9 Dogs With Pointy Ears And Short Hair

In this research you will know the answer to the query “9 Dogs With Pointy Ears And Short Hair“.

There are many different types of dogs.

I’m often reminded of Scooby Doos ears when writing about dogs with pointy ears.

He was able to express a wide range of emotions through his pointy ears which his voice alone could not.

You will find eight breeds on my list if you are looking for dogs with triangular ears and short hair.

Just a quick word on the benefits of pointy ears and short hair before we get to Scooby-Doo. 

Why pointy ears?

Straight ears capture sound better than ears that droop or fold over on themselves. 

As a result the ear is open and shaped like a hand or cup ready to receive sounds. 

The ability to hear phenomenally well was a necessity back when dogs were truly wild.

It was easier for pointy-eared animals to detect predators and to listen for danger.

Since most dogs are completely domesticated they have less need for excellent hearing.

However dogs with pointy ears tend to be great watchdogs as they are always on alert.

In many instances this can be helpful because it can give a family peace of mind but having a dog that struggles to shut off can pose its own challenges.

Is it really necessary to have a dog that barks every time a letter arrives?

Why short hair?

There is no explanation for short hair in dogs.

A dog living in a hot climate would likely have short hair.

If the dogs were bred to hunt for prey in undergrowth and burrows having short hair would make sense since it wouldnot get caught or snagged. 

The short-haired dog of today requires less grooming and sheds less.

People who are short on time can use this method.

By shedding less a house is less filled with hair and odor and a vacuum cleaner is not necessary every day!

I’ll stop my jealousy of a “hairy” and vacuum-hating Golden Retriever owner now.

Scooby-Doo is back. 

1. Great Danes

A Great Dane is the biggest dog with short hair and pointed ears you can find.

Men can stand as tall as 86 cm and weigh as much as 90 kg when fully grown. 

However their cropped or pointy ears do not appear naturally – they are “created” by a vets visit at around two months old.

They have a gentle character as well as are large in size. 

Children love them and they are very affectionate. 

It is best to house them in large houses however since they are large dogs.

In a small space their size can pose some problems. In addition to knocking things off surfaces their tails can easily reach kitchen worktops if any food has been left there. 

A Great Dane needs about an hour of gentle exercise a day but they do enjoy a good run to stretch out those long legs.

There are health concerns with every dog but the greatest concern for a Great Dane is their short life expectancy which is only 8 to 10 years. 

2. Dobermann

Dobermanns are still large dogs but when compared to Great Danes they seem quite reasonable!

In this breed the ears are cropped to give them a pointed appearance.

In full adulthood a male stands 70 cm tall and weighs approximately 40 kg. 

It is unfair to attribute the reputation that Dobermanns have for being aggressive to their personalities while they are not as placid as Great Danes.

As working dogs Dobermans require a lot of mental stimulation as well as physical exercise to be happy.

Neglected and mistreated dogs become aggressive.

Dobermanns have pointy ears and short hair making them the perfect companion for someone who is looking for a big loyal dog with a lot of time and dedication. 

3. Belgian Malinois

The next dog that we meet is also of European origin but a little lower in height.

Belgian Malinois look like German Shepherds.

I am in awe of those ears- they are so tall. 

An adult male can stand as high as 66 cm and weigh as much as 34 kg.

Malinois are high-maintenance dogs just like Dobermans and German Shepherds. 

Exercising vigorously and training them well is crucial to their health.

It can cause problems when these needs are not met or if they are left alone for a long time. 

4. Basenji

The Basenji has already made an appearance on my list of long-necked dogs and I’m growing to like the breed.

As early as ancient Babylonia they can be traced to their origins.

Historically they were bred in Africa to flush out the small game and kill rodents. Today they continue to have a high prey drive and are not good with other pets such as cats. 

In full-grown males height and weight are between 41cm and 43cm and their lifespan is around 13 years on average.

Because Basenjis have a lot of energy they need a lot of exercises to prevent boredom. 

Family pets (for an active family!) but they will probably form a closer bond with one member of the family in particular. 

In case you do not find a long neck pointy ears and short hair an unusual enough combination Basenjis do not bark!

They produce a sound that is more like a yodel. 

5. Cirneco dell’Etna

Up until I started researching for this research I did not know anything about this breed.

Originally from Sicily around Mount Etna this breed hails from Italy.

The breed was originally bred for rabbit hunting so its physique struck me at first glance.

The ears of this dog seem to be oversized do not they? It looks like this dog is an athlete.

Its impossible to miss those.

My list of dog breeds with long necks also includes the Pharaoh Hound another breed similar to this one. 

The average adult male can reach a height of 52 cm and weigh around 12 kg.

A dog of this breed needs to be exercised about an hour a day.

Although they are shy around strangers they enjoy spending time with their human family members. 

6. Bull Terrier

There is nothing quite like the majestically long face of a Bull Terrier crowned with a pair of pointed ears.

The Bull Terrier is a party animal who craves attention.

Its not uncommon for them to be cheeky and naughty when they get the attention!

They can reach a height of 45 to 55 cm and a weight of up to 38 kg. 

When they are at their best these dogs are pure muscle.

Nevertheless a well-trained and socialized Bull Terrier is as sweet as a pie.

They enjoy lots of exercise and play so make sure you have plenty of time for them.

If you do you will be rewarded with a lovable clown for life!

7. Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers have a much shorter snout than Bull Terriers. 

However the ears are equally fascinating.

Adult males stand between 39 and 42 centimeters tall and weigh up to about 10 kilograms. 

These dogs are companions.

Terriers were not created to hunt or chase. They were created in Boston Massachusetts. They were created to love.

A cat craves attention and is close to everyone whether it is a human family member a stranger a kid or an adult. 

The only thing he wants is to be where you are. 

It does not matter whether he sits around does agility courses or goes for a walk. I’d say hes pretty laid back. 

In addition small dogs are not very noisy. 

8. French Bulldog

Would you like a dog with pointy ears short hair and a breed that everyone else has? 

Consider getting a French Bulldog. 

They ranked second in the U.K. in 2019 and fourth in the U.S.  

For most of the other dog breeds on this list the physical characteristic that catches your eye most is their pointy ears.

In the case of French Bulldogs you cannot say this as there are many features that make them stand out!

French Bulldogs suffer from breathing difficulties due to the flat snout as well as other health concerns. 

Lets look at some stats shall we?

There are not that many differences between male and female French Bulldogs. 

These are small and bulky dogs standing about 30 cm tall and weighing a maximum of 12 kg. 

For these dogs two walks a day of about 20 minutes each are more than enough due to their physical limitations.

Do not think for one moment that you will get away with ignoring these bulldogs. They will turn on the charm and want to stay with you as long as possible. 

9. Chihuahua

As I noted at the beginning of this research Great Danes are the largest of all dog breeds. 

Finally I will talk about Chihuahuas the smallest dog breed.

Short hair and pointy ears are the only characteristics common to both breeds. 

A Chihuahua can also be long-coated!

The Chihuahua ranges in size from 15cm to 25cm and in weight from as little as 1.3kg to 3kg.

They have large ears but they are not as out of proportion as Boston Terriers’ ears seem to be.

There are many breeds that have very strict limits on acceptable coat colors.

The Chihuahua comes in a variety of colors which is great news if you have a particular color in mind. 

As with most small dogs they have big personalities and believe that they should be by your side all the time.

Their small size makes them suitable for carrying around in a bag.

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9 Dogs With Pointy Ears And Short Hair (Watch Video)

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