Do French Bulldogs Shed Like Pugs

Do French Bulldogs Shed Like Pugs?

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
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Even though Frenchies shed less than Pugs and most other dog breeds, you will still have hair all over your clothes and furniture. As a result, you can control shedding through good grooming and a healthy diet. When you notice your Frenchie shedding more than usual, it’s usually a sign that something else is wrong.

In this article you will know the answer to the query “Do French Bulldogs Shed Like Pugs?“.

Theres nothing better than a dog. They make you fall in love with them the instant you see their eyes. You are thinking of getting another dog but you can not decide between Pugs and French Bulldogs. Maybe you should get the one that sheds the least?

Do French Bulldogs Shed Like Pugs

According to this study pugs tend to shed more than other breeds and require regular brushing. It would not matter what you do you’ll have doggy hair on your clothes carpet and bedding. The purpose of this article is to offer tips on how to deal with shedding Frenchies.

What Colour Of French Bulldog Sheds Least

Various colors of Frenchies can be found such as fawns pieds brindles and rare blue/greys. The cute little eyes and tiny feet of each of them have made us fall in love with them. After all what is not to love?

Perhaps shedding. Frenchies shed a lot even though they have short hair. Sometimes they shed an insane amount. This raises the question of whether there is a type of French Bulldog that sheds less?

Forums report that black and dark brindle Frenchies tend to shed less than their cream or light fawn counterparts. In fact the color of a dogs coat can impact how it feels. The reason is unknown however.

French Bulldog Shedding Solution

It is common for dogs to shed. The Frenchies who shed less than other dog breeds will still leave you with plenty of excess hair to deal with. When your puppy matures you will see less hair on your clothes and furniture because puppies shed more than grown dogs.

Grooming and diet are the keys to dealing with excess hair. By brushing Milo daily you can remove most of the hair before it reaches your furniture. You and your dog can also bond during this time especially if you use a high-quality grooming brush. Its like going to the spa if you do it right and who does not love a little pampering?

Moreover brushing your poochs coat on a regular basis makes it softer and cleaner. Supplements can also be added to your pups diet (no humans do not need those). Taking fatty acid supplements will keep your dogs hair healthy which reduces shedding.

You can always get your fur kids a coat if you have tried all this and are still getting exasperated with cleaning hair off clothing and furniture. Weather permitting of course. We would not recommend it for a dog who lives in the tropics since it could overheat. The cool thing about the coat is that it catches most of the hair before it gets on your furniture. The jacket can then be washed. It could not be easier!

The best vacuum cleaner is also a worthwhile investment for any pet owner. The vacuum gets rid of all hair no matter where it comes from. Honestly.

French Bulldogs Shedding More Than Usual

There may be times when your French Bulldog sheds more hair than usual even getting bald patches. This could be frightening so its important to pay attention.

Allergies are often to blame for this. Most of our fur kids do not sneeze when they’re allergic unlike humans. They itch or lose their hair when they’re allergic. Be mindful of what your pup eats and where he spends his time. Have you noticed any changes? Perhaps they’re allergic to the new dog food you got or the air is filled with more pollen than they’re used to.

The Frenchie has a lot of folds in its skin more than most other dog breeds. Acute moist dermatitis also known as hot spots can occur in the summer. In this case your dog will be scratching like crazy since the condition is at best highly irritating and at worst excruciating.

A frequent bath could also cause Milos skin to develop chronic dryness. Now we are not suggesting you do not bathe your pup. You should definitely do so and pay extra attention to those cute little skin folds and tiny feet. However do so in moderation. Consult your veterinarian if you’re unsure of how often to bathe your pup or which products to use. Depending on your situation and your pups general state they can recommend the best frequency. In addition your vet should be able to recommend products that are gentle on your pets skin and hair.

You may notice that your pet has lost hair due to dandruff – we’ll discuss that in a later section.

Finally excessive shedding and bald spots can be caused by mites. Hair follicles are burrowed by these critters causing them to shed. Moreover they are incredibly irritating which means your pup is likely to scratch as if it was possessed. 

When Do French Bulldogs Shed?

A dog sheds its coat to get rid of damaged old and extra hair. To protect themselves against the cold they grow more hair in the winter. When spring comes around they are no longer in need of all that extra hair so they shed it. Its similar to when we remove our warm coats in the summer. The process is known as coat blowing. The process isnot as messy as when a dog has a double coat.

As well when winter comes along they shed all that extra hair for their winter coat so they have more room to grow. Frenchies tend to shed at the change of seasons to prepare their coats for whatever weather conditions they will encounter.

As a result of having a single coat instead of a double coat like most other dog breeds Frenchies tend to shed less than other dog breeds. Isnot that great?

Dogs with double coats have two layers of fur: an undercoat and a topcoat. In cold climates the undercoat is usually very thick and protects the dog against the cold. On the other hand the topcoat serves to protect the paint from the environment. This includes moisture snow shrubs and so forth. Since Frenchies were bred as companion dogs not working dogs they are meant to live indoors. Therefore they do not need all that extra protection against the elements hence the single coat.

French Bulldog Shedding And Dandruff

Excessive shedding can be caused by dandruff in French bulldogs.

Causes of Dandruff

There are many possible causes of dandruff in French bulldogs and nearly all of them point to other underlying conditions. Since you need to determine the underlying cause of dandruff before you can treat it treating it can be difficult. Among the most common causes of dandruff are allergies skin infections immune-mediated diseases and endocrine disorders. Thats a lot to think about!

Chompers vet will know what to do if he has dandruff that just would not go away so take him in for a check-up if he has it.


Since we know what causes dandruff in Frenchies we have to figure out how to treat it do not we? The good news is that this condition can usually be managed with the right tools in your toolkit and if the underlying condition isnot too serious. 

The first thing you should do is brush your teeth daily. As your pups coat is distributed with natural oils brushing stimulates blood circulation to the skin. Additionally the increased blood supply encourages your pup to produce more oil which keeps his skin healthy and his fur shining.

And then theres the diet. A balanced healthy diet is important for Frenchies just like they are for their human parents. It is tempting to go to the discount store and buy the cheapest pet food in bulk. This is not a good idea. This can lead to allergic reactions and skin conditions. Cheap pet foods are not nutritionally balanced so your pup may not be getting the vitamins minerals and other nutrients he needs. Your pups overall health is affected in the long run due to this. 

Instead choose a reputable brand that pays attention to what they put in their dog food. Simply pay attention to whats inside – you do not have to splurge on premium brands. Ask your veterinarian for recommendations if you’re not sure what to choose.

Check out the shampoo you’re using next. Our skin is far more sensitive than that of the French. To moisturize their skin use a soothing anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner preferably with oatmeal and chamomile.

To hydrate your pups skin you could also use essential oils like coconut grape seed and neem. Rub a small amount of this on those itchy dry spots to relieve the itching and dryness.

Your vet should be consulted if your pup has dandruff since it could indicate some underlying medical issue. If you do not succeed in treating your dog at home your dog may need some serious medical attention from a vet.


Even though Frenchies shed less than Pugs and most other dog breeds you will still have hair all over your clothes and furniture. As a result you can control shedding through good grooming and a healthy diet. When you notice your Frenchie shedding more than usual its usually a sign that something else is wrong. Be sure to see your veterinarian as soon as possible.

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