How Much Do Pit Bulls Sleep?

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It is important for new pit bull owners to know that almost all dog breeds spend the majority of their day sleeping or resting. On a typical day pit bulls may sleep half the time and rest the other half. Yes. These dogs are capable of sleeping 12 hours and resting for 6 hours.

In this research you will know the answer to the query “How Much Do Pit Bulls Sleep?“.

You probably realized that your pit bull is not like other pets when you had one in your home. A pet can be a lot more than you imagined.

In addition to the fact that you have chosen an amazing loyal and very loving companion in a pit bull you are also amazing in choosing a pit bull as your pet.

There is a type of dog that is one of the most misunderstood among breeds of dogs

It is not uncommon for people to fear pit bulls because they are agile energetic and powerful dogs. This fear may have been preconceived due to the breeds agility and energy.

Occasionally pit bulls are involved in attacks resulting in a bad reputation for the breed.

Changing that misconception could be quite challenging. Pit bulls however are very adaptable.

When they are placed in the right hands they can be the most loyal and affectionate dogs. This can be achieved through proper training.

If you do not know the innate characteristics of your pitbull can you train it?

A better relationship with your pitbull can be achieved if you know what the animals needs are. 

Knowing its sleeping patterns is one of them.

How Much Do pit bulls Sleep Per Day?

It is important for new pit bull owners to know that almost all dog breeds spend the majority of their day sleeping or resting.

If you know this information you should not be concerned that your pit bull might be suffering from something more severe. On a typical day pit bulls may sleep half the time and rest the other half. Yes. These dogs are capable of sleeping 12 hours and resting 6 hours.

If your dog cannot participate in any activities these hours may even be extended. The whole day may be spent sleeping and resting if you lock your pitbull up in an empty room.

How Much Sleep Do Pitbull Puppies Need Per Day?

Puppies should sleep more just like humans which is beneficial to their growth and development. Pitbull puppies may spend a total of 18 – 20 hours of sleep.

At one point during the day a pit bull puppy may be quite active but the next minute it may be curled up in the corner. It is perfectly normal for the puppy to do this and you should not disturb it.

Your new pitbull puppy may have even longer sleeping hours if you have just acquired it. Its nothing to worry about. For the first time a child can feel exhausted and anxious when separated from their family. If you give the puppy a little more time it will surround you.

How to Help Your Pit Bull Sleep During the Day

You will have more energy when it comes time to play with your pitbull when it gets enough rest during the day. The following tips will help.

  • Leave Your pitbull Undisturbed

Pitbull puppies are hard to resist if they are sleeping. Playing with your pitbull can also wake up your sleeping pup sometimes. When your furry baby is taking a siesta during the day you should not disturb it from sleep. Instead provide a quiet area where no disturbance is likely to occur.

  • Follow a Schedule

Can you spend more time playing with your dog in the morning? During the afternoon when you are busy with your own activities you should schedule your dogs daytime nap.

  • Be Cautious of the Signs

You should encourage your dog to sleep if you see that he is tired after playing around. Provide him with a comfortable sleeping area for him to rest.

How to Help Your Dog Sleep Well at Night

You should take the following steps to ensure that your pit bull sleeps well at night so that it can play with you during the day with so much enthusiasm and energy:

  • Make a Comfortable Sleeping Environment

Your dog should have a comfortable bed. Moreover you should find out whether it likes to sleep in the dark or if it prefers a quiet place with some light.

  • Give Plenty of Exercises During the Day

By giving your pitbull activities during the day that may burn his energy you will surely help him sleep well at night. 

Your dog will fall asleep more deeply if you do this. However do not overfatigue him. It will definitely make him restless.

  • Don’t Sleep With Your Dog

Sleeping with your pitbull may seem like a more loving pet owner but it may not be a good idea. Your dog may wake up with every move you make. It may even sleep with you throughout the night.

  • Check Out Any Health Issue

Keep an eye on your dogs health. Having health problems will surely interfere with a comfortable sleep. Take your pet to the vet regularly.

How Much Sleep Does an Average Dog Sleep in a Day?

Dogs exhibit different behaviors and owner training can have a significant impact on their behavior. Dogs’ sleeping habits can be affected by the environment in which they live. During the day the average adult domesticated dog sleeps between 8 and 13.5 hours. It is not uncommon for senior dogs to spend 18 hours or more sleeping during the day. Despite sleeping during these hours dogs are still alert so they make excellent house guards. Sleeping patterns of polyphasic sleepers are on and off during the day.

How Much Sleep Does the Average Puppy Sleep Per Day?

Young puppies sleep for 18-20 hours per day while puppies older than three months sleep for 11.2 hours per day on average. For their physical growth and overall development puppies require more sleep than adults.

 This information should be given to all dog owners so puppies should be left alone during their daytime naps.

Should I Let My pitbull Puppy Sleep With Me?

You will certainly experience anxiety when you acquire a pit bull puppy from somewhere else. It may be a good idea to let your puppy sleep beside you so that it feels secure. Allergies are not right in the first place so you know it isnot right. Your puppy may be uncomfortable at once. If it is uncomfortable it will soon find another place away from you. Your cute furry baby should be able to sleep in a nice place when this occurs.

Should I Let My pitbull Sleep With Me?

Some dog owners have been sleeping with their dogs for a long time. The aboriginal Australians used to sleep with their dogs in the olden times. Health concerns are certainly valid but an owner may know whats best for them. There may be no health concerns if he keeps his favorite pet free from skin diseases by regularly visiting the veterinarian and does not suffer from any allergies.

You should be concerned about how well your pitbull sleeps. Even the slightest movement sound or smell can wake dogs up. During the night your dog may be guarding you for the most part because some dogs are overly protective of their owners. It may also be harder for your dog to cope with separation anxiety if you sleep together. If however you do not see any problems with these and your dog has adjusted very well to the setup whether you sleep with the dog or not is a big deal.

Can pit bulls Get Angry and Grumpy Because of a Lack of Sleep?

Sleep is very important to dogs just as it is to humans. Dogs who do not get adequate sleep suffer many negative consequences. You and your dog will both benefit from making sure that your pitbull gets quality sleep. You may be woken up by your dog whining and crying at night due to sleep deprivation. As your pitbull becomes sluggish and disoriented during the day you will surely miss the energy it imbibes on you.

Lack of sleep may also result in grumpy behavior in your pitbull. Stress hormones cause aggressiveness and other behavioral changes as a result of the buildup of stress hormones. Additionally sleep deprivation can weaken your beloved pit bulls immune response.

Will a pit bull Sleep More if It Has More Exercise?

Exercise can help your dog get a quality nights sleep. Pushups are not allowed with you of course. In order for them to have physical activity during the day you only have to ensure that they run in your yard play with toys or simply jump over and over to sit on your lap. You should at least take your dog with you on a morning walk to exercise it.

Exercise will help your dog sleep better at night just like it does for humans. Dogs will be less restless at night if they are given all the things they desire during the day.


As a pet having a pit bull means taking the time to get to know its personality (or is it animality?) Avoid training dogs the wrong way mishandling abusing unsocializing or socializing with the wrong pack. It is very important for dog owners to ensure that their pets get the necessary sleep throughout the night and during the day given the fact that sleep can alter a dogs behavior.

When pit bulls are deprived of sleep they can become aggressive. It is important for it to always have enough quality sleep in order to be a loyal and affectionate pet that returns our affection and care.

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