Can Dogs Eat Raw Asparagus?

correct answerThe Short Answer is:

Certainly. Even cooked asparagus is safe for dogs. In addition to vitamin K and copper asparagus contains a lot of important nutrients. Whether it is eaten raw or cooked it is very stringy and fibrous.

In this research you will know the answer to the query “Can Dogs Eat Raw Asparagus?“.

Vegetables are a favorite of mine and I rather eat vegetables on my dinner plate than meat.

Even I have difficulty eating asparagus.

I sometimes have to chase it across my plate because cutting into it can be so hard!

What happens when you chew it? 

No matter how much I chew it does not seem to go anywhere it just stays in my mouth. 

Is this how a Giant Panda must feel when eating bamboo?

How does it differ for dogs?

Can dogs eat raw asparagus?

I’m stumped when it comes to asparagus and not just because its shaped like a stick. 

In other words asparagus is not toxic or poisonous to dogs so they can eat it raw.

Nevertheless I think it would be a tedious slog even for a dog to do so.

When you bite into raw asparagus it is very stringy and fibrous.

Even dogs love to chew but chewing on an asparagus spear would have them waving a white flag in surrender.

Dogs and nutrition

I will soon talk about how nutritious asparagus is and it is indeed very nutritious. 

However your dog should be eating a complete diet.

What I mean by that is that the wet food (cans) or dry food (kibble) that you are feeding them is all they need in order to get the correct amount of calories minerals and vitamins.

Everything else we give our dogs is an optional bonus whether its a croissant or an asparagus spear.

I am considering feeding asparagus to my dog as a vitamin and mineral booster rather than a fundamental part of their diet. 

The nutrition in raw asparagus 

Nutrient-dense vegetables are particularly high in dark greens and provide a nutrient “off the scale”.

Compared to paler vegetables they tend to contain more nutrients. 

According to the nutrition label on the right-hand side the two things that jump out at me are the amount of fiber (2.1%) and the amount of iron (2.14 mg).

The news gets even better when we examine vitamins and minerals. 

Among the vitamins found in asparagus are riboflavin (B2) thiamin (B1) vitamin A vitamin B6 and vitamin K.

How important is it for a dog to be able to convert food into energy with vitamins B1 and B2?

In order for a dogs eyes to function properly vitamin A is essential.

B6 produces a number of important hormones including serotonin which affects mood.   

Last but not least vitamin K is vital for blood clotting. 

If you have a dog who is constantly getting into scrapes this would be an important vitamin to have.

Its time to examine the minerals.

Raw asparagus contains five minerals: copper iron manganese and phosphorus.

Both copper and iron are essential for creating red blood cells and keeping them healthy. 

In addition to its role in blood clotting and reducing inflammation manganese has many other functions. 

The mineral phosphorus plays an important role in building maintaining and repairing bones and teeth. 

What raw vegetables should I feed my dog instead of asparagus?

The choice of alternatives is almost limitless so this is a difficult one.

I will however limit myself a bit by choosing a vegetable high in vitamin K and copper like asparagus. 

Would you like doppelganger asparagus? A vegetable that is similar but not the same.

Long stem broccoli is my doppelganger.

As it is dark green it also contains similar nutrients but the main difference is that the stems are not fibrous.

Though I am not sure I would feed it raw to my dogs at least it can be tamed and softened with a few minutes of steam.

Kale or spring greens would also be good choices.

Obviously they are not the same shape.

Although they are part of the “dark green vegetable pack” they are much easier and more satisfying to chew than asparagus.

This is true even when served raw!

We have already chopped up Kale for you!

Do you know how soft and luscious spring greens look?

What is the best raw vegetable to feed my dog?

Wouldnot it be wonderful if there was a king of raw vegetables a vegetable that every dog should eat every day?

Unfortunately that vegetable does not exist- for dogs or people. 

You can give your dog a shortlist of vegetables that they should not eat- tomatoes onions and wild mushrooms. 

In its place dogs should have access to a variety of raw or cooked vegetables that provide variety in nutrition texture and taste.

Carrots cauliflower leaves and broccoli stems are favorites of my dogs. 

There is no doubt that carrots are high on the list since they are cheap easy to find and have a great crunch and flavor.

You should try as many different kinds of vegetables as possible as long as you avoid toxic vegetables like the plague.

The following three questions and answers are specifically intended for those of you who want to feed asparagus to your dogs.

How much raw asparagus should I feed to my dog?

It is recommended to feed a dog only a couple of tablespoons of asparagus even though asparagus does not contain any vitamins or minerals that are harmful to dogs.

This is because your dog will probably find it difficult or unsatisfying to eat it. 

How should I prepare raw asparagus?

Despite your determination to feed asparagus to your dog please give them a chance and cut it into three to four centimeters lengths.

Your dog will then be able to swallow them safely after chewing on them for a bit.

A dog chewing on a whole spear of asparagus will be quite a different story.

Since a dog will make very little progress by chewing on a spear it will be tempted to swallow it whole.

Then it would be a choking hazard!

Can a puppy eat raw asparagus?

It is strongly recommended that you do not feed asparagus to a puppy. 

As I mentioned throughout this research there are better alternatives to raw vegetables that provide the nutrition of asparagus without the frustration and risk. 

Raw carrots are a great starter vegetable for puppies. 

They have a satisfying crunch and are full of flavor.

You can either chop the carrot into small pieces or feed it whole to your puppy but make sure they do not choke on any bits by watching them closely. 

How should raw asparagus be cooked?

In general I recommend lightly steaming any cooked vegetable you give your dog.

However steaming asparagus will make it more chewy and stringy.

You could boil it for about ten minutes to make it more palatable.

In a way this is great because it will make eating easier.

The problem is that when its boiled most of the nutrients are destroyed. 

Wet and muddy sticks contain more nutrient content than asparagus!


Raw asparagus is safe for dogs? Certainly. Even cooked asparagus is safe for dogs. 

In addition to vitamin K and copper asparagus contains a lot of important nutrients.

Whether it is eaten raw or cooked it is very stringy and fibrous. 

They should eat it right? Not at all. It is possible to find a long list of good-quality raw vegetables that will be a better “fit” for your dog.

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Can Dogs Eat Raw Asparagus? (Watch Video)

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