Can Dogs Eat Pretzels?

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Pretzels can be eaten by dogs in moderation but only if they are plain and unsalted. Please do not feed your dogs Pretzels that have been coated with salt or sugar. Dogs can suffer from salt poisoning when they consume too much salt and sugar can contribute to weight gain when they consume too much sugar.

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You will want to read this before giving your furry friends that peanut butter Pretzel. For humans pretzels are a great snack for watching a ball game watching a movie or as a late-night treat but can the same be said for our dogs? Pretzels are safe for dogs or are they bad for dogs? Lets learn everything you need to know about dogs and pretzels!   

Can dogs eat Pretzels?

Pretzels can be eaten by dogs in moderation but only if they are plain and unsalted. Please do not feed your dogs Pretzels that have been coated with salt or sugar. Dogs can suffer from salt poisoning when they consume too much salt and sugar can contribute to weight gain when they consume too much sugar. Additionally pretzels are usually high in carbohydrates and calories which are not good for your dogs health.  

Can dogs have Pretzels?

You can give your dog Pretzels if they are plain without salt or sugar-coating or if they are filled with salt or sugar. Despite this Pretzels are made for human consumption and have high carbohydrate and salt contents which means feeding them Pretzels would not be conducive to their nutritional needs. Pretzels of any kind should be avoided by dogs.

Lets find out whether Pretzels are good for dogs or not.

Are Pretzels good for dogs?

There is no benefit to dogs from eating pretzels. In terms of our furry friends diet pretzels are not considered healthy or good. 

Because these salty snacks (whether soft or hard Pretzels) are coated with tons of salt they are considered to be empty calories. As a result when your pups eat pretzels they are not getting any nutritional benefits from it. Rather than losing weight they are just packing on pounds and eating too much salt. 

Regular consumption of Pretzels may put our canine friends at risk of canine obesity and salt poisoning. Now you may be wondering if pretzels are bad for dogs? Heres what we learned!

Are Pretzels bad for dogs?

Dogs may not be harmed by pretzels but they are not good for them either. Salty and sugary pretzels can be harmful to dogs if they are coated with salt or sugar. 

When you do plan to give your K9 friends Pretzels make sure they are plain and you are only giving them as an occasional treat. If you want to reward your pooch for being good or for good behavior look for wholesome treats instead of pretzels.  

You should always provide your beloved pup with natural dog food and do not share any processed or manufactured human foods with him. 

Store-bought pretzels may be highly processed and manufactured as you may know. This means they may contain ingredients that are not good healthy or safe for dogs and that may cause your dogs stomach to upset.  

Are Pretzels ok for dogs?

There are a lot of reasons why pretzels are not a good snack or treat for dogs. Should dog owners feed their pets pretzels? When the pretzels are plain without any salt added or do not contain any salt then yes dogs can eat pretzels.  

Consider how they can affect our canine friends’ health in order to understand why Pretzels are generally not a good choice for dogs to eat. 

Are Pretzels safe for dogs?

Dogs are generally not allowed to eat pretzels. The reason is that pretzels are made for human consumption. No matter whether you give your pooch those big fluffy and soft-baked Pretzels or the small hard and crunchy ones from the store they’re both pretty unhealthy. 

What are the health benefits of pretzels for dogs? Since pretzels are usually stuffed with lots of salt or have a flavored coating they are not healthy for dogs.

For a 33-pound dog 100mg of salt per day is generally the maximum amount that should be consumed. Each dog has a different salt tolerance because every dog is different. Salt tolerance levels of dogs can differ based on their breed size and age. 

In addition to the salt in the dogs regular diet there is salt in its water as well. If your dog had already eaten salty food then eating salty pretzels could exceed his salt intake for the day leading to sodium poisoning.

Salt poisoning can cause the following signs and symptoms:

  • Dehydration. 
  • Frequent urination due to excessive thirst.
  • Vomiting. 
  • Loose or watery diarrhea.
  • Lethargy. 
  • Loss of appetite. 
  • Walking in a drunk-like manner.
  • As a way to balance out the salt levels in his bloodstream the dog accumulates a great deal of fluid inside his body. 
  • Kidney failure.
  • Increased heartbeat or heart rate.
  • Shaking a lot.
  • Convulsions or muscle tremors. 
  • Seizure (in severe cases).
  • Coma (in severe cases).
  • Death (in severe cases when left untreated). 

If our furry friends eat a lot of Pretzels they may experience these signs and symptoms in the short run. However salt poisoning can result in neurological damage in dogs over time. You can see that dogs do not require a lot of salt intake and when they accidentally consume too much salt they are not able to digest salt properly leading to these side effects. 

We recommend that you call your vet immediately if you suspect your dog has sodium poisoning or see any of the above symptoms because it requires immediate medical attention. You may need to take your pooch in for a checkup or examination from your vet. 

While you wait for your veterinarians instructions make sure the freshwater is readily available for your pooch. 

You should remember that most dogs love food and they do not taste their food before swallowing it. They will consume whatever food their owners give them. Because their job is to gobble down the salty pretzels as fast as possible they would not be aware that they are bad for them. 

Pretzels contain a lot of carbs and salt so they can cause obesity in dogs and a host of other health problems.

When it comes to pretzels there are a lot of options to choose from. We’ll examine each of them to see if they’re safe or dangerous for your pooch. 

Can dogs eat peanut butter Pretzels?

Peanut butter Pretzels are not suitable for dogs. Are peanut butter Pretzels safe for dogs to eat? Peanut butter Pretzels should not be fed to dogs even though peanut butter itself is safe for consumption peanut butter Pretzels are not. 

Are peanut butter pretzels safe for dogs?

Dogs should not eat peanut butter pretzels because they are coated with a lot of salt which is bad for them.

What are the health risks of peanut butter pretzels for dogs? Pretzels containing peanut butter are bad for dogs. The salt content of 11 peanut butter Pretzel pieces is about 300mg. As these peanut butter Pretzel pieces are so small dogs could easily eat a lot of them at once putting them at risk for salt poisoning.

Can dogs eat Pretzel sticks?

Pretzel sticks should not be eaten by dogs since they are coated with salt. Are Pretzel sticks safe for dogs to eat? No they are not. As we mentioned earlier a 33-pound dog should not consume more than 100mg of salt per day. Did you know there is about 200mg of salt in 23 Pretzel sticks? 

Isnot that unbelievable? When their owners are not watching dogs can easily eat this many Pretzel sticks putting them at risk of sodium poisoning. 

Only give your pup two Pretzel sticks as a rare treat if you are going to feed her Pretzel sticks.

Can dogs eat yogurt-covered Pretzels?

Pretzels covered in yogurt are not suitable for dogs. Yogurt-covered Pretzels in addition to their high carb and salt content are also loaded with sugar. Overeating sugar can lead to obesity in dogs as well as diabetes. Its vital that you keep yogurt-covered pretzels away from diabetic dogs. 

Yogurt Pretzels are safe for dogs? It is not recommended that dogs eat yogurt Pretzels since they contain about 19 grams of sugar in just 8 pieces. It is considered to be a lot of sugar for dogs especially since dogs do not require sugar in their diet. 

Are yogurt Pretzels bad for dogs?

Yogurt Pretzels may sound good and healthy but dogs should not consume them. You should not feed your dog yogurt pretzels. 

Can dogs eat soft Pretzels?

If they are plain and consumed in moderation dogs can eat soft pretzels. Are dogs allowed to eat soft pretzels? They should not eat soft pretzels every day. Dogs should be allowed to eat the soft Pretzels occasionally as a rare treat. However they should not eat them regularly.

Can dogs eat hard Pretzels?

Hard Pretzels are safe for dogs if they are plain and consumed in moderation. No salt should be added to the hard pretzels. The hard salt coating of some Pretzels can cause internal injuries such as cuts and tears in your dogs throat. Dogs should not be given hard pretzels if this is the case. 

The hard pretzels are fine for a bite or two but more than that can cause salt poisoning and other health issues.

Can dogs eat honey mustard Pretzels?

Honey mustard Pretzels are not safe for dogs since they contain spices that are not suitable for them. Pretzels with honey mustard contain a lot of sugar and horseradish which can upset a dogs stomach. Pretzels infused with honey mustard are not recommended for your pooch.

Can dogs eat honey wheat Pretzels?

Since honey wheat Pretzels contain tons of sugar dogs should not eat them. Sugar consumption can cause diabetes canine obesity and dental problems including tooth decay enamel loss and cavities. 

Can dogs eat Pretzel bread?

Pretzel bread should not be eaten by dogs. It is a good idea to avoid giving bread to your canine friends. Dogs do not need bread in their diet.

Pretzel bread contains way too many carbohydrates for your beloved pooch and eating a lot of them can lead to a spike in his blood sugar level as well as weight gain. As a result of both of these health issues they are at risk for heart disease and diabetes.

Pretzel bread comes in many varieties and some contain more sugar and salt than others. In order to be on the safe side its best if your pooch stays away from Pretzel bread.

Can dogs eat Pretzel chips?

Pretzel chips should not be eaten by dogs. Pretzel chips are very thin so there is a high risk of our furry friends overeating them and getting salt poisoning. 

You must not give your dog Pretzel chips since just 43 Pretzel chips or one serving size contains 490mg of salt. Dogs can easily become poisoned by that much salt and suffer sodium poisoning.

Can dogs eat Pretzel goldfish?

Pretzel goldfish should not be eaten by dogs. Pretzel Goldfish crackers have less salt but they are just as harmful as traditional Pretzels. 

This salty snack is made up mainly of salt flour and oils none of which are good for your pooch. Therefore you should avoid feeding your pooch any Pretzel goldfish.

Can dogs eat Pretzels with salt?

Pretzels with salt should not be eaten by dogs. Are dogs able to consume salted pretzels? It is not recommended for dogs to consume salted pretzels. 

It has been mentioned above that salt-coated pretzels are usually coated with tons of salt which is extremely harmful to our K9 friends as it can cause sodium poisoning. For signs and symptoms of salt poisoning see the middle of the article.

Can dogs eat unsalted Pretzels?

Pretzels can be eaten by dogs in moderation and as a rare treat if they are unsalted. Can dogs eat unsalted pretzels? No dogs should not eat unsalted pretzels. Because they are unsalted dogs can eat them but they are not the best treat or snack. Pretzels are high in sugar and carbs so avoid feeding them to your K9 friends on a regular basis. 

Dogs who consume too many unnecessary carbs may gain weight which can lead to a host of other health issues such as heart disease arthritis and more! 

Too much sugar consumption can also cause weight gain diabetes and dental issues such as cavities and tooth decay.

So Can dogs eat Pretzels?

Whether they are hard or soft big or small flavored or unflavored salted or unsalted pretzels are all bad for dogs. Pretzels are not toxic to dogs but they are packed with carbs salt sugar and calories which can negatively impact your pets health. Dogs should not eat pretzels because they are high in carbohydrates salt sugar and calories. 

Providing your dog with Pretzels as a rare treat every now and then is fine but avoid giving them as a regular treat.

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