Can Dogs Eat Lo Mein?

correct answerThe Short Answer is:

No It contains too many complex ingredients such as soy sauce onions pepper and salt which are not suitable for dogs.

In this research you will know the answer to the query “Can Dogs Eat Lo Mein?“.

Almost everyone enjoys lo mein which is a delicious dish.

Lomein can be made in many ways whether its strictly vegetables different types of protein or seasoned with all your favorite seafood.

Is it possible for dogs to eat lo mein?

I do not.

It contains too many complex ingredients such as soy sauce onions pepper and salt which are not suitable for dogs.

Honestly it will just irritate their stomach.

Fortunately there are alternatives.

Give them small portions of plain noodles.

It is also possible to feed them brown rice which is very healthy.

The dog will be happier and more energetic making it more comfortable and joyful.

What is Lo mein?

One of the most universally liked dishes is lo-mein.

Traditionally made with thin flour and egg noodles lo mein is Cantonese for stir-fried noodles.

Chinese Lo Mein can be traced back to the Han Dynasty between 206 BC and 222 AD.

In Chinese culture noodles have always been an important part of life and even symbolize a prosperous life.

As living a long healthy life is highly valued in Chinese culture it makes sense that noodles are so essential and upheld in Chinese culture and included in most dishes.

Throughout China noodles symbolize longevity and are eaten during the Chinese New Year.

In Japan noodles are placed at gravesites even during end-of-life celebrations.

Birthday parties often feature noodles as a dish.

Noodles should never be broken when cooking.

Is this a sign of bad luck?

It may be a rule but swallowing without chewing is a sign of good fortune.

Wheat noodles and rice noodles are the two types of noodles commonly cooked.

The Northern region of China which is colder and has a greater abundance of wheat is where wheat noodles are primarily consumed.

Rice noodles on the other hand consist of white flour and water with a transparent color.

In the Southern parts of China rice crops were grown in hot weather.

Due to the absence of wheat in the south people created a method of making noodles out of rice grains back then.

The origins of rice noodles can be traced back to the Qin dynasty.

Lo mein vs chow mein- what is the difference?

For anyone who has never contemplated whether chow mein is different from lo mein they are both different and similar at the same time.

In both dishes wheat flour egg noodles are used; the only difference is the method of preparation. For lo mei you boil it until it gets soft.

Despite the fact that chow mein noodles are fried to a crisp and there are different types of chow mein dishes the ingredients are the same.

With stir-fried sauce meat shrimp pork beef and seafood are added to chow mein.

Both dishes contain the same nutritional value since they are made with wheat flour egg noodles. 

Despite its long history the origin of chow mein remains a mystery.

There has been speculation that chow mein originated in the Northern parts of China but this has not been confirmed. Translated into English from Mandarin chow mein refers to fried noodles.

Chow mein was introduced to the United States by Chinese immigrants around the 1850s.

Western culture absorbed and assimilated the stir-fried dish eventually becoming Americanized. Therefore there are different variations from the traditional Chinese chow mein. 

Depending on the additional ingredients the price can vary.

The best way to make lo mein is to either make it up yourself or look up a recipe online. The process is straightforward.

Lo mein is commonly made with the following ingredients.

What ingredients are in lo mein:

8 oz of lo mein egg noodles Carrots 
Cabbage Sodium soy sauce (low sodium optional )
Green peppers   sugar
Olive oil  Ground ginger 
Green onions Sriracha 
Garlic  Protein (chicken or shrimp)
Mushrooms  Sesame oil 
Red pepper  Baby spinach 

Are any of these ingredients toxic to dogs?

As tasty as lo mein is for humans it is highly toxic for dogs due to its added ingredients.

Neither dogs nor spring onions nor open peppers can eat garlic.

Your little friend may experience various types of health issues caused by these components.

Pets should not eat ingredients with a lot of fat salt or soy sauce.

Those types of components are just too heavy for their stomachs.

Additionally salt can dehydrate your dog and cause bloating.

Its still possible for a dog to experience some symptoms like an upset stomach if they ingest a small amount of lo mein. 

How healthy are egg noodles for your dog?

 Although there are many foods that dogs cannot eat there are also many that they can: egg noodles are one of them as long as your dog isnot allergic to gluten or wheat.

Since noodles are made from water wheat and eggs they are a safe snack for dogs.

Give your dog leftover boiled noodles the next time you have some.

How many noodles should you feed my dog?

 A small number of noodles should be fed to your dog. As carbohydrates are very good for dogs noodles should be given to them. 

There is no need for any additional ingredients just plain boiled noodles.

Providing your dog with noodles every day can add up and make them gain weight. In addition giving your dog noodles has some additional benefits as well.

Calcium and phosphorus are excellent minerals for dogs.

As well vitamins A B D and K dogs can benefit from them. 

Noodles should only be fed as an occasional treat but why?

Noodles and brown rice are two types of complex carbs dogs love.

Besides providing an energy boost these carbs are full of vitamins and minerals.

As humans we attempt to live a healthy lifestyle by following the rule of everything in moderation.

As a result you should apply that rule to your dog as well. Make sure to not feed him too many noodles.

Noodles do not necessarily harm them however.

You should only feed your dog one cup of noodles once or twice a week as a moderate carb intake makes for a healthier lifestyle.

Instant noodles contain a lot of salt and added seasoning so never give them to your dog. 

Egg noodles vs Fried rice which is better for your dog?

As we previously explained noodles are good for dogs because they are made with simple ingredients such as egg wheat and water.

Overdosing on dog food however can be harmful to their health.

Rice and we both come from the same family of plants; they are both grains. Among monocotyledonous plants the Poaceae family is ubiquitous.

A flowering plant with a glassy appearance.

Different plants have different appearances such as bamboo cereal wheat and basal.

A woody texture may be present in some.

All of this to say that since noodles and grain are in the same family and come from the same plant species one might presume dogs are able to consume fried rice?

The wrong kind of food for dogs is fried rice.

People usually make fried rice with many oils maybe soy sauce and spices all of which are harmful to dogs.

On the bright side dogs can eat boiled white rice. 

Nutritional benefits of rice for dogs: 

Vitamins:  Good for heart health                     Minerals: Overall Health

Vitamin A                                    Magnesium   Calcium
Vitamin B Potassium Iron
Vitamin K Zinc Riboflavin 



White rice or brown rice are also excellent alternatives to fried rice.

The healthiest source of nutrition for your dog is brown rice.

As a matter of fact during the harvesting process the hulls are removed from the rice leaving only the kernel—which is the best choice for your canine buddy since the bran endosperm and germ are still intact while brown rice is full of nutrients.

Rice that has been refined or whitened has been stripped of its outer layer stripping it of vitamins minerals and fiber leaving it less nutritious.

Therefore if you feed your dog brown rice he or she will receive the full nutritional benefits.

Moreover brown rice is an excellent source of protein and energy for your dog.

The powerful antioxidants found in brown rice boost the immune system and prevent diseases.

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