff coat which does not shed much and they come in pepper and salt or pure black colors. Additionally they emit no noticeable odors. 

Chinese Crested Dog

Despite their Chinese name these dogs are not believed to originate in China. In fact they’re also found in South America!

Chinese Cresteds are both hairless and powderpuff varieties and both require a high level of maintenance. Hairless and powderpuff Chinse Cresteds are both considered low shedders but not truly hypoallergenic. These birds can reach a height of about 13 inches (33 cm) and weigh about 12 pounds (5 kg).  

Because Chinese Crested Dogs lack body hair they can give off a lot of heat making them a perfect companion for cuddling. Despite this hairless Crested dogs do require additional protection against extreme temperatures as their skin is sensitive to both heat and cold.  

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