9 Spotted Terrier Breeds

9 Spotted Terrier Breeds

Last Updated: August 18, 2023

In this article you will get to know all details about “9 Spotted Terrier Breeds“.

There will never be a dull moment when you have a playful Terrier companion by your side. 

In general terriers can be described as large dogs with small bodies which means that they tend to have huge personalities and lots of self-confidence. 

9 Spotted Terrier Breeds

You have a choice of 31 recognized breeds of terriers according to the AKC.

If you want a spotted terrier what do you do?

Can you tell me how much more limited your choices are?

As you can see I have listed nine terrier breeds with spots in this list. 

Here are some interesting facts about these adorable dog breeds so you can make an informed decision. 

There are many UK-derived terrier breeds that you will see. 

In centuries past they were specially bred to hunt down and kill rats and mice. 

There are also breeds that can handle larger animals like foxes ducks badgers and rabbits. Above or below ground they can hunt in any environment.

9 Spotted Terrier Breeds

In this article you will learn:

  1. Bull Terrier
  2. Miniature Bull Terrier
  3. Parson Russell Terrier
  4. Russell Terrier
  5. American Staffordshire Terrier
  6. American Hairless Terrier
  7. Rat Terrier
  8. Smooth Fox Terrier
  9. Wire Fox Terrier

Bull Terrier

Among all the dogs in “Dogdom” the Bull Terrier is one of the funniest and most mischievous. 

Charming and affectionate sometimes stubborn but always loyal they make great pets. 

Known as “eggheads” these pets are energetic strong companions who love affection and exercise.

Terriers with big bones and powerful movements are called Bull Terriers. 

A Bull Terrier has an egg-shaped head pointed ears and small triangular eyes that sparkle with humor. 

Their spots however are a different story. 

There are black spots on the nose and eyes of White Bull Terriers. White markings may be present on the head or body of colored Bull Terriers.

There are two types of coats they can come with along with their spots.

Including an attractive brindle striping white and any other color. White markings or solid colors are both acceptable.

Strength and balance are hallmarks of a well-bred Bull Terrier. 

Bull Terriers need four ingredients to be happy: early socialization with dogs and people firm but loving training plenty of exercises and quality time spent with their people. 

It is important for your companion to meet these requirements if you want him or her to be loyal affectionate and entertaining. “Personality breeds” at their best.

Miniature Bull Terrier

Is the size and weight of Bull Terriers putting you off the idea of owning one?

Would a miniature Bull Terrier be a good choice?

In many ways they resemble their larger cousins.

Spots do appear on them.

A black nose could almost be described as a spot on white Minis with black spots over their eyes.

It is also possible for a fawn and white dog to have a darker spot around its eyes or on its face. 

Similar to Bull Terriers Miniature Bull Terriers have thin shiny fine and glossy coats. 

Dogs like these are playful mischievous and bursting with terrier fire. 

In dogdom the Mini is known as the clown prince. As cute as a toddler or a class clown the Miniature Bull Terrier is full of mischief.

The body is square and the head is egg-shaped. 

In addition to being active and fearless these tiny muscular terriers can be entertaining as well. 

The more high-jinxes your Miniature Bull Terrier puppy has the worse it will be for him. 

It is impossible to find a more entertaining companion than him. By socializing him early and training him patiently he will become the best version of himself.

Parson Russell Terrier

Lastly I bring you two very similar breeds – the Parson Russell Terrier and Russell Terrier.

It is difficult to tell the difference between the two breeds.

Perhaps the Parson Russell Terrier is just slightly taller and heavier than the Russell Terrier.

However there are only a few differences between them. 

There is no doubt that Parson Russell Terriers are strong and intelligent dogs. 

While they can run with horses they can also dig into foxes’ dens to flush them out. A PRT is an independent problem-solver who is capable of coming up with their own solutions. 

When in peak condition Parson Russell Terriers stand 12- 15 inches high at the shoulder and weigh 13-17 pounds. 

The animals are covered with two smooth or broken coats and they can be found in a variety of colors. 

The coats of these animals are coarse and they sometimes have beards on their faces. 

The Parson Russell Terrier has brown and black spots over its head as well as a large spot on its body in some cases.

This dog must be able to get plenty of exercises since it is an active breed. 

It is the best thing in the world for them to be free of the leash and to smell something new as they walk in the park. 

It is generally considered to be a healthy breed the Parson Russell Terrier. 

In order to avoid genetic eye issues it is recommended to buy a puppy that has been tested for eyes.

Russell Terrier

For foxhunting the “Sporting Parson” Englands “Sporting Terrier” developed the cheerful Russell Terrier. 

Even though the adorable Russell Terrier looks like a toy it is a hardworking and eager working dog. 

Small rectangular bodies measuring 10-12 inches at the shoulders these cheeky playful little fellows pack a lot of personalities. 

Its distinctive characteristics include almond-shaped pupils dark eyes and V-shaped ears. 

A dogs coat is primarily white but it may be marked with tan dark or both types of markings. 

Despite their independence and confidence Russells walk with a natural fluid gait.

A broken coat refers to a mixture of rough and smooth coats or a combination of both. 

When compared to a smooth-coat dog a dog with a broken coat may have longer hair on its face or tail. 

In terms of spots what do they have?

There are large brown spots covering the eyes and ears of the Russell Terrier.

American Staffordshire Terrier

Known as AmStaffs American Staffordshire Terriers are intelligent confident and good-natured dogs. 

It is legendary how courageous they are. 

An American Staffordshire terrier that has been well trained and socialized will always be loyal and trustworthy. 

The American Staffordshire terrier is muscular and tall at 17 to 19 inches at the shoulder. 

There is a well-defined jawline and cheekbones on the head and the head is large. 

They have dark round eyes that stand out from the rest of their heads.

Which spots do they occupy?

It is common for American Staffordshire Terriers to have tan or black spots over their heads and bodies.

A dog of this breed can be any color which includes solid colors and patterns such as patches and partial coloring. 

A member of the AmStaff has a very thin glossy coat. 

Its springy gait reflects the breeds confidence and its movements are graceful and agile. 

Staff members describe their dogs as alert and curious about their surroundings. Additionally they love being ‘personality dogs’ and can do anything. 

Mental and physical challenges are enjoyable to American Staffordshire terriers. A number of their forays into the showbiz industry demonstrate their high level of training.

American Hairless Terrier

It is a small dog with no hair called the American Hairless Terrier.

In spite of its baldness it is friendly and eager to please. 

There are hairless dogs without fur that have colored skin with sable piebald or brindle markings. 

Spots may be found on their noses ears stomachs backs legs and other parts of their bodies. 

Approximately 12 to 16 inches of shoulder height are required for the American Hairless Terrier. There is a weight range between 10 and 16 pounds for them. 

It is possible however for some AHTs to be smaller or larger than the standard or average breed.

Although American hairless Terriers may be small their personalities are anything but. 

They tend to be very energetic and will tell you if something is going on in their heads (or if someone is at the door). 

The animals do not do well when left on their own for an extended period of time. 

AHTs require their owners’ attention and validation. 

Because of this they are excellent pets for large families or urban dwellers who are active.

Rat Terrier

Teddy Roosevelt coined the Rat Terrier breed which is a small tough dog that originated in America. 

A playful mobile and happy companion the Rat Terrier comes in two sizes. 

Despite their compact size Rat Terriers are strong and elegant. 

A miniature stands 10 to 13 inches tall at the shoulders while a standard stands 13 to 18 inches tall.

A variety of pied patterns are available for this shiny smooth coat. 

It is possible for Rat Terriers to have brown and black spots over their heads and large black spots on their bodies. 

During long work days these exterminators have smooth muscles that enable them to move efficiently. 

You can make the clever Rat Terrier an important member of your family with the right training socialization and some forgiving of “bad” habits. 

The Rat Terrier has survived his time as a less well-known breed by being bred by professionals and enthusiasts.

Smooth Fox Terrier

In the world of terriers the Smooth Fox Terrier is known as a gentleman. 

Originally developed for British traditional hunting the terrier is friendly lively and gregarious. Their ancestry is closely related to that of Wire Fox Terriers. 

Compared to their crispy-coated cousins Smooths are only 15.5 inches tall at the shoulders. The head is the most distinctive physical characteristic aside from the coat type.

Compared to a Wire a Smooths head is more V-shaped. 

It is possible for Smooth Fox Terriers to have black or brown spots on their heads and bodies.

Strong and sturdy these hunters do not look bulky or clunky. Pendulum clocks move with the same unfailing grace as short-backed symmetrical clocks.

Wire Fox Terrier

In traditional British foxhunts the Wire was a staple. 

As a companion and show dog it is an amusing companion. 

There are 16-18 pounds of coiled energy in the Wire Fox Terrier. 

The round dark eyes of this strong symmetrical hunter shine in its short rounded back. There is a rough and wiry texture to the predominant white coat. 

In order to emphasize the distinctive expression of the face the ears are neatly folded back. 

It is possible for Wire Fox Terriers to have tan black or black and tan spots on their heads and bodies.

Wires are the perfect pet for people who are looking for a friendly upbeat companion with a lot of personality. 

As terriers they have the ability to display independence and prey drive. 

Their intelligence and friendliness make them a good choice. 

Although training can be challenging it is not impossible. 

It is no surprise that wires make great athletes and are natural comedians. 

Additionally they make charming housemates.

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