Can Dogs Eat Dumplings?

correct answerThe Short Answer is:

The short answer is no dogs should not eat dumplings—the ingredients in these products are toxic to dogs such as onions and garlic. You should consult your veterinarian if your dog ate a dumpling.

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A dumpling can be chewed for how long? Maybe for 30 seconds or for a minute?

Have you heard that Isaac Harding can devour 30 dumplings in less than two minutes?

Its unbelievable!

The new Guinness World Record has been set by this Sydney man.

Like the guy in the video you may be wondering if it is safe to feed your dog dumplings if you are a huge fan of dumplings.

As you probably know this treat includes several ingredients that could be toxic to your dog.

Lets go ahead and explore this further.

What is a Dumpling? Are Dumplings Good for Dogs?

In classical Chinese cuisine a dumpling is a dough wrapped around a filling. This may include meat fish vegetables fruit or sweets.

You can also have it without any filling.

Usually the dough is made from a starch source such as flour potatoes or bread then salt and water are added.

Various ways can be used to make this bite-sized savory treat. Cooking methods include boiling simmering steaming or frying.

The United Kingdom China Japan Korea and other countries of Asia are most famous for dumplings but they are also popular in other parts of the world.

North Americans also enjoy them. There may be some differences in the way dumplings are prepared and eaten in various countries.

Foods like this have been around for a very long time.

You can see it in various cultures and cuisines as it has been passed down from generation to generation.

Zhang Zhongjing a Chinese medicine practitioner thousands of years ago is believed to have invented dumplings.

He steamed mutton and herbs wrapped in the dough after mixing them with chilis.

During that time the sick people stayed warm with this.

In addition to China dumpling recipes have been found in Brazil Italy and other countries since the Han Dynasty.

People today create their own dumplings to extend the life of meat and utilize surplus grains just as Zhongjing created the very first dumplings in order to help the sick people survive the winter.

Can dogs eat wontons and gnocchi?

During the 1600s a German-derived word was recorded as the origin of the word ‘dumpling.

In addition to matzoh ball wonton and gnocchi there are other terms used. Manti manty and mantu are common terms used in Central Asia to refer to dumplings.

They are known as mandu in Korea.

Can dogs eat gyoza?

Alternatively dumplings are known in Japan as gyoza nikuman and dengue.

Another list of dumplings and their variations could go on for days. In any case they are well-loved all over the world.

It may be another story when you give them to a pet dog.

Can Dogs Eat Dumplings? Are Dumplings Toxic/Bad for Dogs?

There is a wide variety of dumpling sizes shapes and ingredients so they are very interesting.

There is even a possibility that your puppy will try to eat them. But take a moment to consider whether you want to give your furry friend a piece.

Several or most of the ingredients may cause health problems or worse maybe toxic.

Garlic onions and chives are commonly used in Asian dumplings.

You’re right they have quite an aromatic scent and the combination is very tempting.

Dogs however are highly toxic to all of them.

In the opinion of VCA Hospitals both dogs and cats can become very ill when exposed to these species of Allium plants.

The components in them can cause severe damage to red blood cell membranes which can even cause death if given to your pet.

A dogs blood vessels can become fragile and burst making it impossible for oxygen to reach its major organs.

Eventually this can result in a number of health problems.

A dog can also be poisoned by ingredients such as salt soy sauce and fat in large quantities.

Even though a piece of dumpling may not contain high doses of unsafe ingredients for dogs letting them eat it could still cause stomach upset and diarrhea.

In addition to flour carrots and cabbage are also commonly used for making dumplings.

They are not toxic to dogs but because they are mixed with unsafe ingredients they are unhealthy as a whole.

A dogs skin allergies can be exacerbated by flour on the other hand.

Most commonly dumplings are filled with the following flavors:


There are only 4 ingredients in this recipe: flour butter or margarine salt and water. These cookies are quick and easy to make.

Can Dogs Eat Plain Dumplings?

Plain dumplings can be fed to dogs but are they safe? It contains no filling and only a few ingredients so we do not need to worry about the other ingredients.

Can Dogs Eat Fried Dumplings?

They can be either steamed or pan-fried. Served with your favorite sauce they are good whatever way they are served.

Can Dogs Eat Flour Dumplings?

There is no need for dogs to consume flour in their diets because it can cause allergies. It does serve as a binding agent for other ingredients.

You should use whole-grain flour to make plain dumplings for your pet since it is safer. It is important that you monitor the amount of margarine or butter that you use. 


You can not beat this dumpling choice if you love pork. These dumplings are made with shredded Chinese cabbage ground pork wonton paper minced fresh ginger root sliced green onions minced garlic sesame oil and soy sauce.

Can Dogs Eat Pork Dumplings?

Sounds delicious does not it? This type of dumpling might sound savory to humans but the presence of ingredients such as onions and garlic makes it unfit for dogs. 


The ingredients can be added by using this method. Using beef instead of pork will suffice. The ingredients in this flavor are the same as those in pork dumplings and dogs should avoid them. You should keep it out of reach of your pet. 


Dumplings of this type contain flour ground chicken cabbage ginger scallion salt soy sauce sesame oil and pepper.

Can Dogs Eat Chicken Dumplings? Can Dogs Eat Chicken and Dumplings?

Dogs should never be eaten chicken dumplings because they contain scallion. This should not be given to pets. 


A fan of seafood might enjoy soy sauce sesame oil ginger root and spring onions in their dumplings. Even though dogs are safe to eat prawns mixing them with soy sauce and spring onions make them unhealthy. 

That said the plain dumplings are the safest to feed to dogs as long as they are made with whole-grain flour and have minimal butter added to them.

As mentioned above if you want to add flavors like pork chicken beef or prawn you should remove ALL toxic ingredients from the recipe. If you want to create your own recipe follow the instructions here. 

What is the nutrition in a plain dumpling?

There are 22 calories in one small plain dumpling. Fat is 23% carbohydrates are 66% and protein is 11%. There is a lot more health to be gained from steamed dumplings than from fried ones. Dieters prefer them for this reason.

Dumplings can be filled in a number of different ways just like we mentioned earlier. Meat-filled dumplings are available as are sweet dumplings.

Veggie-filled dumplings are also available. It is a favorite autumn treat in America to eat apple dumplings filled with cinnamon sugar and butter.

Modak a sweet that is filled with coconut is a popular treat during the Ganesh festival in August. Germany has its own version of potato dumplings.

We will list some ingredients to see if your dog can consume these popular dumpling fillings.

Can dogs eat pot stickers?

Although the pot stickers contains the same ingredients as other dumplings but you should be very careful feeding it to your dog.

Apples with cinnamon sugar and butter

Apples are edible to dogs. Because they contain a lot of vitamins A and C as well as fiber they can be a healthy snack.

In contrast when cinnamon sugar and butter are combined with this fruit the ingredients become unsuitable for your pet.

However cinnamon itself may cause an upset stomach diarrhea or vomiting in dogs if consumed in large quantities.

Sugar is also harmful to dogs when consumed in excess. Dogs that consume too much sugar are more likely to get diabetes and obesity.

The problem with butter and cinnamon is their high-fat content not their toxic nature. Both carry a number of health risks.


The oil in coconut and coconut-based products may cause loose stools and stomach upset in your dog when taken in small quantities.


Modak contains nutmeg among its ingredients. Those who consume a lot of it can become toxic to dogs.


An additional ingredient used in the making of Modak is this right here. Researchers say that small quantities of this ingredient are not harmful.

Spices can potentially poison dogs when consumed in large quantities. In addition to nausea diarrhea low blood pressure lethargy and abdominal pain it can also cause vomiting.


Sugar made from cane is not recommended for dogs. Dogs are toxic to sugar made from cane. If you consume moderate amounts of it you are still at risk of developing overweight and tooth decay.


Germanys potato dumplings also called Kartoffelknoedel are a favorite accompaniment to a variety of dishes. It is toxic to dogs to eat raw potatoes because they contain high levels of solanine.

During the cooking process these toxins are reduced in potato dumplings. On the other hand you should limit the amount of it you give your pet to avoid toxicity.


Because they contain low amounts of fat calories and carbohydrates shrimp make an excellent diet food for dogs. Unfortunately this seafood is quite high in cholesterol making it a bad choice for your dogs diet.

Can dogs eat dumplings skin?

You can fed the skin of all those dumplings we mentioned as safe above and avoid the ones that are bad for dogs.

Conclusion (Can dogs have dumplings?)

Despite the fact that dumplings are a tasty treat for humans and may definitely tickle your taste buds giving them to your pet dog may not be the best idea.

There are various ingredients in dumplings that are toxic or harmful to your dog as you can see in the discussion above.

You should never feed your furry baby store-bought dumplings as those contain high amounts of sodium and other preservatives.

Then you might as well prepare some for your pet yourself if you really want them to enjoy this treat. If you use these ingredients make sure that they are dog-safe and non-toxic. 

If you want to read more about dog food tips read here: Dog Food Tips and Tricks.

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