French Bulldog Anxiety Attack

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In French Bulldogs panic attacks can be caused by four types of anxiety. Travel anxiety separation anxiety noise anxiety and confinement anxiety are some of the most common types of anxiety.

The purpose of this research is to explain the “French Bulldog Anxiety Attack“.

Your Frenchie is pacing barking hiding trembling climbing onto you scratching on the door as if hes desperate to get out panting really hard and it seems like hes having trouble breathing. Is something wrong?

Watch the video below to see how Brady is acting weird. Seeing your dog behave in these ways for the first time can be alarming especially if it is the first time you have seen your dog behave in this way.

This could be a terrifying and worrying experience. But is it something you should be concerned about? Are there other possibilities? Can you do anything about it?

In addition to anxiety attacks dogs also experience panic attacks. All breeds including French Bulldogs can be affected although the responses may differ. In this post we will discuss the causes and symptoms of anxiety attacks in dogs and how to handle them.

Anxiety in French Bulldogs

People may get anxious for a variety of reasons as we stated. Different breeds of dogs including French Bulldogs may also experience anxiety. It could be caused by a number of factors. Possibly because their parents live them alone at home (separation anxiety) or because of the shelter environment in general.

In reality one of the not-so-good behaviors of French Bulldogs that you may not be aware of is that they may have trouble dealing with separation anxiety. They do not like to be left alone. You may come home to a very unhappy Frenchie if you are working and no one will look after the dog while you are gone.

Because they are very clingy you should closely monitor their behavior if left alone and figure out effective ways to deal with the issue so that it does not become a nuisance.

What Is An Anxiety Attack?

Panic attacks or anxiety attacks are episodes of intense fear or panic that can occur without warning. In fact they may occur without warning. However in some cases triggers can be identified.

A Frenchie may suffer an anxiety attack if left at home alone for an extended period of time. This is because the dog is scared you might not come back. This could also be due to his surroundings. Are you leaving him in an enclosed space? Are the lights too bright? Does he hear loud noises? These are all factors that can trigger panic attacks.

Dogs experiencing panic attacks may experience increased heart rate and breathing. They may start shaking or gasping for air. They may even start vomiting. The good news is that anxiety attacks usually do not last long. You should be able to calm your pet down when you talk to him or pet him gently.

What Are the Causes of Anxiety Attacks in French Bulldogs?

There are four main types of anxiety that can cause panic attacks in French Bulldogs and in any other breed of dog for that matter. Separation anxiety travel anxiety noise anxiety and confinement anxiety are the main types.

Which types are caused by what? Here are a few examples:

Confinement Anxiety

If left alone in a confined space a Frenchie may suffer from anxiety or panic attacks. He might be playing in your yard when suddenly he starts showing signs of anxiety. That might be because your yard is fenced. He may not be too happy about the fact that he cannot leave.

Leaving the dog in a dog pen or kennel is another reason for separation anxiety. If you leave him in a closed room or trap him in an enclosed space by accident the same applies. You may feel an overwhelming sense of panic.

Travel Anxiety

It is possible for your French Bulldog to experience anxiety when traveling. They may become nervous when they encounter unfamiliar surroundings. You may also experience it when driving in a car flying in an airplane or riding on a bus or train especially when traveling long distances. You may also experience it when confining yourself in a small space.

Noise Anxiety

Is it possible for you to panic when you hear loud unexpected noises too? This also applies to dogs. It could cause anxiety attacks for them when they hear thunderstorms fireworks loud music fire alarms fire trucks ambulances and any other noises that are too loud.

Separation Anxiety

Clingy French Bulldogs are something we mentioned earlier. As soon as you leave them alone separation anxiety may creep in causing them to feel intense fear or panic.

Anxiety can also be caused by the loss of a loved one or playmate suffering a traumatic event or experiencing a significant life change.

How Do I Know if My Frenchie Is Having an Anxiety Attack?

The signs or symptoms that your Frenchie is experiencing an anxiety attack are very important for you to understand as a parent. In this way you can react accordingly.

It is pertinent to remember that panic attacks can occur with or without warning. It is possible that you might not even realize that your dog is having an anxiety attack. Often the symptoms look like behavioral problems.

Rapid breathing gasping for air increased heart rate dilated pupils drooling pacing loss of appetite hiding shaking trembling ears back and tail tucked under excessive licking chewing on skin and fur whining howling barking than usual growling and biting are the most common signs of anxiety attacks. Dogs can also exhibit extreme aggression being overly attentive trying to escape or run away or urinating or defecating indoors in worst-case scenarios.

You should try to identify what is causing your French Bulldog to have panic attacks and eliminate it immediately if your dog is exhibiting any of the above-mentioned. Additionally you must remain calm in order to prevent your pet from becoming even more frightened.

What to Do if My Frenchie Is Having Difficulty Breathing Due to Anxiety Attack?

One of the signs of anxiety or panic in dogs is rapid breathing or gasping for air. Because a lot of French Bulldogs suffer from Brachycephalic Airway Obstruction Syndrome the attack can be made even worse. When your Frenchie is having a panic attack this setup might make it difficult for him to breathe. If this continues it could become more serious.

It might be wise to get your dog surgery if you notice that he suffers from anxiety attacks quite often and has difficulty breathing most of the time. But if not try to calm him down as much as you can. By using a chest harness you’ll eliminate strain on your throat. You should also keep your Frenchie in a room where the temperature is regulated.

How Do I Get My French Bulldog to Calm Down?

It is not a pleasant sight to watch your French Bulldog experience an anxiety attack. In fact it can be quite worrying. Nonetheless you should calm yourself down and try to comfort your dog. You can gently pet him and speak to him in a soft voice. It will also be helpful if you can create a safe haven for him such as a room where he can be alone and feel safer.

Teach your dog to go to his own place whenever he experiences a panic attack. Make sure you stay with him until he calms down.

Exercising dogs can reduce the severity of anxiety attacks as well according to experts. Dogs can even be introduced to more vigorous forms of exercise. When? When they become physically and mentally exhausted. Anxiety should be minimal if not zero. A dogs brain also releases serotonin when he exercises which functions like an antianxiety drug.

Medications like alprazolam buspirone Tranxene and many others may be prescribed to French Bulldogs who have frequent anxiety attacks. They may be treated with therapy as well. It is for this reason that you should consult a veterinarian about your dog.

Recovery of French Bulldogs from Anxiety Attacks

Depending on the type of anxiety attack each dog will react differently. Many people will recover within a few minutes while others will take longer. Parenting takes a lot of patience since you are instrumental in reducing anxiety. A pet therapist may be able to help you if none of the remedies work.


Any breed including French Bulldogs may suffer from anxiety attacks. Anxiety or panic attacks may be triggered differently in humans but it is the same anxiety or panic attack. You should be aware of the causes and symptoms of such conditions and know what to do if it happens to your dog. Getting worse over time should not be a reason to avoid seeking professional help.

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French Bulldog Anxiety Attack (Watch Video)

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