Can I Use Diaper Rash Cream On My Dog?

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Most rash creams contain zinc oxide as the active ingredient which is something you should be concerned about. Some rash creams are made with vitamin combinations and little else but anything containing zinc oxide should be taken with caution.

The purpose of this research is to explain the “Can I Use Diaper Rash Cream On My Dog?“.

When you own a beloved dog you want to do everything in your power to care for him. However as any dog owner knows there are times when you just do not expect to deal with certain problems! Have you ever seen your dog break out in a rash?

As a result you will understand the anxiety this can cause. Various solutions will be sought and some remedies may be tried at home. The most popular solution people suggest online is to use diaper rash cream. Is it a good idea to do that?

Why use diaper rash cream on my dog?

It is logical to think about using such a treatment on your dog for a variety of reasons. You might consider the products your dog will come in contact with if you are a dog owner. When the wrong product is used on the wrong breed of dog it can cause reactions and incidents which can damage their long-term health.

If you use a cream that is safe and easy to use though you will find that your dog will receive the following benefits:

  • Find relief from the pain and irritation caused by the rash.
  • Feel less uncomfortable while sleeping and recover more quickly.
  • Be able to resume normal activities despite the rash.
  • Reduce the severity of the rash and help it to recover naturally.

The rash treatments you choose for your dog should however always be used with caution. It is usually best to choose a rash cream without any active ingredients if you want to make the right choice. Many rash creams are simply made up of vitamin combinations but some contain some ingredients you should pay attention to. 

What are the active ingredients in rash cream? Are they poisonous to dogs?

Most rash creams contain zinc oxide as the active ingredient which is something you should be concerned about. Some rash creams are made with vitamin combinations and little else but anything containing zinc oxide should be taken with caution.

Zinc oxide-containing products must be used on dogs in the following ways:

  • Only use the smallest amount – even the smallest excess can harm their health.
  • A vet should be consulted if the problem does not resolve itself within a few days.
  • Ensure that the packaging is kept away from your dog at all times.

You should keep this in mind when caring for your dog as it should help ensure that he returns to good health and condition sooner rather than later. 

What are the best dog-friendly rash creams?

There are many rash creams we would recommend but it depends on where you live and what you have access to. Zinc oxide is typically found in creams that we recommend avoiding. The risks are simply too great unless you can get express agreement from a veterinarian that your dog will be able to handle the cream.

You should be looking for something thats made specifically for dogs since you should be looking for something more natural. Depending on the dog some diaper rash creams may be suitable.

Home remedies for dog rashes

You can use some home remedies instead of baby rash creams if your dog suffers from a rash that does not seem to be going away on its own. Here are some remedies you might want to consider before consulting a veterinarian:

Apple Cider Vinegar

Often used in many remedies this curing solution can ease discomfort and soothe rashes. It is worthwhile to use this ingredient in conjunction with water (around a 50/50 mixture) and put it into a spray bottle. Simply spray on the itch and watch the relief begin. Do not use it on raw skin or open wounds. 

Coconut Oil

Dog owners can also use the healing powers of coconut oil to make their dogs feel at peace and free from infection. Look for organic coconut oils and mix them into your dogs kibble or apply topically. Check with your veterinarian first of course.

Aloe Vera

You can also try using Aloe Vera as a home remedy. A lot of people use aloe vera to treat infections and heal damaged parts of their bodies. When you apply it directly to the spots you should see more or less immediate relief from the infection in your dog.

Baking Soda

This is normally used for cooking but it can also be used to keep your dog clean and healthy. Either add baking soda to its bath or blend a 50/50 mixture of water and baking soda into a thick durable paste. As soon as you wash the paste off the swelling and redness should begin to lessen. Keep it on for around 20 minutes. 

Can I use Sudocrem on my dog to cure dog rashes? 

The cream-based product Sudocrem is one of the most popular on the market today. It is one of the most popular options for babies and parents alike. We do have to express that you should be very cautious when using Sudocrem on your dog – it should be used in the smallest most minimal amount.

In some animals zinc oxide has proven to be highly toxic due to its presence within it. Dogs can suffer serious problems if they ingest any quantity of rash cream. We recommend going to a medical professional first and foremost if you plan to apply it to a small area of infected skin. 

My dog ate a tube of diaper rash cream! Will it hurt him?

The matter should be dealt with as soon as possible. The cream itself might be quite dangerous for a dog so you should seek medical attention immediately.

You might have a hard time figuring out which cream your dog ate. There are some diaper rash creams containing only vitamins. Because of this they might not be a serious consideration for your dog depending on how much cream they have ingested.

In light of this you should be especially wary of diaper rash creams containing zinc oxide. If your dog ingests zinc oxide he or she could suffer severe health problems. If you notice your dog vomiting up they are probably suffering from diaper rash cream problems.

Aspiration of the cream has caused this so it has gotten into their lungs. Often this will lead to severe vomiting; as a precaution we recommend that any dog who has eaten diaper rash cream get checked by a veterinarian. You should take them to the vet as soon as possible if they have eaten a diaper rash cream that contains zinc oxide.

Ingestion of diaper rash cream can cause aspiration pneumonia. You should immediately seek veterinary assistance as this is a potentially life-threatening issue. 

Can I use Lanacane Bepanthen or Dermol 500 on my dog?

There are a variety of topical products out there on the market today but you should seek professional advice from a veterinarian. In essence there are too many individual issues related to each dog for either Lanacane Bepanthen or Dermol 500 to be used without further review.

Small amounts of these products are okay for some dogs but others will react badly to even the slightest amount. You should therefore not risk it. In place of this you should seek the help of a professional who can help you determine whether your dog is a good candidate for either product.

Ingredients are often the cause of a problem. It is possible for these ingredients to cause negative reactions irritations or even internal problems. Therefore you should consult your veterinarian before using any of these products. 


Taking care of a dog can be challenging. There are a lot of considerations and there is a lot of misinformation out there. Hopefully though you now understand the importance of taking dog rashes seriously – and what you can (and cannot) use to try and treat them.

Though as always you must never give up on trying to find a cure for your canine. If the consult a veterinarian if the problem isnot fading.

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