Can Dogs Eat Sun Dried Apricots?

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Dogs can eat dried apricots but apricot seeds leaves and skin can cause harm to your pet. The parts contain cyanide which is dangerous for dogs. Due to their added sugar dried fruits can result in weight gain and stomach problems. As a result dogs can consume dried apricots but in moderation.

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Owners of dogs know their dogs are adept at scavenging for human food when they think you are not looking. We all know how hard it is to resist the temptation to sneak them a bit of food for good behavior. It may surprise you to learn that dogs can safely consume some human foods in moderation although some foods can be harmful or even toxic. 

Let’s find out. 

Can dogs eat dried apricots?

Dogs can eat dried apricots but apricot seeds leaves and skin can cause harm to your pet. The parts contain cyanide which is dangerous for dogs. Due to their added sugar dried fruits can result in weight gain and stomach problems. As a result dogs can consume dried apricots but in moderation.

It has been suggested by some food experts that drying apricots will remove their toxicity. Dogs cannot be harmed by them therefore. It is still a good idea to practice caution and ensure that dried apricots do not contain seeds leaves or skin. Even if dogs consume large quantities of apricot flesh it can negatively affect their health. Furthermore dogs can eat apricot flesh in small portions.

In addition to their antioxidant properties dried apricots are also a good source of potassium. Making dried apricots at home is better than buying store-bought ones since store-bought ones have added sugar

Fruit is a natural and nutritious snack many dogs enjoy eating so owners are often happy to give it to them as a sweet treat. Fido should always be checked whether fruits are safe for our furry friends before eating them since not all fruits are safe. Is it okay for dogs to eat apricots?

How to make dried apricots at home?

Homemade dried apricots are not difficult to make. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  1. The pits should be removed from the apricots after they are cut in half.
  2. Combine water and lemon juice in a large bowl. Put the apricots in it and dip them.
  3. Remove the apricots from the water and pat them dry.
  4. The slices should be placed on a dehydrating tray with the skin side facing down.
  5. Set the dehydrator to 135 degrees Fahrenheit.
  6. Place the tray in the oven and let it sit for 20 to 24 hours.
  7. Check the portions frequently and remove them when they are pliable but still dry.

Can dried apricots cause poisoning in dogs?

It would not be poisonous for your dogs to eat dried apricots. Due to their lack of pits dried apricots do not pose a choking hazard. You should however avoid sharing them with your pup as they can upset his stomach. 

The flesh of the apricot does not cause harm to dogs but its leaves or seeds can cause poisoning. It takes dogs 15 to twenty minutes after consuming apricot kernels for symptoms of apricot poisoning to appear. Due to the fact that dried apricots do not contain seeds they are not potentially harmful to dogs. Despite this they are high in sugar which can be dangerous for your pup if consumed in large quantities.


It is safe for dogs to eat apricots in moderation but the stem and hard stone inside the fruit should not be eaten by them.

The fruity flesh of apricots is completely safe for your pooch to chew on and can make a tasty sweet treat that boosts their vitamin and mineral levels. Make homemade doggy ice cream or other DIY treats for your furry friend with chopped-up apricots. Instead of highly processed dog biscuits you can simply give them apricots on their own as a healthy treat.

You should remove the pit (or stone) from apricots before feeding them to your dog and cut them into bite-sized pieces.

In moderation you should give your dog apricots because they are high in fiber and sugar and if they overeat they will likely experience diarrhea and pup-set their stomach. However overeating should not cause any serious harm unless they manage to eat the stones as well.


Because dried apricots are usually de-stoned you can give them to your dog straight from the packet. Cutting it in half first is good practice to ensure the pit is removed and to prevent your dog from gulping it down whole.

Dried apricots however require a smaller amount of feeding than fresh fruits because they are essentially concentrated in nutrients. Unlike fresh apricots dried apricots are much smaller in size but just as sugary so your pooch can eat a lot of them and consume a lot of sugar.

If you buy dried apricots make sure there isnot any added sugar or other additives that your pup should not consume.

Mixed dried fruits containing apricots are not recommended for dogs because they may also contain sultanas currants and raisins which are highly toxic. Likewise you should not feed Fido any dried fruit and nut mix because it may contain macadamia nuts raisins and currants that are highly toxic.


Although apricot jam does not typically contain any ingredients that are toxic to dogs it does contain a high amount of sugar which is not healthy for your pup.

It is possible for your dog to become hyperactive and overweight if they regularly consume too much sugar. Avoid sugar-free jams as well as they can contain xylitol which is toxic to dogs even in trace amounts.


Dogs can eat yogurt but apricot yogurt should be avoided. Be sure to check the label to make sure there are no toxic ingredients or artificial flavors in the pot.

It should be safe for your dog to lick apricot yogurt if it is flavored with real fruit pieces and juices and contains no toxic ingredients. As a special treat give your pooch a spoonful of yogurt. If you want to offer your pup a healthy fruit snack fresh or dried apricots are probably the best options.


Dogs can eat apricots in moderation since they are safe to eat. However moderation is key as overindulging your dog could cause vomiting and diarrhea due to the high fiber and sugar content in those fuzzy fruits. In case they eat a bit too much and its a one-time incident there should not be any serious or lasting health consequences.

Apricots only have a pit or stone as their main problem. The seeds and stones of apricots contain cyanide just like those of many other fruits. When your dog chews on the stones the poison is released and absorbed.

Unless your dog is very small such as a Chihuahua one apricot stone is probably not enough to put their life at risk. In spite of this they may still feel very unwell as a result. If you want to avoid the risks and prevent sickness you should never let your pup eat apricot stones.

The stones can also cause intestinal blockage if swallowed and they pose a choking hazard. In summary apricot stones are best avoided since they can only cause trouble and provide no nutritional value.

You can offer your furry friend dried apricots or fresh fruit as a treat from time to time but the flesh of apricots is fine to eat.


It is perfectly safe for dogs to eat apricots and the flesh of the fruit is not poisonous. All parts of the apricot plant including the stone are poisonous to dogs not least due to their cyanide content.

Cherry plum peach and nectarines all belong to the Prunus family of plants as do apricots. In some cases the fruit of these plants is safe to eat by dogs but the plants themselves are poisonous to them.

Be careful that your dog does not eat windfall from your apricot tree because it may eat stones leaves and stems which can poison them or cause intestinal blockages. Dogs can become intoxicated if they eat fallen fruit that has fermented.

In the event that your dog manages to swallow a whole apricot stone and all you should contact your vet for advice and monitor your dog for symptoms of illness.


Because apricots are small a single apricot will not have a lot of calories or sugar. Your dogs digestion will be kept in top shape by the skins high fiber content.

There is a moderate amount of vitamin A and C in apricots as well as a bit of vitamin E. Your pups eyes need vitamin A to remain healthy. Their immune system is supported by vitamin C while their metabolism of fat is supported by vitamin E.

All of those vitamins are antioxidants but apricots contain additional antioxidants in the form of beta carotene. They prevent oxidative damage to your dogs cells and even slow down his aging process. In the body beta carotene is also converted into vitamin A which benefits your pup even more.


Dogs can safely eat apricots in different amounts depending on their size and theres no definitive rule about how many they can eat. If the pit is removed and the fruit has been sliced into bite-sized chunks then a large dog should be able to eat an entire apricot.

The recommended amount of apricots a day for a small dog is half a fruit per day. There will again be a need to cut this up and remove the stone.

When it comes to fruits the 10% rule is the best rule to follow. In other words your dog should not consume more than 10% of the recommended daily calories in treats such as apricots. Their calorie intake must come from balanced meals to the tune of 90%.

Dried Fruits Dogs Can Eat

Just as it is for humans dried fruit is an excellent source of vitamins fiber and minerals for your dog! You can treat your pet with dried fruit if you’re looking for a healthy treat.   

Can Dogs Eat Dried Pineapple?

Having cleared dried mango you might be wondering about our other dried fruits like pineapple. When it comes to dried pineapple can dogs eat it? Here it is again… YES! However as with mango only feed your pet dried pineapple if its 100% natural meaning there are no additives or ingredients that you do not recognize. When it comes to single ingredient treats Jali fruit is always a great choice.

You should feed dried pineapple to your dog in moderation. Make sure you check your dog regularly if he develops diarrhea or any kind of sickness after introducing dried pineapple for the first time. It is possible that your dog may not be able to tolerate dried pineapple in this case. Despite the fact that most dogs are safe to eat they may not be the best fit for your sweet pup. 

Where Should You Buy Dried Fruit for Your Dog? 

Several dried fruit brands tend to sneak in extra sugar and additives that contradict everything we have said so far. What can you do to make sure you’re buying dried fruit that is completely natural? Make sure the ingredients are correct!  

Choose Jali Fruit Co. 

As a company Jali Fruit Co. is transparent about what goes into its dried fruit. We can reveal whats in our dried fruit in about two seconds since it contains only one ingredient: the fruit itself!  

Our tasty treats are perfect for both dogs and humans so be sure to check them out! If you try the sun-dried snack you’ll find it hard to share with them so you may want two separate bags.

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