7 Black Dogs With White Chests

7 Black Dogs With White Chests

Last Updated: August 18, 2023

In this article you will know the answer to the query “7 Black Dogs With White Chests“.

Black dogs are strangely fascinating quite impressive and sometimes even threatening.

It is so elegant when black dogs have white chests. The dog dressed up for the occasion as though it were a special occasion.

7 Black Dogs With White Chests

Many people are looking for dogs with this type of coat so in this article we’ll look at seven breeds that have this feature in common so you can find the dog of your dreams.

Why do Black Dogs have White Chests?

All it takes is a few genes to determine how the pigment spreads in a dogs skin and coat.

Pigment in a dogs hair determines the color of its coat. The white patches are actually hairs that have no pigment as the white patches are basically hair without pigment.

Puppies inherited one set of genes from both of their parents so they will probably look like one of them or the genes might get mixed resulting in very odd-looking dogs.

The difference between the parents is odd. 

Black coats with white patches on the chest are known as Irish spots. A dog with this coat type has white patches along the dogs edges if we may use that term. 

These are the tip of the tail and the muzzle as well as the area above the paws and the chest.  A trim is also called this pattern. 

The white patch on the chest of some dogs can look like a tie or it can be only a small spot just above the breastbone. 

Since no gene has yet been identified that determines how pigment spreads in a dogs coat its impossible to say why this occurs.

Its true that the pigment in dogs with this Irish spotting is concentrated in the hairs covering the body where the vital organs are located. 

A piebald dog has mostly white hair with only the head back and root of the tail colored. 

7 Small Black Dogs with White Chest:

Its clear that in some breeds this pattern is more common even if we do not know which gene determines the dogs trim. Lets take a closer look at each of these breeds.

Border Collie

Border Collie Dog BreedThere are two types of double coats for Border Collies and both types of coats are considered acceptable by the breeds standards.

Smooth coats are short and rough to the touch whereas rough coats are medium-sized and feathered. 

Border Collies are characterized mostly by their black and white color and Irish spotting pattern.

The tricolor Collies can also appear in black with a bit of tan in their coat or in other colors including red merle blue and lilac.

Border Collies with a single color are extremely rare but can be found occasionally. 

In terms of maintenance they are not very demanding.

One or two good brushings a week should be enough except during shedding season when its recommended that you brush your dog every day if you want to keep your carpets and couches looking nice.

Their intelligence and energy make them great pets. The breed was bred for herding sheep and still misses its working days when they were able to hold flocks together simply by staring at them. Its not uncommon for your dog to star at you or try to drive the whole family away like a sheep.  

Patterdale Terrier

Patterdale Terrier Dog BreedBlack Fell Terriers are also known as the Black Fell Terrier which gives you an idea about their coat.

There are some Patterdale Terriers with a red chocolate or liver coat but most are black. Usually these dogs have only one color of the coat.

The presence of a white chest or at least one white spot on the chest of a puppy may indicate cross-breeding with a Jack Russell Terrier. 

Patterdale Terriers have three coat types: smooth broken and rough. The rough coat is characterized by longer hair on all of their bodies.

They are small terriers that rarely weigh more than 13 pounds and originated in England but are more popular today in the US. The Terriers require a lot of physical activity and are very playful. This is the kind of dog that will gladly accompany you on your runs. He should have no problem keeping up with you!

Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier Dog BreedBoston Terriers are sometimes referred to as American Gentlemen and they look like gentlemen indeed with their black coats and white chests as well as white socks. Boston Terriers usually have a black coat but they can also have brindle or seal coats. Despite his coat appearing black it has a reddish cast in intense sunlight.

It is fine to brush Boston Terriers once a week since they have a short coat and shed only lightly.

Although they were developed from Bulldogs and bred to be fighting dogs they are very affectionate as dogs and quite gentle.

It was back in the 19th century but they have long since lost all aggressiveness. There would not be much of a problem. Despite their small size they barely reach 12 inches in height. Despite this they can be a bit stubborn and can get into mischief. 

French Bulldog

French Bulldog Dog BreedMany colors of Frenchies are available mainly light colors. Breed standard colors are brindle white cream fawn and combinations thereof based on the American Kennel Club.

In spite of this black French Bulldogs are widespread whether they have a white chest or not. So how does owning a black French Bulldog affect you? Not much probably.

Who cares if your dog does not have a standard coat if you are not entering him in a competition? You would not have to brush your dog more than once a week since they have short hair and shed little.

It is estimated that French Bulldogs of all colors are the second most popular pet in the UK and the fourth most popular in the US.

Their playful nature and attachment to their owners make them great companion dogs. Thats why they’re referred to as clown dogs.


Chihuahua Dog BreedA Chihuahua is more than just a purse dog.

Mexican dogs descend from pre-Columbian ancestors.

The reason they have such a high opinion of themselves and sometimes try to take on much larger dogs may have to do with this. They can also bark ferociously at them.

Besides white fawn cream chocolate and black Chihuahuas come in every color imaginable.

Occasionally you will find Chihuahuas in solid black colors but many have the characteristic Irish spotting and white patch on the chest.

The patch could hardly be called a large white patch since its on such a small dog as this 6 – 10 inches tall.

A dog of this type may have a short or long coat. The longer-haired dogs shed less so they do not need as much grooming as you might think. 


Labrador Dog BreedAccording to AKC standards a Labrador should be either black yellow or chocolate brown. Laborers are mostly solid-colored so having a variety of colors The white tie makes them even more desirable. Their coats are short and dense making them water-resistant. 

Labradors tend to be curious by nature and eager to follow scents wherever they lead but they are also known for their even temperament. Additionally they are friendly and love people.

The Labrador has these traits which make him a good therapy dog and guide dog.

The problem is that they are rather friendly towards strangers so they’re not suited to guarding. 

Cocker Spaniels

Cocker Spaniels Dog BreedCocker Spaniels are some of the most beautiful dogs one can find. It is because of their round round eyes lush ears and flowing coat that people love them.

Cocker Spaniels have a coat that can be black brown or red with white or tan markings.

You’d be very lucky to find a black Cocker Spaniel with a white chest since they tend to come mostly in solid colors.

Keeping a wavy coat tangle-free requires daily brushing and you may need a professional to trim it from time to time. 

Spaniels weigh between 20 and 30 pounds making them the smallest among sporting dogs.

As companion dogs these dogs are easy to train eager to please and so much fun to have around. 


Genetics is responsible for the classy appearance of black dogs with white patches on their chests. Irish spotting is a pattern characterized by white paws a white chest and a white tip of the tail. Patterdale Terriers are one breed in which it can be uncommon. It should not stop you from getting such an elegant dog even if the collar is sometimes against breed standards!

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