7 Dog Breeds With Long Ears And Curly Hair

In this research you will know the answer to the query “7 Dog Breeds With Long Ears And Curly Hair“.

A curly-haired dog makes you want to run your hand over it and feel how fluffy it is. But what if they have long ears too? 

They are irresistible to dog lovers! If you’re interested in these kinds of characteristics or just looking for a furry companion keep reading!

There are seven types of dogs that have long ears and curly hair in this post but before I list them..

Some dog breeds have longer ears than others but all of the breeds in my selection have long ears.

Unlike Spinone Italianos and Otterhounds whose ears end just below their mouths Cocker Spaniels and Irish Water Spaniels have ears that reach just above their shoulders.

What is the length of long?

Additionally each breed has a slightly different degree of curl in their coat.

Cocker Spaniel and Spinone Italiano have a slight wave and curl while Bedlington Terriers and Poodles have a tight curl.

In my selection I hope that you find the perfect combination of your preferences.

We’re now ready to begin exploring the breeds individually. 

1. Poodle

Let me begin with the pinup breed a dog with long ears and curly hair.

The first kind of dog that comes to mind for most people is a poodle.

Its ears are large enough to reach below its jaws and its coat is a mass of tightly curled hairs making it one of the most distinctive breeds. 

Are you aware that Poodles come in three sizes? 

There are three types of miniatures: standard miniature and toy.

It is great if you are not sure of the size of the long-eared and curly-haired dog that you want. 

As for height Standard Poodles can be up to 38cm (15 inches) tall Miniature Poodles must be no taller than 38cm (15 inches) and Toy Poodles cannot exceed 25cm (10 inches).   

There are three main colors to watch out for when it comes to coats: black white and apricot.  

Be careful not to be misled by the appearance of a Poodle. 

They are among the most intelligent dog breeds and they are also excellent athletes.

Put on your running shoes get out your Canine scrabble board and get a Poodle.  

2. Cocker Spaniel 

Cocker Spaniels are next.

From 1935 to 1953 this dog breed ranked as the most popular in America for eighteen years? 

I’m also surprised by that.

Lady the Cocker Spaniel immortalized in the film Lady and the Tramp was a Cocker Spaniel. George Clooney and Oprah Winfrey are two other celebrities who have had their hearts stolen by a Cocker. 

Playful loyal and highly affectionate it must be those large round eyes and those long ears that make them so lovable.

Keeping that gorgeous coat that is sometimes wavy and sometimes straight at its best requires almost daily maintenance. 

The adult males weigh up to 30 pounds and stand about 15 inches tall.

However what they lack in physical size they make up for in physical requirements.

Even though cocker spaniels enjoy nothing more than spending time with their owners they need lots of exercises.

3. Spinone Italiano 

Italian heritage is obvious in this dog.

To avoid damaging the game birds that it is bred to retrieve its mouth has been bred to be incredibly deep and soft.

These ears which hang lower than the bottom jaw give them a soft appearance. 

They have a beautiful coat too. The coat which is more fizzy than curly protects them as they travel through the undergrowth.

Nevertheless this loyal and obedient servant has great-looking eyebrows and a mustache with curls of hair. 

While they like gentle exercise they are just as happy with human companionship since they were built for endurance instead of speed. 

A male adult can stand up to 27 inches tall and weigh about 85 pounds.

4. King Charles Cavalier

There is something charming about these dogs.

As well as heavy weapons. 

Amazingly long ears that are much bigger than the rest of their head and a wonderful curl to their coat complement those adorable dark eyes.

It is easy to see why this breed consistently ranks in the top twenty most popular dog breeds when you consider how often their tails wag and the way that they tilt their heads so that it appears that they are hanging on to your every word.

The dogs are so sensitive and eager to please their owners that they even require gentle discipline.

These Spaniels may sulk for days if they feel disappointed or let down.

A dog with royal blood should expect nothing less. 

They stand around 12 to 13 inches tall and weigh between 13 and 18 pounds because they fall under the toy group classification. A life expectancy of 12 to 15 years applies to them. 

5. Otterhounds

Featuring long ears frizzy hair and a stunning fringe to complete the look let me now talk about Otterhounds. 

In the original 1982 film “Annie” Sandy (the dog Annie rescued) was played by an Otterhound named Bingo?

Dogs of this size are involved. Men can weigh up to 52 kilograms or 115 pounds and stand 69 centimeters or 27 inches tall. 

During the nineteenth century England bred otterhounds to protect its fish stocks by hunting otters. 

There are two noteworthy characteristics about them. To begin with they have a deep and loud bark that they regularly use.

The second characteristic of these water dogs is that they have webbed feet which is very helpful when chasing an otter across a lake.

Although they can run for miles they also enjoy the comfort of slouching around at home.

If you own a scent hound you must be careful about letting them off the lead just in case they get a whiff of something.

Also Otterhounds are excellent jumpers so you need to make sure that your garden fence is sturdy and tall enough!  

6. Bedlington Terrier

A few years ago my father rescued two Bedlington dogs and he raved about them.

Because of the long ears and curly coat they look a lot like Poodles.

Bedlingtons have a different shape than Poodles and when they move their shape and grace scream “Whippet”!

These dogs’ coats are often styled like the Poodle.

There are a variety of styles that include shaving the ears to leave a pom-pom shape and shaving the cheeks and neck to leave a mohawk style on their heads. 

A Bedlington Terrier can stand up to 43 cm or 17 inches tall and can weigh up to 10.5 kgs or 23 lbs as an adult.  

Bedlington Terriers are big and fun-loving dogs and they are happiest when they are at home with their family.

In spite of their active nature they are best suited to families with a little bit of “get up and go”.  

7. Irish Water Spaniel

The ears on these Spaniels are really long reaching all the way to the tops of their shoulders.

They do not seem to have any curls anywhere except around their faces and their tails.

Their entire body is full of curls including a “bob” of curls at the top of their head. 

Among all the breeds of Spaniel Irish Water Spaniels are the largest with an adult male standing up to 61 cm tall (24 inches) and weighing around 30 kilograms (66 pounds).

There is only one coat color available for these spaniels which is liver a gorgeous dark red. In the world of dogs this shade is unique.  

Their job was to retrieve shot birds (from the water) that were bred in Ireland in the early nineteenth century.

Irish Water Spaniels are excellent swimmers as expected from a water dog.

In general they make great family pets and are great with children.

However you should only get one if you are willing to devote the necessary time to exercise it.

Exercise is the most important factor in the health and well-being of Irish Spaniels!

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7 Dog Breeds With Long Ears And Curly Hair (Watch Video)

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