French bulldog slipped disc symptoms

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Usually if the disc is damaged in the neck you’ll notice the dog’s limbs becoming stiff especially those in front of it. Most likely the rear limbs are affected if the problem is in the lumbar area. The animal has difficulty turning its head. They whimper and shiver most of the time. It doesn’t like to be touched. It refuses to jump.

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There is a growing interest in French bulldogs these days. After all who wouldnot want one? French bulldogs are adorable and cute! It is important to be aware of any health challenges that your Frenchie may face if you plan on getting one or if you already have one. In addition to breathing problems this breed can also suffer from spine problems. 

At first you may not notice any signs or symptoms of a slipped disc. Similarly your dog would not let you know if somethings wrong with it. Due to this as the owner you must be aware of what to look out for. You can provide the needed treatment as soon as you catch the problem. By doing so you will prevent your dog from developing more serious health issues. 

What are the symptoms of a slipped disc in French bulldogs? 

Depending on where the affected disc is located the signs and symptoms may differ. What you can do if you suspect your Frenchie has a spinal problem are the following: 

  • Usually if the disc is damaged in the neck you’ll notice the dogs limbs becoming stiff especially those in front of it. 
  • Most likely the rear limbs are affected if the problem is in the lumbar area. 
  • The animal has difficulty turning its head. 
  • They whimper and shiver most of the time. 
  • It does not like to be touched. 
  • It refuses to jump. 
  • It steps on the wrong side of its paw. 
  • The animal has difficulty walking or in more severe cases it will not walk at all. 
  • There is no desire to do anything. 
  • There are signs of anxiety or restlessness. 
  • The animal does not want to eat. 
  • The animal becomes paralyzed. 
  • When it cannot control its urination or defecation (also called incontinence). 

You should take your French bulldog to the vets clinic as soon as possible if it displays any of the above-mentioned symptoms. 

What is intervertebral disc disease in French bulldogs? 

It is a herniated or slipped disc in a dogs spine that causes intervertebral disc disease. French people are prone to such problems and they may be quite serious. 

What causes this to happen? Like humans dogs’ vertebrae are separated by discs which act as cushions between the vertebrae. It is possible however for any of these discs to become dislocated ruptured or swollen causing serious damage to the spinal cord. 

There are some areas of the dogs body that are affected by this condition which is extremely painful. It will also affect the nerves making them less efficient. In nearby muscles the same thing can happen. Consequently your dogs movements may be impaired. Worst case scenario your pet might be paralyzed. 

What are the causes of herniated disc? 

Small dog breeds are prone to this condition and it has been shown to be hereditary. The fact that French bulldogs are bred with different mixes is no surprise; they have been bred throughout history. 

In addition slipped discs can be caused by careless movements such as jumping the wrong way. As such you should monitor your pets activities. Make sure it does not engage in strenuous activities. 

Herniated discs can also be caused by aging.

What do you need to do if you think that your dog has intervertebral disc disease? 

The best course of action is to take your Frenchie to the vet as soon as possible if you suspect it has slipped discs. You should then determine what the best treatment options are. If surgery is required you will need to prepare yourself for the healing or recovery process which will test your patience as a parent. 

Additionally you have to confine your pet to bed for a few weeks. In the case of physical therapy you will also be required to participate in the process. You can help your pet regain strength by participating in the process. 

How will a vet test your dog if it has a slipped disc? 

Several tests should be performed by a veterinarian before the right diagnosis can be made. In the beginning a neurological exam is highly recommended as it will help determine the cause of the condition. An awkward position of the paw is used for this test. Unless your dog corrects the position it is most likely that the nervous system is malfunctioning. 

The vet may also check to see if your dog is feeling deep pain. When your Frenchie does not react when he pinches between the toes you can conclude that something is indeed wrong. At this point the nerves that communicate pain to the brain do not work. 

Additionally the doctor may also recommend an x-ray CT scan or even an MRI in order to better understand the condition of your dog. A myelogram can also be used to determine the exact location of a slipped disc. 

You will also need to provide the vet with your dogs medical history. It is therefore crucial that you describe your pets lifestyle in detail including what it eats and what it does during the day. Additionally mention any previous health issues your pet may have had. Last but not least you need to tell the doctor what signs you have seen on your puppy. 

Slipped discs can be corrected through surgery if necessary. Anesthesia will be administered to your Frenchie during this procedure. Surgery will be performed by cutting through the skin and muscles in order to reach the vertebrae. Following this the material that is compressing the spine would have to be removed by drilling through the bone. Surgery of this type usually lasts a few hours based on the location of the injury. 

How long is the recovery period after surgery? 

French bulldogs that have undergone surgery to correct slipped discs may have varying recovery times. In some cases they may only be hospitalized for two or three days. However there are times when a dog may be admitted for a longer period of time (up It all depends on how the situation improves. on the condition of the dog. 

A slipped disc can be fully recovered by some dogs. In addition there are also some people who will have to deal with some issues even after the procedure. Certain dogs will not be able to regain normal movement in their limbs. 

As a result of the procedure you can expect your dogs pain to be more manageable than before. Therefore your veterinarian will prescribe some medications that can help relieve your dogs pain allowing him or her to feel more relaxed and comfortable. 

After two weeks it is possible to remove the sutures. However how quickly the wound heals will determine when the sutures can be removed. As we mentioned earlier physical therapy may be recommended as well. You may do this in the comfort of your own home or a boarding facility may be able to accommodate your dog. The recovery process will be greatly facilitated by doing so. 

In case your Frenchie is still hesitant to walk or get up a few weeks after the operation you should speak with your veterinarian. 

How much does a slipped disc surgery cost for a dog? 

In the event that surgery is the only option left to treat your Frenchie then you should be financially prepared. It is not an inexpensive procedure. It will cost between $2000 and $4000 to perform the surgery itself. This price can even be higher depending on the location of the surgery. Also you will have to take painkillers and other medications after the operation. 

Can a Frenchie recover from the slipped disc without surgery? 

It is possible for a French bulldog without surgery to recover from a slipped disc. This depends on how well your dog is doing overall. Rest and medication may be sufficient if the condition isnot severe. You can expect your pet to recover as long as he or she has a good sensation in the affected legs. This however could take some time. It may take up to six weeks for most dogs to fully recover. The care you provide during this period is of utmost importance for your dog. 

How can you take care of a French bulldog with a slipped disc? 

Frenchies with slipped discs may be extremely sensitive. As a result you must be very patient with your dog. As you would if your child was ill take good care of it. 

Your veterinarian will usually prescribe some medications to treat a slipped disc. As soon as these have been given to you you must ensure you give them to your pet according to the correct dosage as well as frequency. This will help reduce the swelling of the affected disc. Additionally the surrounding muscles will be relaxed. 

If your dogs condition is so severe you’ll have no choice but to keep it in its crate and allow it to rest for a while. In the event that this medication does not work surgery may be the only option. 

In addition your veterinarian may recommend physical therapy to help your dog heal more quickly. When it is recovering make sure that you feed it healthy food. It is also important to monitor its activities and determine if there has been any progress. 

There are other things you can do to help your Frenchie with a herniated disc: 

Get a more comfortable crate

Having a slipped disc in a French bulldog requires a lot of rest. As a result it will most likely remain in its crate. After that you’ll need to offer your pet a more comfortable place to rest; something that would not limit its movement but is still cozy enough. 

Treats are helpful if your Frenchie needs them. He can adapt better to its new crate with them. 

The affected area should be heated

The hot compress will surely help relax the affected area so you can do this to your dog while he is resting. The healing process will be shortened as well. 

Can you use a back brace for a dog with a slipped disc? 

An effective way to help a French bulldog with a slipped disc is by using a back brace. What is the process? The structure limits the movement of the spine which in turn helps to reduce discomfort and pain for your Frenchie every time it moves. 

Make sure the collar is the right size for your dog before you buy it. It should be neither too tight nor too loose. If its too small or too large it would not work. Make sure that whatever you choose is made from high-quality material so that your dogs back is properly supported. 

Especially during outdoor activities back braces are helpful. After surgery they can also help. 

How can you prevent intervertebral disc disease in Frenchies? 

Health conditions like this are really hard to prevent especially if they’re inherited. There are however some things you can do with your dog to minimize the risk. Some of them are: 

Control your dog’s weight

IVDD can be caused by being overweight. Watching your dogs weight is therefore essential. It should not be overfed. 

Monitor your pet’s activities 

French bulldogs have been known to get hyper sometimes. However if you want to reduce the risk of developing intervertebral disc disease you should limit its activities. When your dog enjoys jumping you can use ramps as well as lower steps that are specifically designed for dogs. 

Use a harness 

It would be better if you used a harness all the time rather than a leash. This would reduce the risk of IVDD in the neck area. 

Take it to the vet regularly

In the same way as humans it is important that you take your French bulldog to the veterinarian at least once a year for a general checkup. Your veterinarian will be able to assess how healthy your pet is. Veterinarians can also detect some health issues at an early stage so that treatment can be provided as early as possible. 

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