How Much Do Dog Stitches Cost?

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The amount you should expect is between $100 and $300. A visit fee of $30 to $45 includes the vet’s assessment of your pet’s condition during the visit. The rest goes toward the actual procedure as well as the anesthetic and materials. The kind of vet near you and where you live are also crucial factors.

In this research you will know the answer to the query “How Much Do Dog Stitches Cost?“.

No matter how well-behaved a dog is he will get into trouble at some point in his life.

Unfortunately accidents do happen to dogs because of their curious nature and lack of danger perception.

Be kind to yourself you can not always prevent this from happening but now you have to figure out how to help your poor suffering pet.

You’ll find the answers you need to your questions about how much a vet visit will cost.

Our discussion will also cover the most common injuries in dogs and help you understand what kind of wounds you can safely treat at home and when a vet visit is required.

Alternatively if the prices of your veterinarian are extremely high there are cheaper alternatives or even free ones.

Your pet does not have to suffer. Help is available.

How much do Stitches Cost for Dogs in Vets in the US?

Your dogs injury will determine how long it will take to heal. It is likely that your pet has an uncomplicated wound if he was attacked by another dog or if he cut himself.

The amount you should expect is between $100 and $300.

A visit fee of $30 to $45 includes the vets assessment of your pets condition during the visit.

The rest goes toward the actual procedure as well as the anesthetic and materials.

The kind of vets near you and where you live are also crucial factors.

In a large clinic with high-tech equipment and highly skilled surgeons a visit is likely to cost much more than in a smaller mom-and-pop clinic where they’re more considerate of how much a pet owner can afford. 

There will probably be thousands of dollars in costs to treat your dog if he has been severely injured such as being hit by a car.

Is there a separate cost for stitches removal?

Depending on the situation.

In some cases the cost of the surgery includes the removal of stitches and in other cases it does not.

If they do not ask you’re the one who’ll pay in the end. Hopefully they’ll tell you right from the start. 

In addition to their regular hourly rate they will charge $30-40 for stitches removal if billed separately. 

When should I treat a cut at home and when should I let the vet do it?

Are you always going to the emergency room when you cut yourself? Not likely.

Even a minor injury can be treated at home if it is not serious.

Unless you cut your finger while chopping vegetables and there are obvious signs of muscle damage you would not need to see a doctor if you cut your finger while chopping vegetables. 

Dogs are no different.

If you have a wound even superficially do not be scared by the blood.

You can deal with the cut at home if its not too deep and the bleeding stops saving yourself $100. 

If the wound is deep and it would not heal on its own see a vet instead of spending money.

Do not expose your dog to an infection that could put his life in danger.

You might end up paying a lot more than a few stitches if you end up going to an emergency room.

What are the most common causes of dog injuries that require stitches?

Various factors can lead to a dog getting an open wound that requires medical care. Injuries to dogs generally involve the following causes.

Dog fights

As you cannot control other peoples pets your dog can get into a fight even if hes on a leash.

All dogs can get into fights with other dogs but the consequences are more severe if your pet picks up a fight with a dog twice its size. 

When dogs bare their teeth there is no telling whats going to happen. They usually target the more sensitive neck area.

It is possible for a large dog to inflict severe injury including damage to the underlying tissues and bone fractures.

Getting hit by a car

A leash is not used when taking your dog for a walk when he is allowed to roam freely.

A dog that is hit by a car is likely to sustain a major injury such as head wounds fractured bones internal injuries and lacerations.

He’ll be lucky to need just a few stitches.

It is still a safety precaution to take the dog to the veterinarian even if you do not see any open wounds if you werenot there to see the impact.

The symptoms of internal damage cannot be seen right away and you may already be too late if you wait until they show.

Cuts and punctures

You can injure your dog even in your own backyard if its too energetic.

Until now you havenot considered the risk of him getting a deep cut from a nail or a sharp piece of metal.

When a dog is determined to escape the yard to chase a female in heat it may scratch itself trying to jump over the fence or dig a tunnel under it.

No matter how deep the wound is even a sharp bough can cause a gaping wound and result in a lot of blood. 

Nasty falls

It is not unheard of for dogs to fall from a balcony or other high place and they do not fall on their feet as easily as cats.

Not only will this cause skin damage but it may also result in a broken bone. It will cost more for the vet to stitch the wound before fixing the broken leg. 

Is the cost of stitches covered by most pet insurance policies in the US?

There is good news however. Most pet insurance policies in America do cover accidents that require stitches. 

A wide selection of pet insurance plans is offered by many pet insurance companies so you can choose the plan that seems most appropriate to you and your pet.

If you get a major medical plan or a whole pet policy you will be reimbursed 90% on your vet bills. Basic pet wellness plans would not cover stitches. 

Its totally up to you whether or not to get pet insurance.

You do not have to worry too much about your dog needing stitches once or twice in his life.

However if your dog sustains some major trauma that will cost quite a lot and you’ll be happy to have insurance.

You can see what we’re talking about by looking at these price estimates for the most frequent dog problems.

Theres no doubt that taking care of sick pets can put a dent in your finances but the prices might be inflated to scare you into buying pet insurance. 

What are the low-cost or free alternatives to a visit to the vets?

If your dog needs urgent attention but you cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars what should you do?

Its more common than you might think that such situations occur but there are solutions.

Ask your vet about a financial plan if you regularly see him or her at least for an annual checkup.

If the procedure is quite expensive they may agree to you paying in installments over a few weeks or months. 

Consider a rural veterinarian who charges lower fees than a vet in a midtown clinic if you have a choice.

You might want to contact a local veterinary clinic to find out whether they have a clinic in your neighborhood.

Its not uncommon to find free ones or ones that are low-cost. 

You might find a few people willing to help you cover the costs via crowdfunding as there are so many people who love animals. 

 A great option is GoFundMe but this platform is too general.

Another crowdfunding solution Waggle is available for pets (and their owners) in need. 

Will my dog need a general anesthetic or local?

The severity of the injury determines the length of time the patient will be in the hospital.

Almost all injuries that require surgery for repair will require a general anesthetic.

On the other hand a simple cut may only need a local anesthetic. Its better to do this rather than undergo a general anesthetic. 

Do vets use dissolvable stitches? Are they more expensive?

In cases of deep wounds and multiple layers of tissue needing repair vets use absorbable stitches.

These stitches dissolve and get absorbed into the skin so they would not need to be removed when the wound has healed.

Though the stitches are more expensive they would not need to be removed nor will you need to pay extra for them. 

Do vets use staples or glue to treat wounds?

A vet will sometimes use staples to close a wound and these might be better for certain dogs.

In addition they are less likely to cause infections or skin reactions when your dog scratches at the wound. However many veterinarians opt for staples due to their ease of use and the fact that they take less time to apply than stitches.

As with traditional stitches you’ll need to have the staples removed in 10-14 days. Surgical glue can be used to close small superficial wounds.

A blue line will appear on the animals skin and it will disappear as the injury heals. 

What are the best ways to treat a small cut at home?

You can stop the bleeding by first creating a small cut on your dog.

The gauze should be applied for a few minutes to the wound in order to do this.

This should solve the problem.

When the bleeding has stopped check the injury to ensure it is indeed superficial and no underlying tissues are exposed.

Applying povidone-iodine to the wound will disinfect it. Alcohol and hydrogen peroxide should not be used.

Over-the-counter antiseptic ointments such as Neosporin can be used if needed. 


Its inevitable that you’ll think about the cost of treating your dog when it gets hurt.

With some basic disinfectants and antibiotic ointment at home small cuts that do not penetrate the skin can be treated.

A vet should be seen immediately for more severe wounds.

It will cost you a few hundred dollars but you must make this sacrifice if you do not want to see your dog get infected.

If you have financial concerns do not be afraid to discuss them with your vet.

You may be able to get a payment plan over several weeks or months to help you out.

If necessary go online to find funding for your pets treatment. You can also check veterinary schools in your area because they often have low-cost clinics.

If you want to read more about dogs’ health tips read here: Dog Health Tips and Tricks.

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