7 Amazing 20lb Dog Breeds

7 Amazing 20lb Dog Breeds

Last Updated: August 18, 2023

In this article you will know the answer to the query “7 Amazing 20lb Dog Breeds?“.

They are pint-sized pillowy pets with all the personality of a big dog but they are easily accessible. 

Some owners need a smaller breed – whether they live in a small apartment in a big city or just want a small canine companion they can hold easily. While we love dogs of all shapes sizes and temperaments for some its just what they need.

7 Amazing 20lb Dog Breeds

A small dog has many advantages – not only are they easier to transport but their size makes cleaning and grooming a lot easier and their food consumption is much lower than larger breeds.

The smaller the dog the less fuss – but just as much love loyalty and affection. 

Check out these seven amazing 20lb dog breeds. 


A Beagle is one of the most iconic dog breeds and these small merry fellows are wonderful with children and other pets alike because they weigh between 20 and 30 pounds.

With a clever instinct and a renowned sense of smell the beagle exhibits a dutiful healthy posture and curious demeanor as a result of its long history as a hare hunter.

In addition to socializing they enjoy exercising out and about during the day with friends. 

When Queen Elizabeth I used to hunt she carried one of these small dogs in her handbag.

From there as the namesake of Charles Darwins ship they would gain heroic associations with Britains adventurous spirit becoming one of the most popular breeds in the Americas.

His beagles would scurry around the lawn of the White House during Lyndon B. Johnsons presidency.

The tricolor coats of these dogs which come in black white and tan/brown require brushing once a week. 


Standard Dachshunds weigh between 16 and 32 pounds.

It is affectionately known as the wiener dog due to its short legs and long body and ranks 12th in popularity in the United States.

Although it has a small stature and a charmingly silly nickname this curious breed has a large personality and a bark that will outcompete larger breeds.

As a result of its intelligence and vigilance it makes an excellent watchdog. 

Despite its difficult history we know that dachshunds were primarily used to hunt badgers – hence their name – dachshund means “badger dog” in German. 

Their devotion to their owners made them popular pets among famous people of all walks of life including presidents Grover Cleveland and John F. Kennedy as well as artists and media moguls such as Andy Warhol and William Randolph Hurst – although Kennedy’s dachshund Dunker never left Germany because Kennedy was allergic to it!

Even though they are small and have short legs they require enough exercise to stay in shape.

Walking your dog twice a day is recommended by the AKC.

The level of grooming varies based on the type of coat dachshunds have – they have diverse coats with varying lengths thicknesses textures and colors. 

Shetland Sheepdog

Her long double coat sticks out like a balloon when its rubbed against a piece of woolen cloth; the Sheltie weighs between 15 and 25 pounds. 

Scotlands northern isles with craggy cliffs and bracing weather were the birthplace of the Shetland sheepdog.

In spite of its harsh origins this breed is one of the friendliest most loyal and most affectionate breeds – and its also endearingly cute. 

Although their name suggests their purpose these energetic adaptable dogs are great city pets if they get moderate exercise. 

A weekly brush is required to maintain their flowing coat which sheds profusely. They come in a variety of colors. Traditionally there are three colors: black white and tan as well as black and white.

In contrast color modification genes have led to coats with blue white and tan colors as well as sable merle coats with piercing pale blue eyes. 

Having a happy temperament makes them excellent therapy dogs and they are great with children. In case it wasnot obvious from my unreserved praise I just adore the Sheltie among these breeds.

Shiba Inu

Originally from Japan the Shiba Inu weighs between 17 and 23 pounds depending on gender and is a compact proud looking small to medium dog.

As a matter of fact it is the most popular breed in the sunrise kingdom. 

Known for their alertness confidence and adaptability the Shiba Inu is a relatively recent addition to the United States arriving just 60 years ago but it is now cherished worldwide – not least because of the enduring internet meme ‘doge’ that spread around online spaces in 2013 when a picture of a Shiba was pictured with concern.

Shibas shed heavily so owners should brush or comb their dogs during periods of heavy shedding in order to prevent hair buildup.

There is no discomfort associated with infrequent brushing since the coat does not mat.

However other than that the shiba is described as taking great care to maintain its coat and appearance and licking its paws in a fastidious feline manner.  

As far as exercise and temperament go Shibas are energetic – they love walking and are loyal and vigilant toward their owners.

Shiba Inus are attentive adorable pets that go beyond memes. 

German Spitz

A second German breed makes this list – the German spitz weighing between 15-25lbs. 

The word ‘Spitz’ comes from the German word for pointed and you will surely notice its pointed ears thick double coat and bushy tail. The breeds dense wool-like undercoat is no doubt adapted for the various Nordic adventures of its bristling heritage one of the oldest dog breeds in Europe. 

They are believed to be descendants of larger spitz dogs bred by the Vikings according to the UK Kennel Club. In the end however they would become fine companion dogs after years of herding and guard. In addition the breed is often confused with the Pomeranian one of its ancestors.

A small nimble mobile fellow requires moderate exercise and owners will appreciate that indoor exercise is sufficient as long as its frequent enough – up to an hour daily. The breed is very energetic and if bored can be yappy or frustrated. It is recommended that owners brush daily when heavy shedding begins. 

Scottish Terrier

Our list concludes with two terrific terrier breeds – the Scottish terrier and the Shetland sheepdog both of which have their roots in the craggy terrain of Scotland. 

An excellent watchdog weighing between 19-22lbs for a male and 18-21lbs for a female this wonderfully confident breed is considered to have an independent character compared to the other breeds on this list.

The terrier was originally bred to hunt mice and rodents hence its native French name – terrier ‘earth dog’. Nevertheless they spread across the continent and beyond due to their popularity. In all corners of the globe they serve as faithful dignified companions to their owners.

Their centuries-old hunters instincts manifest in a suspicious personality which can cause difficulties with other dogs and the breed requires frequent grooming and exercise. Their timeless appearance and intelligent spirited nature make this wonderful Scottish companion a wonderful addition to any adventurous home.

Boston Terrier

Throughout this list we have seen dog breeds from around the world but for our final pick we’re heading back stateside to meet an animated American companion. 

There is a weight range of 12-25 lbs for Boston terriers but their friendly demeanor and two-tone coat remain the same no matter how big or small they are. 

‘American Gentlemen’ has all the cheer of other terrier breeds but with fewer grooming requirements – it has a small smooth and only slightly shedding black and white coat that needs very little maintenance.

Dogs require different levels of exercise but owners should make an effort to allow their friendly companions to go for daily walks and play whenever possible. 

The Boston terrier packs a lot of personality into a small package and owners should be aware that the breed can become frustrated without enough attention. When you pay attention to this breed your efforts will only yield greater happier rewards. 

They have a temperament that is best described as refined – the breed is more relaxed around other dogs than other excitable terriers. A true American gentleman this breed is easy to train fantastically sociable and adaptable to life in the city and beyond. 

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