Can Dogs Eat Sprinkles?

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Although they contain a lot of sugar and are probably flavored with artificial colorings and flavors they are not harmful when consumed in moderation. However. You can prepare healthy sprinkles using sesame seeds coconut flakes carob chips or shredded vegetables like carrots or sweet potatoes. But please do not use chocolate!

The purpose of this research is to explain “Can Dogs Eat Sprinkles?“.

The next time you celebrate your pets birthday you might consider decorating the cake with some colorful sprinkles because nothing says festive better than colorful sprinkles.

Is it possible for dogs to eat human sprinkles?

What are the safety concerns with sprinkles for dogs?

You can use sprinkles on your dog if you use them sparingly and its just a one-time thing.

Thats a whole different question if you want to know if sprinkles are healthy for dogs. The truth is sprinkles are not healthy for dogs or humans. 

We’ll explain why the ingredients in sprinkles are bad for dogs and what homemade decorations you can use to make sure your furry friend does not get an upset stomach on his birthday.

What are the ingredients in sprinkles?

Sugar is the primary ingredient in sprinkles. Sugar abounds. In a 100g bag of sprinkles there are 75g of carbohydrates derived exclusively from sugar. Furthermore said bag of cake decorations provides 375 kcal which is quite a lot for a small dog let alone a large one.

In addition to corn syrup cornstarch wax and artificial flavors and colors sprinkles also contain cornstarch cornstarch cornstarch and cornstarch.

Why is sugar dangerous to dogs?

Carbohydrates are essential to a dogs diet as they are to us. It is true that carbs provide energy but not every carb is equally good for you. Simple carbs such as sugar are easily digested by the body and cause spikes in blood sugar. Complex carbohydrates such as those in whole grains fruit and vegetables take a longer time to digest so there is no glucose spike. Sugar consumption regularly increases your dogs chances of developing diabetes. Moreover too much sugar can lead to obesity and dental problems.

A dog with a sensitive stomach can also suffer from diarrhea if they eat too much sugar.

You would not use a whole bag of sprinkles if you’re preparing a nice treat for your pet. You can sprinkle a few grams of sprinkles on your pets cake or cupcake and he would not develop diabetes or become overweight. Sprinkles can add a bit of color to the festive treat but make sure to hide the rest of them at the back of the cupboard so your dog would not get tempted to eat another generous serving.

Are artificial flavorings and colorings safe for dogs?

No. Almost anything with the term artificial in its name can be harmful to pets and their human families. 

Look at the list of ingredients in sprinkles and you’ll find mystery names like Red 40 or Yellow 6. There are no safe ingredients in sprinkles. 

Red 40 is a good example. It is made from petroleum which is why sprinkles are bright red. Although Red 40 is approved by the FDA there are concerns that it might cause migraines allergies and developmental problems in children. Is this something you want to feed your dog? 

All the other artificial flavors and colors are the same. Again your dog will only consume a very small quantity of these dangerous artificial ingredients if it is a special birthday treat. There is no real risk to your dogs health but it is always a good idea to check the labels of foods and steer clear of those that contain artificial flavorings and colors. 

Are chocolate sprinkles safe for dogs?

It is never a good idea to use chocolate sprinkles on your dogs treats. Dogs should not consume chocolate. There are compounds in chocolate that dogs cannot metabolize such as caffeine and theobromine. When consumed in large amounts these compounds are toxic to dogs. Since they act as a diuretic and heart stimulant your pet will become restless and pee a lot. In addition chocolate can make your pet vomit and have diarrhea. 

For a medium-sized dog weighing 50 pounds to become poisoned by chocolate he would need to consume about 1 ounce of bakers chocolate or dark chocolate. You would need about 9 ounces of milk chocolate which contains less caffeine and theobromine to make your dog sick. 

Can dogs eat Rainbow sprinkles?

In the event that you purchase a large container of rainbow sprinkles for instance one found at Walmart or another similar store make sure you keep it locked away. Dogs can chew through plastic and they will be very curious about the colorful container. Its probably not a good idea to give him 10 oz of rainbow sprinkles because he’ll probably get a tummy ache as you have never seen before. You will not encounter any problems if you add the sprinkles to some lovely treat made with a regular 4g serving. 

My dog ate sprinkles what do I do?

Even if your pup manages to steal a sprinkle-decorated cupcake or lick a few sprinkles off the floor you do not need to worry. Although your pet would not be given a healthy treat nothing bad will happen to him.

Nevertheless if your dog raided the pantry and ate a whole bag of sprinkles you might soon experience an upset stomach. Normally the dog will be fine after a few hours of monitoring.

Are sugar-free sprinkles safe for dogs?

It depends on the type of sweetener used. Several keto-friendly recipes for sprinkles contain xylitol which is very toxic to dogs. Make sure he does not consume it!

There are also a variety of sprinkles that are made from stevia which is better than sugar when it comes to your pet. Some products are made with natural colorings which are preferable to the nasty chemicals in artificial colorings. 

Products containing aspartame sucralose or saccharin are staples in many ‘diet’ foods. All of these sweeteners can cause gastrointestinal upset so you should avoid using them altogether.  

What are some dog-safe sprinkles?

You can make some totally safe sprinkles just for him if you want to make a special treat for your dogs birthday and you want to avoid even a mild stomach upset. The following ideas will help.

Colored sesame seeds

If eaten in moderation sesame seeds are completely safe for dogs. Fiber and valuable minerals such as phosphorus manganese calcium and selenium are found in them. However if consumed in excess they can cause diarrhea.

All you need to make these sprinkles is a bag of toasted sesame seeds and food coloring. Choose natural colorings if possible.

Its as simple as soaking the seeds in water and food coloring for 24 hours. You have to dry the seeds afterward. To get the best results spread them out on a baking sheet and bake at 300 degrees. Make sure they do not burn by stirring them occasionally. They are also available at specialized stores or online. 

Colored coconut sprinkles

Finding unsweetened coconut flakes is the key. In the store most of the products have added sugar so they’re no better than ordinary sprinkles.

Coconut flakes can be dyed using the method described for sesame seeds but be careful while drying. Coconut flakes burn easily in the oven. 

It is also possible to add a little food coloring to some coconut flakes and place them in a ziplock bag. You will get some healthy sprinkles after shaking the bag well. You can create many colors by using multiple bags. It does not work with sesame seeds since they do not take to coloring well. 

Shredded carrots or sweet potatoes

You can add shredded carrots or sweet potatoes to your dogs special treat for something healthy and colorful.  Although they’re not as sweet as real sprinkles they’re still sweet enough to be quite enjoyable. You would not be able to tell the difference either.

Drop some berries banana pieces or other pieces of fruit to add color. 

Carob chips instead of chocolate

For dogs chocolate is a big no-no. A great alternative is carob chips. Theres even some similarity to chocolate flakes but these are much healthier. A carob trees pods are used to make chips and powder. Roasted pulp is extracted from the pods and used to make chips and powder. They are naturally sweet and have a nuttier taste than chocolate. 

Can dogs eat food glitter?

Glitter is similar to sprinkles in that it is edible. Because its made of sugar it poses the same risk as sprinkles. The best option is to use edible glitter made from gum arabic which is a safe and natural ingredient. 


If you are preparing a surprise birthday party for your dog you can make his special treat look more festive by adding a few sprinkles. Thats why they’re called sprinkles because you just sprinkle them on a cake. Although they contain a lot of sugar and are probably flavored with artificial colorings and flavors they are not harmful when consumed in moderation. 

However. You can prepare healthy sprinkles using sesame seeds coconut flakes carob chips or shredded vegetables like carrots or sweet potatoes. But please do not use chocolate!

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