7 Dogs With Square Heads

In this research you will know the answer to the query “7 Dogs With Square Heads“.

The research today will focus on dog breeds that have square heads.

My research looks at seven different breeds of dogs and shows that they all have square heads.

You wouldnot be surprised by any of these breeds since they are Bulldog-type breeds- Bullmastiff American Pitbull Terrier Bulldog Boston Terrier and Dogo Argentino.

Also included are the Lhasa Apso and the Brussels Griffon which are more surprising choices.

Both of these breeds are completely different from Bulldogs.

Even so they have square heads when they are properly shaved.

I want to answer a pretty fundamental question first before I describe any of these breeds to you.

Why do some dogs have square heads?

The answer to this question is a bit confusing since there is no clear answer.

Thus I think that the reason for the square head shape lies in the work that the dogs were all bred to do.

American Pitbull Terriers Bulldogs and Dogo Argentinos are all originally bred to fight bears or other dogs.

Having a square head gave them certain qualities necessary for success.

A dog with a square head has a wider mouth or jaw which makes it easier to grab hold of something and hold onto it.

Also a wider jaw would probably make a dogs bite more powerful…

The second characteristic of square-headed breeds is their very small ears. 

These breeds actually seem to have too small ears. 

Your face is not softened by large fluffy or floppy ears nor by the boxy lines of your head.

Fighting dogs are more vulnerable because big ears can just get in the way or they can be bitten or ripped off.

Finally dogs with square heads have shorter hair. 

Its like having very small ears when you have short hair.

Too little hair softens the appearance of the face.  

Now that I have introduced you to my first dog I would like to introduce my imperious Bullmastiff. 


How wonderful it is to have a square-headed Bullmastiff!

The picture is so symmetrical that I’m not sure whether to describe it as graceful or comical.

Also how beautifully their fawn coat contrasts with their black muzzle.

An asymmetrical “N” shape can even be seen on their lips.

Wouldnot you agree that those ears seem a bit out of place and small to me?

At the design phase it was almost as if this breed did not have the right size ears in stock.

Is there anything else I can tell you about this 60 kg (130 lb) muscle monster?

In the 19th century these dogs were used to guard large country estates against poachers sneaking into the grounds.

Most of them remain very loving and loyal family pets to this day- and if properly trained they would not automatically chase every stranger out of the house!

Donot be mistaken however.

It takes a lot of exercise attention and food for a bullmastiff to keep on the straight and narrow and to remain in tip-top shape. 

American Pit Bull Terrier

Bullmastiffs have square-shaped heads no matter which way they are viewed but American Pitbulls have a longer snout so they only have that classic square shape when viewed from head-on. 

Although we were discussing muscle with the Bullmastiff the American Pitbull has a tremendous amount of power.

Combined with a very threatening look.

With heights up to 53 cm (21 inches) and weights up to 27 kg (60 lbs) these are not particularly large dogs.

These are not necessary however.

Most people would consider these dogs to be highly dangerous since they are banned in many countries across Europe and in some states in the US.

In the past Pitbulls were primarily used as fighting dogs and in the past they were used to bait bears. 

Today they are used for a variety of illegal activities. 


When you look at a Bulldog you can tell that they were one of the dogs used to create the Bullmastiff because they have a square head like a Bullmastiff.

Both breeds have “n” shaped mouths.

As a result of their shorter snouts Bulldogs have more wrinkles on their faces.

Due to their short snouts a lot of the time their mouths and tongues are open as they have a hard time breathing.

Bulldogs are known for their short legs and short snouts as an adult male will only stand 15 inches (38 cm) tall.

One more muscle-bound dog (unless its fat) but they’re really just big softies.

In addition they have been transformed into a different breed.

Their original purpose was to fight bears just like the Pitbull.

Almost all breeds of dogs died out when this was outlawed in the UK in the mid-19th century.

The dogs were aggressive until a group of enthusiasts slowly bred them out of aggression as well as making them more physically appealing. 

Thats hilarious!

In the UK Bulldogs have been successfully used for years to sell car and home insurance.

Boston Terrier

There are a few breeds of dogs that are truly all-American and the Boston Terrier is one of them.

Bulldogs were also used in the “original mix” of this breed.

Similarities exist as well.

Those large eyes the square head shape and the loose skin around the mouth are all very familiar.

Gone are those ears that looked like they belonged to a much smaller dog.

These whoppers are standing upright and proud like they would on a bat.

They are not just different because of their ears.

Contrary to all previous breeds his dog was bred to catch rats not fight.

As a breed it is quite modern having been developed in the late nineteenth century. 

There is nothing they love more than to please their owners than Boston Terriers – they are very gentle dogs 

Dogo Argentino

Another banned dog breed with a square head.

That is at least in the case of the UK Australia New Zealand and Norway.

Due to the Dogos longer snout its head appears square only when viewed “head-on”.

Adult males can reach 68 cm (27 inches) in height and weigh up to 45 kg or 99 lbs.

You’ll be drawn to their white coloring if not their square muscular heads.

Lets be honest this is stunning.

However the look comes with a cost because up to 10% of pure white dogs are deaf or may become deaf. 

Dogo Argentinos are young on the scene unlike other breeds.

It was invented by a surgeon named Antonio Martinez in 1928. 

Now that we have seen five big muscle-bound breeds with square faces lets look at three breeds that have smaller softer square faces.

Small dogs with square faces

You might have been thinking only of larger and more powerful breeds when you considered dogs with square faces.

Although I believe there are some smaller breeds out there who have square faces.

Brussels Griffon

Lets start with the Brussels Griffon.

Griffons are named after the city in which they were created like the Dogo Argentino. 

These dogs however do not seem menacing at all unlike Dogo Argentino. 

Although some of them can threaten your ankles when they get excited.

The physical look of these dogs or Ewoks- small characters from Star Wars- was inspired by their 11 inches or 27-centimeter height and weight of only 10 pounds (4.5 kg).

Those of you who object to these dogs’ square heads may disagree.

In fact they do but they need to have their fur trimmed.

A mustache can obscure a persons face if they do not trim it well!

Lhasa Apso

There is a huge difference between a dog with long flowing hair that is being prepared for a show and a dog that has recently had a buzz cut.

Two different breeds could easily be confused with each other. These are the dogs that have recently been clipped with clippers that look like square heads.

Their small heads which are about the same width and depth as their bodies are also called “box-like.” 

Dogs of this breed originated in Tibet where they were used as indoor guard dogs. It may seem odd when you are less than a foot tall and weigh less than 20 kilograms.

However they would be part of a security team.

In addition to the Tibetan Mastiff another member of the team was responsible for stopping intruders outside.

A dog breed that stands two and a half feet tall and weighs more than 50 kilograms.

There are no “good cops” and “bad cops” but “small cops” and “big cops”!

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7 Dogs With Square Heads (Watch Video)

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