14 Grey Dogs With Blue Eyes

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As I have written three articles already on this topic there is something quite special about a dog with blue eyes.

Blue-eyed small dogs are the subject of this article.

It looks at black dogs with blue eyes.

There are 15 white dogs with blue eyes featured in this article.  

I’d like to bring your attention to grey dogs with blue eyes today. 

There are two important things to know about blue eyes that I would not discuss today: All dogs are born with blue eyes which eventually darken over time. 

In addition older dogs often have blue eyes.

You can learn a lot more about their cloudy eyes here if you’re interested. 

Even if a dogs blue eyes are stunning blue eyes are only encouraged or allowed in a limited number of breeds.

Due to the double merle gene blue eyes in some dogs can result in blindness and deafness. 

There are certain conditions under which blue eyes are acceptable in all dog breeds on this list.

Learn more about these breeds and the conditions under which a dog is allowed to have blue eyes by reading on. 


The Weimaraner nicknamed the “Gray Ghost” combines agility endurance stamina alertness and grace thats almost aristocratic. 

As far as eye color goes they can be light amber grey or blue-grey. 

This breed originally evolved as a big game hunter and then became a small game retriever. With a lot of energy to spare this breed requires daily exercise to keep them calm.

Usually the Weimaraner breed has a short sleek silver-gray coat with the exception of a small white patch on the chest. The Weimaraner is a friendly gentle and highly intelligent dog with great watchdog instincts who is great for large families with children but training will be required.

Siberian Husky 

There are blue and brown eyes on this Husky.

Dog breeds are few and far between that are as eye-catching as the Siberian Husky. They are sure to draw attention in any crowd with their wolf-like build and stance as well as their innate friendliness. 

It is possible for their eyes to be brown or blue in color. It is also possible for them to have different colored eyes.

Huskys are built to run like most northern dogs that are bred for work so exercising them properly may be more difficult than expected. A human parent must be equally strong-minded firm and experienced because of their high intelligence.

This dog has a dense double coat that needs to be brushed regularly. It comes in different shades of gray – wolf grey silver-grey and dark grey – mixed with white. 

Shetland Sheepdog 

Just prior to the Merle Shetland with one blue eye the video will start!

Shetland Sheepdogs like most working breeds are active alert well-built and intelligent. When it comes to the Shelties their intelligence is matched by their highly trainable and favored in dog sports circles due to their eagerness to please. 

Blue eyes are allowed only in the Merle Shetlands. Dogs with any other coat color should have dark eyes. 

In addition to having a rich double coat Shelties shed considerably more than Huskys and will need to be brushed at least three times a week. Breeders accept three colors for the Shetland Sheepdog – black blue merle and sable with white markings. 

Merles are actually diluted black giving the coat a silvery grey appearance and the appearance of mottled patches of color on otherwise solid coats.

Old English Sheepdog 

Before the Old English Sheepdog with blue eyes appears in the video the video will begin. An Old English Sheepdog or OES for short is an adaptable easygoing and intelligent breed that matches its goofy exterior very well. 

Each OES may have brown blue or both eyes. Yellow or amber eyes are strictly forbidden. 

OESs do well living in apartments if they are walked every day. OEMs need to be socialized early and trained with a firm hand just like most work dogs.

In addition to the double coat the OES is also known as the Bob Tail. His coat is dense thick and fluffy making him the shaggiest dog on the list. Colors include grey black grizzle blue or the rare blue merle often with white markings.

Great Dane

Appearances can deceive as the Great Dane proves. In spite of its stern and intimidating appearance the Great Dane is actually quite friendly intelligent affectionate and dependable referred to by many dog lovers as a gentle giant. 

Kids love them they make excellent family pets and they are not at all shy around strangers.

Short but thick and glossy the Great Danes coat will be short and thick. Breeders accept fawn and brindle black harlequin mantle and pure steel blue colors for their dogs. 

This breed may also occasionally exhibit other colors such as blue merle though it does not occur very often. 

The solid color of blue merle Great Danes should be steel blue or brownish blue with bluish markings or spots.

Merles and Harlequin-colored Danes may only have blue eyes. Dark eyes on the other hand are preferred. 

The tallest Great Dane ever recorded stood at 44 inches. The breed can grow anywhere from 28 to 31 inches tall.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi 

Have you ever wondered what the original purpose of the Cardigan Welsh Corgis was? They were bred to drive cattle to markets. 

They come in red sable brindle and black with a medium-length double coat. Usually these colors have white markings but they may have tan points as well. 

In addition to the popular Cardigan Welsh coat it is also available in blue merle which gives it a mottled silvery-gray appearance.

Dogs with blue merle coats are also allowed to have blue eyes

These animals have low long bodies that belie a strong and durable build that can withstand a lot of physical activity. 

Corgis are intelligent as well as devoted fun-loving easily trainable and easily bored like many other work dog breeds. 

Dappled Dachshund 

Dappled Dachshunds are distinguished from other dachshunds by the cute spotting pattern on their coats which come in three types: smooth long-haired and wiry. 

Dappled Daschunds which are rare have a grey motley pattern on their coat due to the merle gene which is absent from all daschunds.

Dappled Dachshunds should only have blue eyes as you may have guessed. 

Despite its small stature the Dappled Daschund is an independent stubborn and energetic dog that can be quite a handful especially for first-time owners. They make up for what they lack in chill with cuteness and being the life of the party.

Miniature American Shepherd 

Despite its small size the Miniature American Shepherd is an excellent herder. These dogs have many of the same traits as other working dogs – they are energetic lively and agile. Their loyalty makes them excellent pets.

Featuring an outer coat that is either straight or wavy it is an eye-catching breed with a medium-length double coat. Black red red merle blue merle and red merle are the accepted breed coat colors. 

In addition in all of those coat colors blue eyes are acceptable!

There is a mane and frill on both the male and female MAS but the males is thicker. 

There is no marbling speckling mottling or any distinct pattern on the blue merle variety. In place of black they have a bluish-grey base coat.

Chinese Crested Dog

This is an excellent introduction to these dogs but there is no footage of a blue-eyed dog.

In contrast to most of the dogs we have discussed in this research the Chinese Crested dog is a true couch potato who loves nothing better than to lay around all day.

 They are surprisingly agile and athletic and can jump quite high – they just choose not to. Despite their cool demeanor they are surprisingly athletic and agile. Chinese Crested dogs are affectionate and suitable for apartment living; they make great family pets; just do not leave them alone too long.

Blue-eyed people are allowed? There are certainly a lot of blue-eyed Chinese Cresteds around but the breed standard is unclear.

The research simply states that lighter-colored dogs have lighter-colored eyes. 

The Powderpuff and the Hairless are two types of this little breed. Hairless varieties still have hair on their heads tails and feet (like socks). 

Powderpuff has a double coat that is straight and dense with a silky undercoat. As a low-maintenance loving pet both varieties of Chinese Crested Dog require minimal grooming.

Catahoula Leopard Dog

In addition to being a working dog breed the Catahoula Leopard Dog is a smart energetic and willful dog breed but one that needs early socialization and strict training making it a dog breed better suited to experienced dog owners. 

There is no restriction on the color of these dogs’ eyes including blue. 

Known for being quite assertive and stubborn the Catahoula Leopard is known for being tough as nails. In addition to this when properly trained and socialized they can also make an excellent addition to a big family.

Catahoula Leopards are short-coated dogs that have a lot of patterns through their colors are mostly black white and grey. Their patterns include leopards solids brindles and patchwork ones. 

The patterns are a result of a gene called merle that produces patches of colored hair mixed in with the solid colored coat giving the breed its interesting appearance.

Rough Collie

Its gorgeous three-color double coat which comes in shades of brown black tan white and on rare occasions grey makes the Rough Collie one of the most recognizable breeds in the world. 

The eyes of Blue Merles may be merle or china colored but they must be dark brown. 

It only needs to be brushed once a week keeping grooming needs to a minimum.  

Though the Rough Collie is well-known as a herding dog it can exhibit exuberant high energy when playing outside but can quickly switch to a more mellow character when indoors. 

A breed of this type is loving affectionate devoted and highly intelligent while also being easy to train. Additionally they are very sociable creatures and can get along with small and large pets alike.

Smooth Collie

Unlike the Rough Collie whose coat is majestic the Smooth Collie has a shorter flatter coat that gives it a more dignified and reserved appearance. A Smooth Collie has a silvery blue and black coat that comes in sable white tricolor and blue merle.

As with the Rough Collie the Smooth Collie is highly intelligent and sociable responding well to training and even embracing new challenges. These dogs make wonderful family pets.

Border Collie

Even among working dog breeds the Border Collie is known for being incredibly energetic. Dog shows and dog sports provide them with an outlet for all their energy as they are intelligent and trainable. As with both the Rough Collie and the Smooth Collie both make excellent family pets provided they are exercised regularly and do not accumulate excessive energy. Because of this Border Collies are best suited to living in the country.

There are two types of Border Collie coats – smooth and rough. As well as black and white solid colors bi-colors tri-colors and sable the breed can also come in merle or silvery gray.

Australian Shepherd 

Known affectionately as the Aussie the Australian Shepherd is intelligent highly active and work-oriented. The owners of these dogs often describe them as tireless because they are always working. They must expend their energy somewhere or else they will develop anxiety and some pretty bad habits. Though the breed is considered trainable it is still a better choice for more experienced owners.

The Aussie is a dog with a medium double coat and straight hair that comes in black red blue merle and red merle colors. It is possible for these color variations to have tan markings as well as white markings.

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14 Grey Dogs With Blue Eyes (Watch Video)

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